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8:00pm Friday 18 January on BBC ONE

Tanya is determined to find out what Max and Lauren are hiding, but is not prepared when she makes another shocking discovery.

A homeless Cora seeks help from her estranged daughter, Ava, and Dot receives some alarming news.

Lola is shocked when she is given an ultimatum by Phil if she wants to continue seeing Lexi.

Tanya is played by Jo Joyner, Max by Jake Wood, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa, Cora by Ann Mitchell, Ava by Clare Perkins, Dot by June Brown, Lola by Danielle Harold and Phil by Steve McFadden.

2:10pm Friday 18 January on BBC ONE

Thunder rumbles as a truck arrives at a gothic manor in Kembleford. People get out and unpack stacks of bibles emblazoned ‘Church of Apollo’.

Meanwhile, Susie (Kasia Koleczek) screams as howling wind knocks over a candle in her hut which sets some photographs of her late parents alight. In the morning Father Brown, (Mark Williams) Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) and some other villagers attend a welcome ceremony in the gardens of the manor.

Dominique (Camilla Power) introduces their founder Kalon (Michael Maloney) who regales the crowd about the astral spirits. He pulls a vulnerable Susie from the crowd and later asks her to greet the sun with them in the morning. The next day Father Brown and Sid (Alex Price) are alarmed to discover that Susie has left to be with the group. And when Dominique is mysteriously killed soon after, Father Brown realises that Susie may be in grave danger…

Ep 5/10

9:00pm Thursday 17 January on BBC ONE

In the second two-part episode, entitled Trust, when two women are shot in a house basement, Nikki and Jack are baffled by the conflicting possible motives, while Leo faces a difficult case – proving his pathologist mentor made a mistake in evidence that imprisoned a mother for smothering her baby to death.

As the hunt for the basement women killer intensifies, Nikki and Jack are shocked to uncover a dangerous plot that threatens national security. And Leo must race against time to prove the imprisoned mother’s innocence and reunite her with her other son before he’s lost in the adoption system.

Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander, William Gaminara plays Professor Leo Dalton, David Caves plays Jack Hodgson, Liz Carr plays Forensic Lab Scientist Clarissa Mullery, Amanda Drew plays DI Reed, Bill Ward plays Hearns, Sammy Kissin plays Ellisabet Vrinksa, Freya Parker plays Mary Smith, Ashley Chin plays Mark Benson, Lashana Lynch plays Shona Benson, Davood Ghadami plays Ali Kohali, Bryan Dick plays Lucas Ballinger, Mark Bonnar plays Piers Christie, Bryony Afferson plays Petra Smith, Adam James plays Dr Richard Fell, Danielle Bux plays Female Reporter

8:00pm Thursday 17 January on BBC ONE

Imogen challenges Dynasty over her plans to get cosmetic surgery and quit school to become a pole dancer; Nikki’s antagonism towards Scout grows; and romance is in the air for Christine and Michael.

While Imogen receives devastating news that there’s nothing she can do to reduce her scar, schoolgirl Dynasty makes plans to go under the knife and get a boob job, supported all the way by her pushy mother, Carol.

At school, guilt-ridden Connor still can’t bear to look at Imogen but she’s convinced he’s repulsed by her scars. So when she overhears Dynasty bragging about getting a boob job, Imogen snaps at her shallowness and outs her plans to Michael and Audrey.

Later, Imogen offers a less-than-heartfelt apology whilst Dynasty practices her pole dancing. Later, Dynasty finds Imogen crying and, realising it’s because of Connor, she tells her she’s better off without him.

Imogen admits she thinks its wrong Dynasty’s mother, Carol, is encouraging her to give up school to become a pole dancer. She tries to make her see she’s worth more but their conversation is cut short when Carol arrives to whisk Dynasty off to the dancing auditions.

In the club, Dynasty challenges her mother but Carol dismisses Dynasty’s academic achievements telling her pole dancing is her true vocation. But, encouraged by Imogen’s support, Dynasty starts to doubt her mother’s grand plans.

Elsewhere, Chalky struggles to understand foster son Kevin; Michael asks Christine out on a date; and Scout and Nikki’s fractured relationship worsens when the finger of blame is pointed at Scout after Lorraine’s expensive sports car is stolen. But it looks as though Barry might have a hand in that incident.

Imogen is played by Kirstie Steele, Dynasty by Abby Mavers, Nikki by Heather Peace, Scout by Katie McGlynn, Christine by Laurie Brett, Michael by Alec Newman, Carol by Zoe Lucker, Connor by Shane O’Meara, Audrey by Georgie Glen, Chalky by Mark Benton, Kevin by Tommy Lawrence Knight, Lorraine by Daniela Denby-Ashe and Barry by Carl Au.

Waterloo Road is a Shed Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.

Ep 13/20

7:30pm Thursday 17 January on BBC ONE

With Ian’s words ringing in her ears, Dot is on a one-woman mission to save those around her – starting with Lauren. However, her niece finds herself being saved by someone unexpected.

