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9:00pm Monday 5 November on BBC THREE

The final episode of a new three-part series revealing some shocking faces of youth in America.

Every year, thousands of young people risk their lives attempting to cross the border from Mexico to secure a better life in America. Patrolled by border guards, the five day trek across the deadly wilderness of the Sonoran Desert exposes them to ferocious 70-degree temperatures and rattlesnakes.

Stacey Dooley meets young people preparing to make this dangerous trip. She travels to Altar in Mexico, an area controlled by drug cartels, where a local priest offers her protection and unique access to the people-smuggling operation.

Stacey gets to know 19-year-old Maria, who is desperate to make the trip to support her two children. As a young woman travelling alone she is especially vulnerable, but hopes her positive attitude will carry her through. She also meets Manuela and Jorge, a couple who have borrowed thousands of dollars from a people smuggler to make the trip. He is now refusing to take them over the border and their only hope of paying back their debt is to get to America to work.

Stacey also sees things from the other side of the fence in Arizona, taking to the air with the US border patrol. When she witnesses the dramatic rescue in the desert of a young Guatemalan girl who is seven months pregnant, Stacey finds herself torn, realising that the very people who are trying to keep the migrants out may be the ones who save their lives.

Ep 3/3

9:00pm Monday 22 October on BBC THREE

Stacey Dooley reveals some shocking faces of youth in America. Over three episodes, the fearless presenter meets young people taking extreme action to change their lives.

In this first episode, Stacey has unique access to young women behind bars at the only boot camp prison for girls in the United States. As more young women are being incarcerated than ever before, one prison in New York State is offering a different solution. Six months hard time here means a shorter sentence, but involves a military-style regime, where the girls’ heads are shaved and orders are barked at them, combined with therapy. Stacey gets to know the staff and young female inmates, including Cardie, a girl gang member and former drug dealer, and Brown, a young woman who committed robberies because she was bored.

Stacey also visits a medium-security prison to explore the alternative the girls would face if they did not opt for the prison boot camp. She meets Offley, a tough and intimidating woman who at the age of 25 has already served three prison sentences, including one for armed robbery, and Danielle D’Ambrosi, a young woman who tells Stacey how to survive inside and who, despite a background of abuse and chaos, is studying for a bachelor’s degree.

Ep 1/3

8:00pm Monday 8 October on BBC THREE

One Direction headline 2012’s BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards live from Wembley Arena on Sunday 7 October in front of an audience of thousands of teenagers, broadcast on BBC Three.

The superstar pop band will be giving a live performance and kicking off the awards, which celebrate inspirational teenagers who have really made a difference, as well as stars from the worlds of entertainment, sport and music.

Presented by Radio 1’s new breakfast show host, Nick Grimshaw, the star-studded ceremony will also feature performances by Taylor Swift, Ne-yo, Fun, Conor Maynard and Little Mix. The action will start with red carpet arrivals followed by the ceremony and music performances, along with backstage news.

The centrepiece of Radio 1’s Teen Awards will be the recognition of three very special teenagers, who will each win a Teen Hero Award. Other awards to be presented include Best Young Sportsperson, Hottest Female/Male and Best TV Show.

10:00pm Tuesday 2 October on BBC THREE

Cuckoo continues tonight. In episode two, Ken is keen to lay down some ground rules for Cuckoo in the Thompson house, and proposes a family meeting. But getting his own way turns out to have devastating knock-on effects at Rachel’s coming home party.

Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna Thompson (Helen Baxendale) are horrified when they learn that their daughter (Tamla Kari) has married during her gap year. Cuckoo (Andy Samberg) the self-appointed spiritual ninja is now their son-in-law and wastes no time making himself at home and pushing Ken’s patience to the limit.

Ep 2/6

10:00pm Tuesday 25 September on BBC THREE

At an airport in the Midlands, Suburban parents Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna (Helen Baxendale) eagerly await the return of their only daughter, Rachel (Tamla Kari) from her gap year. Rachel however, has brought back an unexpected souvenir and surprises her doting parents by introducing her new husband, Cuckoo (Andy Samberg).

A travelling hippie and every parent’s worst nightmare, Cuckoo considers himself a spiritual teacher and visionary who, much to Ken’s indignation, vows he would never take payment for his services and therefore has no income to support his new wife.

Ken and Lorna are horrified by their daughter’s news but, not wanting to ruin their daughter’s happiness, have no choice but to welcome Cuckoo into their family home. Cuckoo wastes no time making himself at home and it’s not long before he is sharing his new age ideas at the dinner table, and pushing Ken’s patience to the limit.

In a last attempt to bond with his new son-in-law, Ken takes Cuckoo out for a drive for some man-to-man time but the day doesn’t go quite to plan and Ken, exasperated by the idea of his perfect daughter jeopardising her future for this vapid freeloader, is pushed into a somewhat radical course of action.

