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8:00pm Wednesday 21 November on BBC TWO

Hector and Marnie host a gathering of friends at their apartment. Racial tension is on the rise across London, a response to the influx of immigrants from the Commonwealth who bring new culture to Britain’s streets, but also division. It’s a subject close to Freddie’s heart and provokes much discussion at the party, but is interrupted when two policemen arrive at the door to arrest Hector on suspicion of beating up Kiki. Hector denies the allegations but is taken away.

The next day Hector’s absence has not gone unnoticed by Randall, and Bel has a tough job to try and keep Hector’s arrest secret from him. Freddie complicates matters further when he decides to hold a controversial interview with a fascist named Trevor on the same day as a visit from members of the board.

As Hector continues to languish in jail he comes to question whether he’s strayed too far from his career and marriage. Can he claw the situation back or is this one allegation, which he can’t charm his way out of?

Freddie Lyon is played by Ben Whishaw, Bel Rowley by Romola Garai, Hector Madden by Dominic West, Randall Brown by Peter Capaldi, Marnie Madden by Oona Chaplin, Raphael Cilenti by Vincent Riotta, Kiki Delaine by Hannah Tointon, Lix Storm by Anna Chancellor and Trevor by Joe Cole.

Ep 2/6

9:00pm Tuesday 20 November on BBC TWO

The third episode of this new six-part science series presented by Dara O Briain takes a weird and wonderful look at life, death and extinction.

Oceanographer Helen Czerski reports on bringing extinct species back from the dead; special guest comedian Mark Steel learns about how to deflect an incoming asteroid; and neuroscientist Tali Sharot attends the first ever taste-test of beef grown solely in the lab.

Plus, materials scientist Mark Miodownik takes apart a shotgun and science journalist Alok Jha asks whether pandas should be allowed to die, as he examines if there are other species it would make more sense to invest effort in saving.

Combining lively and in-depth studio discussion, with exploratory films and on-the-spot reports, Dara O Briain’s Science Club takes a single subject each week and examines it from lots of different and unexpected angles – from sex to extinction, Einstein to space exploration and brain chemistry to music. It brings some of the world’s foremost thinkers together to share their ideas on everything, from whether computers are ruining music to whether or not we are still evolving.

Ep 3/6

9:00pm Monday 19 November on BBC TWO

In the second episode of this three-part series, Laurence Rees looks at the peak of Adolf Hitler’s popularity in Germany throughout the 1930s and his decision to invade France in 1940.

In Nuremburg, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to pay homage to Hitler, filling the streets in celebration of their leader. Yet Hitler had not hypnotised the German people into following him, they supported him willingly and believed what he said. Not least because he had convinced them they were a superior race who would accomplish great things. During this time, Hitler faced the greatest test yet to his charismatic leadership – he wanted to take Germany into a war of racial conquest to gain a vast new empire. But since many of his followers did not want war, Hitler had to persuade his people to maintain their faith in him and embrace conflict.

The series is written and produced by Laurence Rees, who won a Bafta for his 1997 series Nazis: A Warning From History and a Grierson award for his 2005 series Auschwitz: The Nazis And The ‘Final Solution’. The series historical consultant is Professor Sir Ian Kershaw, the world’s leading academic expert on Adolf Hitler.

With the help of testimony from those who lived through these times, film archive – including rarely seen colour home movies – and specially shot documentary footage, The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler reveals how Hitler managed to turn from a peculiar nobody in 1913 into the Chancellor and Fuehrer of the German people.

Ep 2/3

1:30pm Sunday 18 November on BBC TWO

Jonathan Edwards presents highlights of cycling’s Track World Cup from Glasgow.

This is the second round of the 2012-13 series and is the first time the new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome has been used on the international stage.

Such is the popularity of cycling in this country following the stunning exploits of Team GB at the London Olympics that tickets for this event sold out in just 25 minutes.

As well as live coverage of the men’s sprint involving Olympic gold medallist Jason Kenny, and the women’s omnium, featuring fellow London 2012 champion Laura Trott, there will be a round-up of what happened in last night’s finals.

In total, 200 of the world’s best riders from over 30 nations will be competing as thoughts already begin to turn to Rio 2016.

Commentary comes from Hugh Porter and Chris Boardman.

9:00pm Saturday 17 November on BBC TWO

Jake Humphrey introduces highlights from qualifying at the United States Grand Prix, the penultimate race of the 2012 season.

It is the first time a grand prix has been held at the specially built track in Austin, Texas known as the Circuit of the Americas.

Only the Brazilian Grand Prix remains after this race, so the outcome here could be pivotal in the battle for the drivers’ championship.

5:00pm Saturday 17 November on BBC TWO

Gabby Logan is joined by Keith Wood and Jeremy Guscott for live coverage as an Ireland XV take on Fiji at Thomond Park in Limerick.

Remarkably, this will be only the fourth time Ireland have played the Fijians. The previous encounters have all been emphatically won by the Irish, including a 41-6 victory the last time they met in Dublin in 2009.

This match for Ireland is sandwiched between last Saturday’s Test with South Africa and the visit of Argentina on 24th November. The Irish will be desperate to end 2012 on a high after a disappointing year in which the senior side managed just two wins coming into the autumn internationals.

The Fijians arrive in Ireland following their match at Twickenham against England last week.

Eddie Butler is joined in the commentary box by Phillip Matthews.

