EastEnders Spoilers August 5-9: Max is back to new Kirsty drama! And newbie Sadie makes a bad impression on the women of Walford!

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Monday 5th August

Max arrives back in Walford to find his house in a complete mess with Cora and Patrick asleep in the living room. Annoyed, Max tells Patrick to leave and Cora to tidy up. Meanwhile in The Vic, Kirsty is surprised when Carl tells her he was using Kat to make her jealous and he apologises for playing games. Carl proposes they have a drink as friends and Kirsty tells him she’ll think about it. Later, Max bumps into Carl who makes it clear he wants to be with Kirsty but he’s thrown when Max tells him he’s happy for them. Back in The Vic, Carl asks Kirsty to go with him to see his mum as she’s taken a turn for the worst. However, Kirsty forgets all about it when she bumps into Max. Max tells Kirsty he doesn’t trust her so she gives him an ultimatum, if he wants to be with her she will be waiting at the flat for him after work but if Max doesn’t show she will take it they are over. When Carl witnesses the two talking he is annoyed but quickly forms a plan…

Later, Carl asks Kirsty if she’s coming to see Nora but when she declines, he guesses it is because of Max and he plays the supportive friend. However, not wanting the two to get close again, Carl calls a friend, Warren, needing a favour. Later, whilst talking to Sadie about the salon, Jack arrives and tells Max someone is at the car lot and is interested in buying a few cars. Max rushes over and gives the hard sell to Warren but he has one eye on the time. Max tries to cut the meeting when he realises he is going to be late to see Kirsty but Warren keeps him talking. Meanwhile, Kirsty is waiting for Max when the doorbell rings, but it’s Carl. Thinking Max has made his mind up and isn’t going to show, Kirsty invites Carl in. However, as Max rushes towards Kirsty’s flat he sees Carl at the window who smirks at Max before drawing the curtains leaving Max realising he is too late…

Poppy is stunned when she sees workmen at Booty’s. As she rushes over to speak to them she is surprised when one turns out to be Sadie, a gorgeous, no nonsense lady. Poppy is keen to make an impression but as she later talks to Sadie, she is concerned when Sadie presumes she is Lola as Tanya has left notes on all the staff. Sadie tries to track Max down all day but each time he doesn’t have time for her so she later heads to the house and introduces herself properly. Sadie tells the family that she’s gutting the salon and will bring over Tanya’s belongings. Meanwhile, Poppy is keen to know her job is safe so she is disappointed when Sadie makes it clear she will have to earn her job back.

Alfie and Roxy have set a date for the wedding but Alfie is adamant that he wants to let Kat know before they announce it. However, Alfie can’t get hold of Kat, as unbeknownst to him she is avoiding his calls. When Kat later arrives at The Vic, Alfie is out so Roxy ends up telling Kat the news but she is surprised by Kat’s pleasant reaction. When Alfie returns Bianca informs him that Kat has taken off and when Alfie fails to track her down he worries it’s because of the wedding. However, Kat returns to The Vic later and informs Alfie she’s been out buying Tommy a suit so he can be pageboy at the wedding which touches Alfie but it is clear Kat is hiding her true feelings.

Michael is furious when he walks in on Danny feeding Scarlett so he decides to get Jack to do some background checks on Danny. Janine and Danny are astonished but Michael claims it’s a necessary precaution if he is spending time with his daughter. Later, Janine confronts Michael and accuses him of being threatened by Danny and Michael is forced to admit that all the searches on Danny came back and there is nothing to worry about. Danny returns and when Michael tells him the news, Danny doesn’t let Michael bother him but instead he tells Janine about a private seller he has found for building that she may be interested in – Janine is thrilled and leaps into Danny’s arms, infuriating Michael further. Later in The Vic, Danny introduces Michael to an attractive woman, Elaine, and Michael is stunned when he notices the intimacy between the pair.

Whitney and Tyler decide it’s best for them to stay friends but after seeing how hard it is for Kat and Alfie, he tells Whitney he can’t just be friends and they should stay away from each other, leaving Whitney gutted.

Tuesday 6th August

Max bumps into Carl who is quick to imply that he and Kirsty spent the night together. However, once Carl is back in Kirsty’s flat it is revealed Carl went home last night. Kirsty reminds him they aren’t getting back together but Carl clearly thinks he’s getting somewhere. Later, Kirsty is shocked and offended to learn Max thinks she slept with Carl. Kirsty confronts Max at the car lot where he tries to defend himself by saying how suspicious it looked but Kirsty is upset and Max knows he’s blown it. Later, Kirsty sees Carl in The Vic and asks him if he led Max to believe they slept together but Carl denies it. Having had enough, Kirsty tells Carl she’s not a doll for he and Max to fight over. Max confronts Carl about manipulating him into thinking Kirsty and him were back together but Carl plays innocent and tells Max it’s all in his head, which infuriates Max.

