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7:30pm Tuesday 15 January on BBC ONE

The Brannings are a family in crisis, and Dot attempts to pull them back together. However she starts to wish she’d never returned when she discovers some home truths.

Zainab and Denise give Ayesha conflicting advice on men and dating, completely unaware that Ayesha is in love with Masood.

Ray becomes increasingly irritated by Kim, who is still hopelessly in love with him – however, he has another woman in his sights.

Dot is played by June Brown, Zainab by Nina Wadia, Denise by Diane Parish, Ayesha by Shivani Ghai, Masood by Nitin Ganatra, Ray by Chucky Venn and Kim is played by Tameka Empson.

9:30pm Monday 14 January on BBC ONE

It’s Agnes Brown’s anniversary and she’s in a great mood. However, she would be in an even better mood if she could just find someone to look after Grandad for a couple of weeks while she treats herself to a holiday. Private nursing homes are too expensive and Winnie can’t take him in case Jacko is let out of hospital. Perhaps Doctor Flynn might be able to arrange some respite care?

Rory and Dino’s new apartment isn’t ready yet so Mrs Brown kindly invites them to move in with her for a couple of weeks. However, she’s soon spitting feathers when Dino starts taking over the house. But that’s nothing compared to how she might react if she ever found that the pair don’t sleep in separate bedrooms.

When Dr Flynn reluctantly agrees to have Grandad tested for dementia, Mrs Brown devises a cunning plan to make sure Grandad fails the test and is sent for respite care. But when the health tester arrives, Grandad isn’t the only person he’s concerned about…

Meanwhile, Agnes is furious when Rory picks her rival Hilliary Nicholson as his model in the hairdressing competition. However, Rory has a nicer surprise for his mother as well: he’s arranged a psychic to contact her late husband Redser. Agnes is sceptical until Redser’s spirit reveals some very ominous news.

Ep 3/6

9:00pm Monday 14 January on BBC ONE

Miranda has been caring for her ill mother for five very long days.

Trapped in her flat being barked at by Penny, she is forced to think about her life regrets. Before she has the chance to tick off her bucket list she gets ill and Tilly, Gary and Stevie offer no sympathy or help at all.

8:00pm Monday 14 January on BBC ONE

Dot returns home and is mortified to discover her granddaughter using her home for extra-curricular activities!

Kat and Roxy come to blows and Alfie is forced to choose a side.

Masood tries to shield Zainab from the truth about the identity of Ayesha’s crush, but in doing so he starts to dig a deep hole for himself.

Dot is played by June Brown, Kat by Jessie Wallace, Roxy by Rita Simons, Alfie by Shane Richie, Masood by Nitin Ganatra, Zainab by Nina Wadia and Ayesha is played by Shivani Ghai.

2:10pm Monday 14 January on BBC ONE

Father Brown (Mark Williams) attends a tea party to celebrate a new church clock tower, presided over by his friend Reverend Bohun (Adam Astill).

However, the serene atmosphere is shattered when his caddish brother Norman (Sam Hoare) arrives, riling most of the guests. Just after the bells sound for the first time Norman’s body is found behind the church, the back of his head hit by a hammer found lying nearby. The local blacksmith Simeon (Barry Sloane) is immediately suspected but his wife Elizabeth, (Bryony Afferson) guilty about having relations with Norman, confesses to the crime and is arrested by Inspector Valentine (Hugo Speer). Reverend Bohun implores Father Brown to find out the truth. At the police station Elizabeth confesses that she’s innocent, however until the real culprit is caught, she won’t speak up. Father Brown must find the killer before an innocent woman is sent to the gallows…

Ep 1/10

8:00pm Friday 11 January on BBC ONE

Zainab is alarmed when she reads the contents of Ayesha’s letters and she immediately sends Masood out on a mission to find out who she has her sights on.

Denise is determined to make things up with Kim but just when things look to be back on track for the warring sisters, Ray arrives with a bombshell.

Elsewhere, Abi is fed up with being nice all the time and she decides to tell her family exactly what she thinks of them all.

Zainab is played by Nina Wadia, Masood by Nitin Ganatra, Denise by Diane Parish, Kim by Tameka Empson, Ray by Chucky Venn and Abi by Lorna Fitzgerald.

8:00pm Thursday 10 January on BBC ONE

It’s all about the money this week when Phoenix and Harley win the lottery, but their good fortune is overshadowed by the arrival of their father, Nelson. Nikki is forced to question her actions towards Scout, and Michael finds a friend in Christine when he gets news about his court case.

All Phoenix and Harley want to do is spend, spend, spend, but Nelson’s arrival casts a shadow and causes division. Phoenix reckons Nelson’s only interested in their winnings and feels vindicated when their father reveals his business is in financial trouble.

Angry at his father’s deception, Phoenix wants nothing to do with Nelson, but Harley, and then Lorraine, suggest it might be a good idea to invest some of their lottery win into the family business. But, Phoenix has one condition – he wants an apprenticeship in the firm. With the blessing of his brother Harley and the school, Phoenix prepares to bid an emotional farewell to Waterloo Road.

