EastEnders Spoilers Nov 11-14: Max is free but Ian's been abducted! And what retribution is headed Carl's way?!

EastEndersThe following article contains spoilers about episodes of EastEnders that will air from November 11th to 14th…

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Monday 11th November

Ian is adamant that Peter stick to the story that a gang of kids were to blame for his injuries. David sees Peter at the stall and questions him again over the culprits, suggestively mentioning Ian giving evidence in Max’s trial. Later, David tries to push Ian’s buttons by talking about the past, hoping to guilt trip him into telling the truth about Carl’s involvement in Max’s arrest for Carol’s sake but Ian stays quiet.


David later tries to scaremonger Carl as he catches him off guard in Ian’s restaurant, as a bewildered Ian looks on. Carl’s anger is visible as David leaves. David arranges to meet Ian in The Vic that evening, eyeing Carl as he arrives. David tells Ian he should do the right thing, but Ian warns that Carl will kill them both but David says he doesn’t care and leaves, leaving Ian feeling torn as Carl glares at him from across the pub.

Meanwhile at the Butchers’, Carol is getting fed up with the commotion of having Terry and his kids in the house. As Carol prepares to visit Max in prison, David questions her about Max and Carl’s relationship, and Carol suspects he’s up to something. Later, on seeing Carol upset and stressed with all the commotion at home, Masood makes Carol an offer to move in with him, but she is unsure. Carol tries to control her emotions when she visits Max in prison, and he tries to convince Carol to take Masood up on his offer.

EastEnders EastEnders

After spending the night with Carl, Kirsty steals some money from his dresser to pay her debts, and tries to sneak out without waking him. However, Carl is awake but pretends not to have noticed her actions. Later in The Vic, Carl takes pleasure in Kirsty’s discomfort when he tells her about the stolen money.

Despite Cora’s determination, the loan shark arrives to repossess the Brannings’ possessions and Abi, Lauren and Cora look on helplessly. Kirsty arrives just in time with Carl’s cash; however she lies to Cora about where she spent the night and how she got the money.

AJ tries to cheer up Masood, as he is feeling down about David interfering with his and Carol’s relationship. Masood is delighted when Carol later turns up on his doorstep and accepts his offer to move in, putting his worries about David to one side.

Tuesday 12th November

EastEnders EastEnders

It’s the day of Max’s trial, and his barrister asks him if he knows of any reason Ian would be lying in court, to which Max coolly replies that he doesn’t. Meanwhile, Lauren desperately hunts for evidence around the house that could exonerate Max, but to no avail. She ends up arguing with Abi as they disagree about their dad’s innocence.

Ian hasn’t been able to sleep, and he can’t bring himself to look at Peter and Lucy. David doorsteps Ian as he leaves the house, and Ian tries to get David to understand that he’s lying to protect his family from Carl, which leaves David silenced. When Ian returns home he is shocked to find Carl there. Determined to make sure his plan works, Carl tells Ian they will share a taxi to court.

Carl has been busy preparing for court by reapplying his wrist brace and when Kirsty sees this, she voices her suspicions but he just teases her about playing games. When Ian doesn’t show up for their taxi to court, Carl begins to get angry and questions Peter but Peter tells him that Ian has made his own way and he reminds Carl that Ian can only take so much and warns him not to push him, leaving Carl irritated.


When it becomes clear Ian hasn’t arrived at court, Max becomes hopeful. Meanwhile, police officer arrives at the Beales’ looking for him. As he leaves, Peter spots the holdall which is full of Ian’s clothes which causes him and the family to worry.

EastEnders EastEnders

Court continues and Max and the Branning family begin to feel more positive as his barrister states that there is not enough evidence for the case to proceed. During a break, a fuming Carl calls Peter who still has no idea where Ian is. Returning to court, the Judge decides there is no case and Max is found not guilty and the family are overjoyed.

EastEnders EastEnders


Overwhelmed with being a free man, Max goes for a walk alone whist back at home, Carl seethes as his plan has fallen apart.

A van drives onto the edge of some wasteland. It stops, and the doors are thrown open to reveal Ian, bound and gagged inside. And standing outside the van doors are a grim-faced Max and Phil.

Janine is in shock when she is told Michael’s body has been released for burial, but reverts quickly to her old self when Alfie tries to be sympathetic and she hands all the responsibility of Michael’s funeral to Alfie.

It’s Ava’s birthday and Cora brings her a card, making Sam realise he’s forgotten. He recovers by saying he has a special day planned, but Cora is suspicious. Sam is clearly beginning to feel trapped as he lingers when he sees his passport in the drawer. Ava and Dexter are worried when Sam is late for the birthday lunch, but he turns up just in time with flowers for Ava. At lunch Ava happily talks of the future with Sam, leaving Sam trying to conceal his look of suffocation.

Thursday 14th November

Out in the wasteland, Ian is terrified that Max and Phil are going to kill him, pleading with them as they both find his fear amusing. Max softens as Ian mentions his family, and eventually Max and Phil reveal they are not going to kill him, as they promised David they wouldn’t – but they need a favour as it is now revenge time for Carl.

After being confronted by Carl about the stolen money, Kirsty is worried about being homeless and Kat offers her somewhere to stay. However, when Max returns to his family, he tells Kirsty he loves her, and that he didn’t mean what he told her in prison. Cora, Lauren and Kirsty are happy to see Max, but Abi battles with her feelings after believing her dad was guilty for so long. Max struggles with the day’s events and clings to Kirsty for comfort.


David reveals to Carol his involvement in Ian’s disappearance, managing to win her trust when he tells Carol he did it to protect their family. David teases Carol about missing them, but Carol is happy spending time with Masood who has arranged a quiet afternoon in the house for them. However, it becomes awkward when Carol tells Masood about David’s actions, and Carol suggests she moves home as it’s a stressful time for her family, leaving Masood trying to conceal his disappointment.

As Dexter talks about visiting a friend in Marbella next year, Ava mentions having a family holiday instead, which panics Sam. Sam offers to go out and get milk, but takes his passport and pills with him, while Ava and Dexter are left to talk about Dexter’s upcoming birthday. Sam stands torn at the tube station while Ava begins to worry about his whereabouts, but will Sam really disappear again?


Alfie comes across one of Michael’s distinctive shirts when looking through his stuff, which causes Kat to ask about the funeral. Alfie reveals he hasn’t done much organising yet as he’s worried no one will come, but Kat encourages him that Michael would love an empty church as he never cared what people thought about him.

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