10:00pm Friday 16 November on BBC TWO

BBC Children in Need appeal night switches over to BBC Two during the BBC One 10 O’Clock News, as the entertainment extravaganza continues with Sir Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton. The glittering TV spectacular promises even more music, including another live performance from One Direction, as well as from the sensational Irish band The Script, fronted by Danny O’Donoghue.

There’ll be more hilarity in store for viewers, as comedian Sarah Millican hosts a special episode of her very own show, Sarah Millican’s Television Programme, exclusively for Children in Need’s appeal night.

This final section of the evening will also feature a number of short films which will highlight some of the vital work that the charity is carrying out throughout the UK to change the lives of disadvantaged children. Appeal night host Fearne Cotton will introduce an appeal film on bullying. Pop sensation Robbie Williams will also present viewers with a moving story of a family supported by Children in Need through a very difficult time and EastEnders actress Nina Wadia (who plays Zainab) will also appear in a short film, in which she meets a little boy whose life has been transformed by Children in Need’s Friendship Project.

Ep 2/3

9:00pm Friday 16 November on BBC TWO

During David Attenborough’s filmmaking career spanning 60 years, there have been unparalleled changes both in the natural world, the understanding of the planet and the techniques used in filming. He takes a very personal journey in this three-part series through the six decades and the massive developments he has witnessed.

In episode one, Life on Camera, he looks back on the iconic animal encounters which have shaped his career from the early black-and-white Zooquest days when he had to describe the colour of the animals he filmed, to a close encounter with a lion pride in pitch darkness. He reflects on the developments in wildlife filmmaking, revealing how decades of innovation in photography have brought ever more breathtaking and intimate images of wildlife to television – changing the view of life on the planet forever.

Returning to his old haunts in Borneo, he shares a few tricks of the trade such as how to catch a Komodo dragon and maintaining continuity in the most difficult circumstances – describing bat behaviour while choking on the stench of their guano before being hit in the face by one!

He also recalls his first landmark series, Life on Earth, and the arrival of jet air travel which made it feasible to film in 30 countries over three years, as well as how, as a boy in the thirties, he was inspired by his first ever natural history film – a fanciful story of penguins presented by eccentric Englishman Cherry Kearton.

Ep 1/3

10:00pm Thursday 15 November on BBC TWO

It’s Jack’s first day in the office as Editor of the Hebburn Advertiser and he hopes to transform it into a bestselling paper that really makes a difference.

Jack’s not the only one aiming high and Vicki gets her heart broken when her boyfriend and pub singer Gervaise announces his big plans. Joe’s doctor tells him he needs to relax to help his heart problems and Pauline is on a mission to de-stress him. Luckily, Sarah’s hippy sister Marial is in town with essential oils, hands-on healing and a penchant for big Geordie bears. Sadly for Joe, it means he’s banned from pork pies and cheese, and forced to switch his beer for peppermint tea, even on Jack’s stag night. Vicki and Denise have their own plans to celebrate Sarah’s final night of freedom and after getting themselves thrown out of the bar, head to Swayze’s, where the boy’s night is well underway…

Jack is played by ?Chris Ramsey; Sarah is played by Kimberley Nixon; Pauline is played by Gina McKee; Joe is played by Jim Moir; Ramsey is played by Jason Cook; Dot is played by Pat Dunn; ?Vicki is played by Lisa McGrillis; ?Marial is played by Verity-May Henry; and Denise is played by Victoria Elliot.

Ep 5/6

9:00pm Wednesday 14 November on BBC TWO

November 1957. A year has passed since The Hour was unceremoniously taken off air for their controversial interview with Lord Elms and much has changed.

Freddie has been fired and gone travelling, while Bel fought to stay. She has tried to improve the ratings and keep Hector in line, although he has now become a national celebrity and is drawn into the seductive glamour of Soho nightclub El Paradis; Bel’s whole life is her work and she’s becoming increasingly preoccupied with Britain’s growing criminal underworld, chasing a story but without the manpower to tell it. All eyes are on the new Head of News, Randall Brown, as a force for change.

El Paradis is run by Raphael Cilenti, charming but ruthless. His most prized possession is lead showgirl, Kiki Delaine. Beautiful, talented and utterly beguiling, Kiki knows exactly how to charm a man and Hector finds her hard to resist.

In the newsroom, nuclear hysteria is growing around the Soviet launch of Sputnik 2. In the midst of a heated team meeting Freddie appears, fresh from his travels. He’s Randall’s new addition, designed to stir up the team – and it works. Bel wrestles with conflicted feelings of disempowerment at not being told of his return, but also joy at getting back the friend she has missed. Hector too is angry when told that Freddie will be a joint frontman. It is also clear that Lix and Randall seem to have a shared past…

Despite the friction, the old team are reunited. Bel harnesses Freddie’s maverick enthusiasm to cover the crime story and, when Hector brings them an unexpected tip off, the trio find themselves with a potential scoop which could outdo new ITV rival programme, Uncovered.

Freddie Lyon is played by Ben Whishaw, Bel Rowley by Romola Garai, Hector Madden by Dominic West, Randall Brown by Peter Capaldi, Marnie Madden by Oona Chaplin, Raphael Cilenti by Vincent Riotta, Kiki Delaine by Hannah Tointon and Lix Storm by Anna Chancellor.

Ep 1/6

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