Later, Max apologises to Kirsty and tries to convince her they can still make things work but Kirsty isn’t having any of it. However, just as Kirsty begins to soften it is ruined when she realises Max had confronted Carl as he clearly didn’t believe her. Max knows he’s messed up yet again and the pair begin to argue. As Kirsty storm out of The Vic, Max follows but soon the tension between them becomes electric when Max kisses Kirsty. They rush back to Max’s and start tearing each other’s clothes off when, to Max’s fright, Lauren returns. C/H

Michael is desperate to tarnish Danny’s reputation so he is happy to see Janine’s reaction when he tells her he saw Danny kissing a woman last night. However, Michael’s plan backfires when Janine tells him she doesn’t care. Janine tells Danny she knows he was with a woman last night and Danny becomes flirtatious around her which pleases Janine. Desperate to get him out of their lives, Michael comes up with a new plan to expose Danny when he discovers Danny’s expensive car is actually on loan. Just as Danny is about to close on a lucrative deal, Tyler approaches and tells Danny that he is there to repossess his car as he is behind on payments. Danny is embarrassed but is forced to hand over his keys, however Janine is not impressed when they realise the client has pulled out of the deal but Michael is quietly thrilled his plan has worked.

Alfie asks Tyler to be best man at his wedding but Tyler tells him he’s thinking of joining Anthony on a cruise ship. Alfie advises him that running away won’t solve his problems and that he should give it time. Later, Tyler bumps into Whitney and tells her about his plan to move abroad to test her reaction but Whitney doesn’t try to stop him leaving. Tyler decides to leave today and when Poppy hears the news she hurries and tells Whitney. Whitney is horrified that Tyler is actually going today. She rushes out into the street as Tyler is driving off in Danny’s flash car and makes him stop. Tyler wonders if Whitney is going to give him a reason not to go but when she tells him she couldn’t let him go without saying goodbye, Tyler tells Whitney he will always love her and drives off.

Billy is annoyed when he arrives back to work at Butcher’s Joints to find he’s moved down in the ranks of the business since Janine has employed Lucy and Danny. It’s not long before Lucy tricks Billy into doing the jobs she doesn’t want to do and a power struggle between the two begins.

Desperate to keep her job, Poppy decides to learn the latest beauty treatments to impress Sadie but when no one agrees to let her put eyelash extensions on them, Poppy ropes in Fatboy to be her guinea pig. Fatboy is horrified when Poppy can’t take the lashes off and after failing to cover up with sunglasses Fatboy is a laughing stock at Tyler’s leaving drinks when his false lashes are revealed.

Thursday 8th August

Max, Cora and Abi are all unsure of how to be around Lauren and clearly think it is too soon for her to be back in Walford but Lauren is adamant she just wants to get her life back on track. When Lauren states that she is going out for a run, Max is not keen and makes her promise not to leave the house whilst he sorts out some work. Lauren however has other ideas and she heads off to visit Lucy, Whitney and Joey to try and make amends but she soon realises that it is a lot harder than she thought it would be. When Max realises Lauren has left the house, he rushes off to try and find her, fearing the worst. Wanting to do things her own way, Lauren ignores calls from both Max and Tanya. When Lauren returns home, Abi is behaving oddly around her sister and Lauren pushes her to know what’s wrong. Abi soon admits that she is scared, Lauren nearly died and the family was torn apart. Abi also points out how Lauren hurt a lot of people, so it will take a while to get things back to normal…

Lauren later finds Cora at the launderette and tells her she thought just stopping drinking would solve everything but she’s realised it’s not enough and Cora encourages her not to give up. Lauren again goes to see Lucy and Whitney and tells them she hopes they will give her another chance which leaves the girls touched. Lauren then visits Joey again and assures him what happened wasn’t his fault and it is clear there is still a real bond between the two. When Lauren returns home she finds Max waiting to take her back to the clinic but Lauren is adamant she’s staying in Walford. She tells Max that she has spoken to Tanya, she’s got in touch with a counsellor and will do whatever it takes to make a fresh start but if she isn’t welcome in his house then she’ll find somewhere else to stay. C/H

Max informs Kirsty that Lauren is now his priority and although appearing understanding Kirsty realises if Lauren stays it could be the end for her and Max. Later, Lauren sees Kirsty and asks her if she thinks she should stay in Walford. Kirsty tells Lauren she should be wherever her recovery will be easiest, and if that is in Walford then she has her support. As Lauren walks away, Kirsty’s heart breaks over the sacrifice she’s just made.

Poppy puts on a smile but is secretly mortified when Sadie asks her to hand out leaflets for the new salon. It’s clear Sadie is keen to make Beauty’s a success as she sets up a stall on the market and flirts with the men whilst offering them massages. Poppy warns Sadie that getting off on the wrong foot with the women of Walford won’t be good for business but Sadie ignores her advice. Later in The Vic, AJ thinks he’s in for a date with Sadie after her outrageous flirting earlier but Sadie shuts him down and tells him she only flirted in order to get business rolling. Kirsty and Roxy overhear and are impressed by Sadie’s confidence which leads to Roxy agreeing to have her hair done at the salon. Later, Poppy is chuffed when Sadie admits she was right and Sadie offers her a drink as an apology.

