Inside Guinness World Records

Tuesday, 18 December 2012, 8:00PM – 9:00PM

“Everybody wants to be different, they want to leave a mark; they want to be remembered.” – Marco Frigatti, adjudicator, Guinness World Records

The second and final part of this ITV1 documentary series sets out to provide a close access perspective on what drives the extraordinary and colourful characters that hold Guinness World Records.

From Zeus, the world’s tallest dog, to Pauline Potter, the world’s heaviest living woman; from 92-year-old Tom Lackey, the world’s oldest wing walker, to Ashrita Furman, who holds the highest amount of world records with 149 and is aiming for more; and from 77-year-old body builder Wilma Conner to record-setting escapologist, Rob Roy Collins; this programme reveals the world of those who strive to set new records.

Inside Guinness World Records travels from Solihull to Las Vegas, and from the Guinness World Records HQ in London to Canada to explore the unique perspectives of those who hold records.

Ashrita Furman, 58, who holds the record for the most records in the book, explains his motivation to set new levels of achievement.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Guinness book, as a kid it was my Bible. I remember reading it under the covers at night, my mum coming in and yelling at me to put the book away.”

Featured in this programme are:

Great Dane, Zeus, who at 44 inches in height is not only the world’s tallest living dog, he’s the tallest dog ever recorded.

Professional escapologist, Rob Roy Collins who is preparing for his first ever Guinness World Record attempt – escaping from restraints while suspended by his feet, at height.

Tom Lackey from Solihull, who at 92 is the world’s oldest wing walker, trying to break his own record.

77-year-old Wilma Conner, the world record holder for being the oldest living competitive body builder.

Ashrita Furman from New York, who is hoping to achieve what will be his 150th world record – skipping his way around a half-marathon course.

Pauline Potter, who last year took the title of the world’s heaviest living woman at 46 stone – it’s a title she’s desperate to lose and there’s someone who’s just as keen to take the record from her.

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