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9:00pm Tuesday 13 November on BBC TWO

In the second episode of this new six-part science series, Dara O Briain and his crack team of experts take us on a mind-altering journey around theoretical physics, with a look at the father of modern physics himself, Albert Einstein.

Dara finds out if you can measure the speed of light using cheese on toast, and physicist and oceanographer Helen Czerski hunts down Einstein’s elusive gravitational waves, which have been mystifying scientists for years.

Plus, resident materials scientist Mark Miodownik takes a fridge apart, special guest Marcus Brigstocke attempts to get to grips with dark energy, and some of the biggest brains in science are brought to bear on the eternal problem of tangled earphone wires!

Combining lively and in-depth studio discussion, with exploratory films and on-the-spot reports, Dara O Briain’s Science Club takes a single subject each week and examines it from lots of different and unexpected angles – from sex to extinction, Einstein to space exploration and brain chemistry to music. It brings some of the world’s foremost thinkers together to share their ideas on everything, from how to avoid asteroid impact to whether or not we are still evolving.

Ep 2/6

9:00pm Monday 12 November on BBC TWO

Adolf Hitler seemed an unlikely leader – fuelled by anger, incapable of forming normal human relationships and unwilling to debate political issues. Such was the depth of his hatred that he would go on to become a war criminal arguably without precedent in history – his hatred would lead to the Holocaust, his desire for conquest would leave much of Europe in ruins, and his determination caused the death of 60 million people. Yet he was once loved by many.

In the first of a three part series, Laurence Rees looks at how this was possible, revealing how Hitler formed a connection with millions of German people and in the process, this seemingly unlikely figure generated a level of charismatic attraction almost without parallel. Dispelling the myth that Hitler somehow hypnotised a nation, this first episode looks at how his alleged ‘charisma’ played a key role in his success as a leader.

With the help of testimony from those who lived through these times, film archive – including rarely seen colour home movies – and specially shot documentary footage, The Dark Charisma Of Adolf Hitler reveals how Hitler managed to turn from a peculiar nobody in 1913 into the Chancellor and Fuehrer of the German people.

The series is written and produced by Laurence Rees, who won a Bafta for his 1997 series Nazis: A Warning From History and a Grierson award for his 2005 series Auschwitz: The Nazis And The ‘Final Solution’. The series historical consultant is Professor Sir Ian Kershaw, the world’s leading academic expert on Adolf Hitler.

Ep 1/3

4:50pm Sunday 11 November on BBC TWO

Mark Chapman is at Salford City Stadium for live coverage of the autumn internationals final.

England, Wales and France were the sides competing for a place in the final of the competition that offers them a chance to prepare for next year’s World Cup.

2:00pm Sunday 11 November on BBC TWO

Sue Barker hosts live coverage from the ATP World Tour Finals in London, where it’s semi-finals day at the O2 Arena.

One man who will be expecting to reach the last four is Roger Federer – in his 10 previous appearances at the season-end championships, the Swiss player has only once failed to reach the semi-finals, and is looking for a third consecutive title this year.

Commentary comes from Andrew Castle and Tim Henman.

5:00pm Saturday 10 November on BBC TWO

Gabby Logan introduces live action from Dublin’s Aviva Stadium as Ireland take on South Africa in their first autumn international of the season.

Declan Kidney’s side are looking to bounce back from a disappointing 60-0 defeat in their most recent fixture against New Zealand.

But they face a challenging encounter with a Springboks side who beat them 23-21 on their last trip to Dublin in November 2010.

Keith Wood is among the studio guests. Eddie Butler and Phillip Matthews are in the commentary box.

1:45pm Saturday 10 November on BBC TWO

Live coverage from the ATP World Tour Finals in London. The last round of group matches takes place today so the semi-final line-up will be confirmed.

London has been a memorable place for Andy Murray this season, with the Scot reaching the Wimbledon final and then winning Olympic gold. Home fans are hoping Murray can enjoy further capital gains at the O2 Arena.

Presented by Sue Barker with commentary from Andrew Castle and Tim Henman.

