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From dense forests , to snow-capped peaks, steamy swamps to endless savannah, East Africa is a haven for life, supporting a higher density of large mammals than anywhere else on Earth. It’s also a land of unpredictable extremes where, in order to survive, creatures must adapt to the environment.

In an incredible TV first, the Africa team travels to the rocky outcrops of the Serengeti, in Tanzania, to film a tiny lizard as it risks its life to eat flies from a sleepy lion’s face. The nesting habits of the four-foot-tall shoebill – one of the most bizarre-looking birds in Africa – is also filmed for the first time. The giant bird has two chicks but, due to extreme sibling rivalry, only one will survive.

On the sun-parched plains of Amboseli, the extreme weather conditions take their toll – a baby elephant dies in the drought and its mother leaves the herd to stay with her offspring until the end.

Eye To Eye goes behind the scenes with an expedition to the summit of the Ruwenzori Mountains. And the heart-rending reality of filming the dying baby elephant is explained.

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