Elsewhere, Nikki suspects Scout has stolen her car and handbag and sets about punishing the pupil. However, Scout discovers Barry is the real culprit and threatens to expose him, but master manipulator Barry suggests another course of action to wronged Scout.

Meanwhile, guilt-ridden Connor can’t bear to look Imogen in the eye and she believes it’s because of her scars. As Connor struggles with his terrible secret, Christine tries to intervene but he’s wracked with remorse over what he’s done to the girl he loves.

There’s division in the staffroom after Michael gets unexpected news about his impending court case. Feeling isolated, Michael confides in Christine, bringing the pair closer together.

Chalky can’t contain his excitement he’s fostering Kevin. But it soon becomes clear Chalky will need to tread carefully if he’s to win Kevin’s trust.

Phoenix is played by Kaya Moore, Harley by Kane Tomlinson-Weaver, Nelson by John Thomson, Nikki by Heather Peace, Scout by Katie McGlynn, Michael by Alec Newman, Christine by Laurie Brett, Lorraine by Daniela Denby-Ashe, Barry by Carl Au, Connor by Shane O’Meara, Imogen by Kirstie Steele, Chalky by Mark Benton and Kevin by Tommy Lawrence Knight.

Waterloo Road is a Shed Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.

Ep 12/20

9:00pm Thursday 10 January on BBC ONE

Forensic pathologists Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Professor Leo Dalton (William Gaminara) return to BBC One for another series of Silent Witness, with the welcome arrival of Forensic Scientist Jack Hodgson (David Caves).

Straight-talking and disarmingly quick-witted, Jack is one of the youngest Forensic Scientists in the country. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in talent and dedication.

Joining David in the new series is Liz Carr as Forensic Lab Scientist Clarissa Mullery. Having enjoyed a successful working relationship together and been crucial in Jack’s career progression, he has persuaded Clarissa to join him at the Lyell Centre.

In the opening episode, John Briggs, a wealthy, ageing confectionery company owner, is found dead in his London hotel suite. Nikki joins forces with Jack to prove to sceptical DI Gold that it’s murder, not death by natural causes.

Several suited sharks circle as it transpires Briggs was losing a desperate fight to prevent the sale of his ailing company to investors. And Michael Trenter, his PR man, is unable to conceal Briggs’ murky private life from the baying press, devaluing the family brand by the hour. Meanwhile, Geraldine, Briggs’ estranged daughter, is a fish out of water as she’s left control of the company in her father’s will.

Leo is left in no doubt about how to secure the Lyell Centre’s future – by employing Jack Hodgson to head up a new forensics department. And just as the new team are cemented, crucial evidence from a discovered body gives them a shocking lead on the killer’s motive.

Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander, William Gaminara plays Professor Leo Dalton, David Caves plays Jack Hodgson, Liz Carr plays Forensic Lab Scientist Clarissa Mullery, Priyanga Burford plays DS Seetha Gold, Robert Lonsdale plays DC Gus Cook, Sharon Small plays Geraldine Briggs, Anna Madeley plays Annette Kelly, Derek Riddell plays Michael Trenter, Anna Brewster plays Deanna Collier, Rob Dixon plays Phillip Briggs, Tim Pigott-Smith plays John Briggs, Louis Emerick plays Kenny Barber, Christopher Hunter plays Peter Hornsby, Erik Madsen plays Emmett Scwartzman

7:30pm Thursday 10 January on BBC ONE

Max is exasperated with Tanya for her recent plan. However, he decides to sort out his current situation once and for all but will his idea go to plan?

When Kat fails to show up at The Vic for the first day of her new job, Alfie goes to talk to her but when Roxy finds out where he had gone Alfie has to choose where his loyalties lie.

Max is played by Jake Wood, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Kat by Jessie Wallace, Alfie by Shane Richie and Roxy by Rita Simons.

9:00pm Wednesday 9 January on BBC ONE

From dense forests , to snow-capped peaks, steamy swamps to endless savannah, East Africa is a haven for life, supporting a higher density of large mammals than anywhere else on Earth. It’s also a land of unpredictable extremes where, in order to survive, creatures must adapt to the environment.

In an incredible TV first, the Africa team travels to the rocky outcrops of the Serengeti, in Tanzania, to film a tiny lizard as it risks its life to eat flies from a sleepy lion’s face. The nesting habits of the four-foot-tall shoebill – one of the most bizarre-looking birds in Africa – is also filmed for the first time. The giant bird has two chicks but, due to extreme sibling rivalry, only one will survive.

On the sun-parched plains of Amboseli, the extreme weather conditions take their toll – a baby elephant dies in the drought and its mother leaves the herd to stay with her offspring until the end.

Eye To Eye goes behind the scenes with an expedition to the summit of the Ruwenzori Mountains. And the heart-rending reality of filming the dying baby elephant is explained.

Ep 2/6

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