Ep 1/6

9:00pm Monday 3 September on BBC THREE

Using soldier shot footage Our War follows a small platoon of Welsh Guards posted deep behind enemy lines in the remote fort of Haji Alem. Their charismatic commander Lieutenant Mark Evison kept a detailed diary covering the last three weeks of his life.

Describing how equipment shortages might impact on his isolated platoon Evison recorded: ” Injuries will be sustained which I will not be able to treat and deaths could occur which could have been stopped. “

His worst fears were realised when, after he was shot, there was a delay in the helicopter evacuation caused by a lack of working radios and compounded by a series of operational errors.

Filming on helmetcam Lance Bombardier Andrew Spooner captures the men’s panic as they desperately try to save Mark while under attack. Gunner Steve Gadsby was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for running with Mark on his back across a narrow bridge under heavy fire in order to get him back to camp.

Ep 3/3

9:00pm Monday 27 August on BBC THREE

Bringing the Afghan conflict up to date, Return to Death Valley follows friends Lieutenant Jimmy Clark and 2nd Lieutenant Luke Beetlestone as their platoon replaces US Marines patrolling a key route in Afghanistan.

Just 150 soldiers from 2 Mercian take over from 900 US Marines protecting Route 611. In contrast to the Americans they attempt foot patrols rather than armoured vehicles. It’s a high risk strategy and the first few days, captured on their own cameras and those provided by the BBC, see gunshot casualties and a double IED strike.

The soldiers also deal with the fallout when a family wedding party is blown up by a roadside bomb. They pull five survivors from the wreckage, but then have to gather the remains of the others.

As the tour finishes an officer is killed by an IED. It’s a reminder of how complex the withdrawal from Afghanistan is. Back in the UK the soldiers share their experiences of ‘Death Valley’.

Ep 2/3

9:00pm Monday 20 August on BBC THREE

The second series of Bafta-winning Our War follows life on the frontline in Afghanistan, through remarkable films shot by the soldiers themselves.

The BBC has been given unprecedented access to the footage, which offers a gripping and poignant insight into every aspect of a young soldier’s experience.

Into The Hornets’ Nest captures on camera a daring mission deep into enemy territory during Afghanistan’s bloodiest summer on record.

Troop surges in 2010 forced the Taliban to fight dirty, using more IEDs than ever. Against this backdrop a 100 strong company from 2nd Battalion, Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment was deployed into one of the most dangerous areas of Helmand, tasked with protecting a vital road link.

During a heavy firefight Kingsman Darren Deady was shot in the neck. He collapsed into the lap of Sergeant Mark Wilson, who was filming on a helmet camera.

The operation later claimed the life of Captain Andrew Griffiths – the first child of a serving officer to die in Afghanistan.

When a dust storm grounded all aircraft in Bastion two brave helicopter pilots rewrote the rulebook, flying in formation so that they could evacuate him.

Both men were treated side by side in the UK, but died of their injuries. Andrew’s dad Brigadier Mike Griffiths, the colonel of the regiment, now uses his personal experience to train ‘visiting’ officers, who break news of injuries and fatalities to servicemen’s families.

Ep 1/3

9:00pm Sunday 19 August on BBC THREE

In the first documentary on the Colorado cinema shootings, presenter Amal Fashanu travels to Aurora, Colorado to speak to survivors, including Jansen Young who lived because her boyfriend shielded her from bullets. Amal also discovers how the gunman tried to join a local rifle club in the weeks before the shootings.

Speaking to young Americans, Amal hears what they say about the rights to own a gun, which is protected by the US Constitution, and whether they think the State of Colorado should pass the death penalty on the gunman James Holmes, who identified himself to police as The Joker.

She also speaks with a leading forensic psychologist at the University of Denver, Dr Max Wachtel, who has conducted and supervised hundreds of evaluations assessing mental health in cases of serious crime.

Ep 1/1

9:00pm Thursday 16 August on BBC THREE

Ten years ago Russell Brand was addicted to heroin, his career was unravelling and he was told he may only have six months to live. The story of how he battled to stay clean of drugs is at the heart of this eye-opening and searingly honest, personal film in which Brand challenges how our society deals with addicts and addiction.

It comes after the tragic passing of Amy Winehouse, whose death was the spur to this exploration of the “condition of addiction” which, he believes, is misunderstood and wrongly treated.

Brand meets a whole range of people from whom he draws insights; scientists at the cutting edge of research into the psychology of addiction, those involved in alternative recovery therapies and drug addicts themselves.

Is addiction a disease? Should it be criminalised? And is abstinence based recovery, which worked for Brand, a possible way forward? In this documentary Brand challenges conventional theory and practice as well as Government policy in his own inimitable style, confronting the reality of addiction head on.

Along the way he draws on his own experience to try to help one of the addicts he meets to take the first steps towards recovery. Armed with his own heartfelt beliefs and new insights gained during his journey, Brand has the opportunity to change the hearts and minds of policy makers when he is invited to give evidence before the Home Affairs Select committee investigating the efficacy of current drug addiction treatment in the UK.

Ep 1/1

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