Lola takes an instant liking to Dexter. However, she is completely thrown by his reaction to Lexi.

Ian is played by Adam Woodyatt, Dot by June Brown, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa, Lola by Danielle Harold and Dexter is played by Khali Best.

2:10pm Thursday 17 January on BBC ONE

Lady Felicia (Nancy Carroll) is horrified to find an injured man in his late 30s (Jonathan Sidgwick) stuck in a tree on her estate, wearing nothing but his underwear.

Meanwhile, at Kembleford station, Father Brown (Mark Williams) and Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) greet their German visitor Father Franc (Rod Hallett) as Sid, (Alex Price) rag and bone man Christy (Steffan Rhodri) and local outcast Annie (Katherine Dow Blyton) also depart the train.

Father Brown sees the man being rescued from the tree, which is under a viaduct, and surmises that he was pushed from a train carriage. Inspector Valentine (Hugo Speer) investigates and Sid implicates Annie, who was seen leaving first class. However, Christy contradicts this, giving Annie an alibi which puts Sid himself in the frame. When Sid is caught intimidating Christy, Father Brown is forced to face the facts – could Sid be guilty this time?

Ep 4/10

9:00pm Wednesday 16 January on BBC ONE

The Congo rainforest is one of the most competitive habitats on Earth, which means its residents must fine remarkable ways to adapt to their crowded living space.

Deep in the jungle a sweet-toothed female chimpanzee is filmed for the first time using a complex array of tools to access honey from a bees’ nest. One of David Attenborough’s favourites, the elusive and mysterious Picathartes bird, feeds its nest of dinosaur-like chicks with unsuspecting frogs.

A massive female python reveals her maternal side as she sunbathes to incubate her eggs before tending to her new babies, filmed in a specially constructed filming burrow. Smaller residents – tiny leaf-folding frogs – battle it out kung-fu style before laying their precious eggs in folded blades of grass.

And as darkness falls, the forest elephants gather under cover of darkness to socialise and to battle rivals.

Eye To Eye goes behind the scenes on the trail of the elusive honey-hunting chimp deep into the jungle. And cameraman James Aldred describes a night up a tree being shaken by a bull elephant.

Ep 3/6

2:10pm Wednesday 16 January on BBC ONE

Umesh Varma, (Ramon Tikaram) an Indian man in white robes, bursts into a study, waking Leonard Quinton (Robert Cavanah) to tell him he’s going to die today…

Lady Felicia (Nancy Carroll) conveys an invite to Father Brown (Mark Williams) to a poetry recital at the Quinton’s. Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) joins them and on arrival mistakes Violet (Jennie Jacques) for Leonard’s wife. A contemptuous Mr Harris (Simon Thorp) is ashamed to say that she is Leonard’s mistress.

Leonard asks a concerned Father Brown to look after his wife, should anything happen to him. After some bemusing poetry, Leonard’s haunted wife Martha (Ruth Gemmell) runs from the room then suggests that Mr Harris takes the guests out for a stroll in the garden while Leonard takes a nap. However, as they return, Lady Felicia screams – Leonard’s body is hanging in the conservatory…

Ep 3/10

9:00pm Tuesday 15 January on BBC ONE

When a young nun is found dead in her smoke-filled bedroom, DI Richard Poole and his team are soon on the scene.

What seems like a tragic accident caused by a lit cigarette soon turns into a murder investigation when Richard deduces that the nun didn’t smoke the cigarette that killed her. But with her room locked from the inside, how could anyone else from the convent have committed the crime?

There’s no shortage of suspects, including other nuns, a priest and the mother superior, as well as a mysterious ‘phantom nun’ who nobody can identify. Or could the case be connected to the holy spring on the grounds of the convent, which is being promoted by an unscrupulous PR man? Will Richard overcome his scepticism – as well as a seemingly irrational fear of nuns – to help the team get to the bottom of the perplexing case?

DI Richard Poole is played by Ben Miller, Camille Bordey by Sara Martins, Dwayne Myers by Danny John-Jules, Fidel Best by Gary Carr, Catherine by Elizabeth Bourgine, Father John by Kenneth Cranham, Sister Anne by Gemma Jones, Sister Marguerite by Rowena King, Daryl Dexter by Patrick Baladi and Laura Masters by Caroline Langrishe.

Ep 2/8

8:00pm Tuesday 15 January on BBC ONE

Things couldn’t be better between Jac and Jonny, but when she hears that the former ‘love of her life’ is getting married, she is thrown and jeopardises everything that she cares for.

Serena is running Holby like clockwork, but can she hold onto her position even when under threat from a competitor?

When Chrissie finds a lump, she is afraid for her health but is reluctant to confide in Sacha.

Jac is played by Rosie Marcel, Jonny is played by Michael Thomson, Serena is played by Catherine Russell, Chrissie is played by Tina Hobley and Sacha is played by Bob Barrett.

Ep 14/52

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