9:00pm Friday 9 November on BBC TWO

David Attenborough chooses the 10 endangered animals from around the world that he’d most like to save from extinction. Tigers and pandas hit the headlines but for David it’s the unusual ones that interest him.

In Attenborough’s Ark, David explains why these animals are so important, and highlights the ingenious work of biologists across the world who are helping to keep them alive.

His top 10 includes Darwin’s frog – the only frog in the world where the male gives birth to its young. There is also the olm – a salamander that can live to a hundred.

There’s also the Sumatran rhino – the smallest and most threatened species of rhino. David tells the story of the first-ever Sumatran rhino to be born in captivity in Asia. After years of failed attempts, a male Sumatran rhino was born at Cincinnati zoo. He was sent to Sumatra, where he was matched up with a native female. The result was a historic baby, which gives hope to the rest of the species.

In Jersey, David introduces his favourite monkey – the mischievous black lion tamarin – which is being bred successfully at Durrell Wildlife Park.

David’s other unusual ‘passengers’ include the solenodon – an ancient mammal; the northern quoll – a charismatic marsupial at risk from cane toads; marvellous spatuletail – a rare hummingbird; the Sunda pangolin, whose scaly armour is made of keratin; Priam’s birdwing butterfly – the largest on Earth; and Venus’s flower basket – a marine animal made entirely from silica.

10:00pm Thursday 8 November on BBC TWO

Episode 4 of Hebburn, and the Geordie answer to Thelma and Louise hit the road, as Dot offers to buy Vicki a car.

Things are getting a bit too cosy at the family home and Jack is under pressure from Sarah to find a job quickly, so they can move out. Jack too is desperate for them to leave, but won’t compromise in the job market, especially when he bumps into his old boss from the Hebburn Advertiser. Joe jumps at the chance to skimp on the chores as Sarah offers to do her bit around the house and, after rescuing a geographically challenged Vicki from her road trip with Dot, heads with Pauline to the local, Swayze’s. When his interview doesn’t quite go to plan, Jack too makes for the pub, where he’s joined by Sarah, but she doesn’t fancy a drink…

Jack is played by ?Chris Ramsey; Sarah is played by Kimberley Nixon; Pauline is played by Gina McKee; Joe is played by Jim Moir; Ramsey is played by Jason Cook; Dot is played by Pat Dunn; ?Vicki is played by Lisa McGrillis; and Denise is played by Victoria Elliot.

Ep 4/6

9:00pm Wednesday 7 November on BBC TWO

Britain has the safest roads in Europe, and yet after years of fewer people dying on our roads, numbers are rising again. In How Safe Are Britain’s Roads?, Justin Rowlatt and Anita Rani clock up the miles, criss-crossing the country to find out why so many traffic accidents are still happening.

For episode two, Anita and Justin consider the dangers of mobile phones: how do they compare to lack of sleep or alcohol, and are some people more error-prone than others? Research suggests men and women crash in different ways, as do young and old. Justin and Anita get the scientists out of the lab to carry out tests on the Great British public. They use what they find out to examine current proposals. Should we re-test the elderly or ban the young from driving with friends? The programme explores what is behind the statistics through access to a unique video collection of drivers caught on camera during accidents and near misses, showing the errors as they happen – including Justin and Anita’s own. And Anita gets behind the wheel of a car which drives itself. Could it eliminate accidents completely?

Ep 2/2

10:00pm Tuesday 6 November on BBC TWO

Joining Jools on the seventh show of the series will be Seattle’s Soundgarden, whose reformation in 2010 has led to the release of new album King Animal, of which they’ll be playing a couple of tunes from.

Northern Irish trio Two Door Cinema Club return to the studio to play selections from their recently released second album, Beacon. Tremaine Aldon Neverson, or to give him his R&B name – Trey Songz – will also be in the room to perform numbers from his Chapter V album. Natasha Khan, AKA Bat For Lashes, will also be showcasing a couple of tracks from her critically acclaimed third album The Haunted Man. Sri-Lankan folk-rock singer Bhi Bhiman – whose been compared to Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen – will also be in the room.

More TBC

The Later… website will feature archive performances

Director: Janet Fraser Crook; Series Producer: Alison Howe; Executive Producer: Mark Cooper

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