The Hour

9:00pm Wednesday 28 November on BBC TWO

It’s Christmas at Lime Grove and whilst Hector may be trying to put the arrest behind him, Kiki goes missing. Hector’s self-destructive behaviour spirals as Bel and Freddie search for the truth about what happened and try to find her.

Meanwhile, Lix is uncharacteristically preoccupied with the likely spread of nuclear armament across Europe, a sense of fear bubbling under her work. Randall tells her the real reason for his return, but having built a wall around her past regrets, can she now bring herself to open up such a painful past?

Freddie, Bel, Hector, Marnie, Bill and Laurie all attend a special Christmas charity function. Bel and Bill’s continued flirtation is interrupted as Freddie shows Bel a photo he’s found of Kiki – Laurie cautiously wades into the conversation, warning the team to steer clear of this story.

Across the room, Hector takes to the drink once more, frustration growing as he and Marnie hide their division for the crowds. Late that night, in a liquored haze, a memory stirs for Hector, which starts to throw Laurie’s dependable character into question.

Freddie Lyon is played by Ben Whishaw, Bel Rowley by Romola Garai, Hector Madden by Dominic West, Randall Brown by Peter Capaldi, Marnie Madden by Oona Chaplin, Kiki Delaine by Hannah Tointon, Lix Storm by Anna Chancellor, Bill Kendall by Tom Burke and Laurie by Peter Sullivan.

Ep 3/6

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