The Hour

9:00pm Wednesday 5 December on BBC TWO

Bel and Freddie argue fervently to expose Cilenti’s vice network and the police collusion over the anti-nuclear policy story planned for tomorrow’s show.

Randall sees the scoop’s potential, but challenges them to find sources to prove their story’s ready. Heeding this, Bel arranges a meeting with showgirl Rosa Maria who puts herself in mortal danger by revealing the way Cilenti exerts a hold over London’s most influential men.

Bel’s relationship with Bill deepens, much to the chagrin of Freddie, whose home life with Camille suffers as a result of his dedication to the story. Meanwhile, Hector’s marriage is given new hope by a surprising moment of honesty and Randall and Lix’s bond reignites over new information regarding their long-lost secret…

Bel Rowley is played by Romola Garai, Freddie Lyon by Ben Whishaw, Hector Madden by Dominic West, Cilenti by Vincent Riotta, Randall Brown by Peter Capaldi, Rosa Maria by Hannah John-Kamen, Bill Kendall by Tom Burke, Camille by Lizzie Brocher�, and Lix Storm by Anna Chancellor.

Ep 4/6

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