8:30pm Monday 14 January on BBC TWO

Winterwatch is a brand-new live wildlife event for BBC Two broadcasting for four days in the depths of Winter. Following on from the live Autumnwatch event, Winterwatch returns to our base in the Scottish Highlands to capture the beauty, drama and spectacle of the UK’s most iconic animals as they battle to survive the most challenging time of year.

Chris Packham, Martin Hughes-Games and Michaela Strachan will be presenting Winterwatch live from Aigas Field Centre in the spectacular Highlands of Scotland – a landscape that has been transformed by the seasonal changes. Winterwatch’s network of live cameras will monitor the animals’ every move throughout the week. We’ll be catching up with the beaver family, the pine martens, the birds and the red squirrels and finding out whether their preparations for the winter have enabled them all to survive.

Across the UK wildlife is struggling to cope with the harsh realities of winter – short days, plummeting temperatures and a lack of food. The team will report on the array of strategies that different animals adopt to survive these challenges, from Rooks which seek warmth and safety in numbers in spectacular rookeries, to the birds and mammals who find a safe haven in our towns and gardens, as well as the creatures that hunker down and hibernate. Winterwatch will be covering winter spectacles as huge flocks of birds migrate to the UK from colder climes, bringing life and beauty to our fields and shorelines.

Up in Scotland snowy mountains and frozen pine forests have become the UK’s very own Arctic and the team reveals how species like the Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare are uniquely designed to survive the most extreme conditions that our islands can throw at wildlife.

While many animals are toughing it out, one of the UK’s most endearing creatures is at the height of its breeding season. Winterwatch’s Grey Seal diary will unfold across the week, tracking the drama at the fastest growing seal colony on the British mainland. On the Norfolk coast new born pups are struggling to survive while male seals are fighting for the right to mate.

Winterwatch will showcase the beauty of the UK’s wild places in mid-winter, revealing new science and never filmed before behaviour, and giving fresh insight into some of the nation’s best loved animals. The team will be poised to react to any extreme winter weather and to report on the effects it might have on wildlife across the country.

Winterwatch viewers can get involved with the season’s wildlife by following the action from our live cameras online, day and night; by sharing their photos, clips and comments; and experiencing nature first hand in their area using tips from the website.

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