Spice Girls' Story: Viva Forever!

Monday, 24 December 2012, 8:30PM – 10:00PM

“As soon as I met the girls there was something very special immediately…we clicked straight away and it felt very comfortable from that moment.”  – Emma Bunton

The Spice Girls are undisputedly the biggest, best-selling all-female group ever and their mantra of Girl Power is currently taking London by storm all over again with the launch of new musical Viva Forever!

This brand new feature-length documentary will celebrate the Spice Girls’ music and their story as Girl Power is introduced to a new generation through the musical. It will explore the band’s stratospheric rise to fame, featuring exclusive new interviews with all five girls, and with the people who know them best and worked with them along the way.

Victoria Beckham says of the band’s success: “It was such a whirlwind, it was really quite overwhelming. And we were so tired. We were working really, really hard. I mean the record company would have us at the airport sometimes at five o’clock in the morning. We’d fly somewhere, we’d be working all day, we’d get in super, super late, we’d have a couple of hours sleep and then we’d go off again the next day.” Melanie C says: “Everything we touched turned to gold. It was ridiculous.”

More than 15 years since they took the pop world by storm, this documentary provides the definitive portrait of a band which sold more than 75 million records worldwide and examines the story of the five girls whose music, look, attitude and success had such a profound, era-defining impact on the 90s and whose influence in British pop culture is still felt.

We examine how their relationships with each other have evolved over time, the truth behind the rumours, and how the five girls now juggle individual projects and roles as working mothers.

Mel B says of her Spice persona: “Every woman gets a little bit scary now and again…I liked my name. It kind of put a barrier up because when somebody would first meet me they would think I was going to be horrible. And actually I picked and chose whether I was going to be nice or not nice!”

Geri recalls the story behind her infamous Union Jack dress at The Brits: “I remember the stylist at the time told me not to wear it. I literally got “don’t wear that”. And I was going, “but I like it. I like it”…For me that dress symbolises what the Spice Girls is about.”

As the highly anticipated musical is launched in the West End this December, we look at the creative process behind it, see the girls in the lead up to its premiere and go behind the scenes leading up to opening night, providing the perfect opportunity to reflect on the music that made the Spice Girls’ success.

Melanie C explains: “I think us girls have always felt that our songs were quite theatrical, you know. And you know, there’s great subject matter in there. There’s quite a lot of storytelling within the songs as well. So it was something we’d talked about for years and years and years.“

This is an opportunity to tell their story first-hand, revealing the extent of their ambition, their aims, their creative partnerships, their music and their legacy. Victoria says: “I’m really proud to be Posh. I’m so proud to have been in the Spice Girls and to have achieved everything I have. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, I really am. No-one knows that more than me.”

The documentary also includes interviews with the writer of the musical Jennifer Saunders and its producer Judy Craymer. Jennifer says: “For a long time…if I’ve written it, I’ve always been in control of how it went on. So this is a massive collaboration where I’m just not allowed to be as bossy as I would like to be. So it’s kind of terrifying.”

Other new and exclusive interviews featured include two of the Spice Mums – Victoria’s mum Jackie and Melanie C’s mum Joan, plus Richard E Grant, Perez Hilton and Dawn French.

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