Billy tries to put Lucy in her place by getting her to sort out filing cabinets but she refuses. Later, Lucy confronts Janine about how she’s not giving her any responsibility but Janine insists she has to prove her loyalty first which amuses Ian. Lucy realises she has no option but to give in which pays off when Janine gives her the task of investigating a business of her choice from Janine’s portfolio to see where she can save her money. Later, Lucy turns up at Scarlett’s and tells Ian she knows he’s been calculating Janine’s share of the profits after deducting Carl’s loan. Ian asks Lucy if she’ll tell Janine and she tells him it’s nothing personal, it’s just a case of loyalty. Meanwhile, Danny brings Janine another great business deal to try and get back into her good books.

Kat has received a letter from the victim liaison service telling her that Ronnie is due to be let out of prison. Bianca urges her to tell Alfie but when Kat sees how happy he and Roxy are she decides against it.

Ava is interviewing for Whitney’s old job so Bianca encourages Whitney to go for it but she thinks she’s blown her chances. Tiffany overhears and comes up with a plan and she provokes Whitney into saying how much the job means to her, secretly records it and plays it back to Ava. Ava later turns up at the Butchers’ and tells Whitney that Tiffany convinced her to give Whitney the job, leaving Whitney delighted.

Friday 9th August

Michael tries to get Janine onside by arranging a picnic in the Square gardens but she is appalled by the idea and takes Scarlett home. Michael confesses he’s trying to make an effort and he asks if Scarlett can spend one night of the week with him. Janine bluntly refuses but whilst they are arguing Scarlett’s buggy falls over leaving Scarlett trapped under it. They race to the pram and luckily Scarlett is unharmed but it’s a wakeup call for them both. The two begin to unite and they spend the evening with Scarlett. As Michael goes to leave, Janine persuades him to stay and Michael is surprised when Janine tells him she will let Scarlett stay at his. As the two start to be honest with each other, the sexual tension is palpable but Janine quickly becomes infuriated when she realises Michael is playing her to make her want him and Michael is triumphant thinking he will be in her bed by the end of the night. When alone, Janine is irritated that Michael has got inside her head again but not wanting to be alone, she makes a call…

Lauren is desperate to get her life back on track despite knowing she has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Elsewhere, Kirsty asks Carl to leave Walford and move on with his life but Carl isn’t giving up that easily and he reminds Kirsty that Max doesn’t want her and she needs him. Meanwhile, Max rows with Tanya over the phone about what’s best for Lauren. Later, Lauren plucks up the courage to visit Kirsty in The Vic to establish how she really feels about Max. Max soon receives another phone call from Tanya who’s worried but not wanting to admit he doesn’t know where Lauren is and is also worried, Max lies pretending Lauren is in the bath. In the kitchen at The Vic, Lauren tells Kirsty how messed up everything became when she arrived on her parents wedding day and she tells Kirsty she owes her and Kirsty assumes Lauren wants her to leave Walford. Later, Max is relieved when Lauren arrives home but is surprised when she tells him she wants him to go back to being her selfish dad as she can’t stand him focusing on her life too much. Lauren then reveals Kirsty is there with her suitcase and it is clear she is happy for them to give things another go and Max soon puts Kirsty’s wedding ring back on her finger.

Lucy ignores Ian when he asks if she’s told Janine about the books. Lucy is later delighted when Janine is impressed with her business ideas for R&R and promotes her which annoys Danny. Lucy considers telling Janine about Ian’s deceit but decides again it. Once Lucy has left, Danny propositions Janine to and there is a definite spark between the two but Janine tells him she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. Elsewhere, Lucy delightedly tells Ian about her promotion stating that she is technically his boss but rather than be happy for his daughter, Ian is more concerned that Lucy has told Janine everything which further annoys Lucy. Lucy reveals to her dad that she hasn’t told Janine anything but Ian is left feeling guilty.

Ian is furious with Jean when she burns his deserts because she too busy learning French ahead of her trip to Calais with Ollie. Jean is furious so she quits but Ian begs her not to. Ian then confides in Jean and tells her his problem with Carl but his doesn’t admit the real reason he is fearful, instead he tells her that he is bullying him for a job. Jean feels for Ian and when Carl arrives, Ian hides so Jean takes matters into her own hands to get rid of him. Ian panics and hides but he is relieved when Jean returns but she tells Ian that Carl will be back next week.

Ava gets jealous when Sadie flirts with Sam whilst offering him a job to work on the salon but Sam soon talks Ava round when he propositions her to a night in at the flat.

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