9:00pm Wednesday 16 January on BBC ONE

The Congo rainforest is one of the most competitive habitats on Earth, which means its residents must fine remarkable ways to adapt to their crowded living space.

Deep in the jungle a sweet-toothed female chimpanzee is filmed for the first time using a complex array of tools to access honey from a bees’ nest. One of David Attenborough’s favourites, the elusive and mysterious Picathartes bird, feeds its nest of dinosaur-like chicks with unsuspecting frogs.

A massive female python reveals her maternal side as she sunbathes to incubate her eggs before tending to her new babies, filmed in a specially constructed filming burrow. Smaller residents – tiny leaf-folding frogs – battle it out kung-fu style before laying their precious eggs in folded blades of grass.

And as darkness falls, the forest elephants gather under cover of darkness to socialise and to battle rivals.

Eye To Eye goes behind the scenes on the trail of the elusive honey-hunting chimp deep into the jungle. And cameraman James Aldred describes a night up a tree being shaken by a bull elephant.

Ep 3/6

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