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The real life series THE HASSELHOFFS spotlights the life of single dad David Hasselhoff and his two daughters, Taylor Ann and Hayley.

The series brings viewers inside the household of David Hasselhoff where “The Hoff” is just “Dad” and examines the challenges he faces as a single parent raising two young adult daughters.  

Despite juggling his multiple entertainment and business endeavors, he is the ultimate “stage dad” and will do anything to help guide his daughters’ decisions as they pursue careers.

In the first episode, entitled ‘Hoff the Record’, David heads to Arizona in a last-ditch effort to convince Taylor to stay in school but Taylor is impatient to get home and start up a band with her sister.  Hayley gets her big break when she lands a role on a TV series but this means she won’t have much time to devote to the band with her sister. David finds himself stuck in a house with two daughters at each other’s necks.


David cheats to win a bet with Taylor and Hayley about who can stay off caffeine the longest but the girls finally catch him in his lie.  When Taylor hires a pet psychic to treat her dog’s addiction to tennis balls, David finds that his whole family might be to blame.


David decides his career needs a boost, so he sets out to find a new manager.  When David’s daughters decide they also need a manager to help launch their career, David calls in a favor, only to find the girls are unrehearsed and out of practice.


David thinks he’ll have an easy go of it as a guest star on his old soap opera, The Young and the Restless, but he finds that times have changed and it’s a greater challenge than he could have imagined.  When David tries to do a nice thing for Taylor, by getting her a small role on the show, he has to deal with Hayley’s jealousy.


David threatens to walk off the set when he learns a commercial he’s booked has him cast as a villain.  David also finds his hands full when Taylor wants to record a new song but Hayley can’t find the time.


David enjoys a supreme honor when Pink’s Hot Dogs add a David Hasselhoff hot dog to the menu. The naming ceremony almost turns into a disaster when Taylor makes the mistake of booking the event on the same day as a Knight Rider convention in Vegas.  With a charity tied into the event, David must pull off the impossible to save Taylor from disgrace.


David faces his biggest crossroad yet when Larry Thompson gets him a chance to do the David Hasselhoff Roast on Comedy Central.  Is it a terrible idea, as David’s agent Joel suggests, or is it exactly what David needs for his career?  Meanwhile, David must accompany Hayley to New York City on a press tour for Huge.  Will Hayley be able to handle the scrutiny that comes along with the Hasselhoff name?


David makes a huge sacrifice to make a photoshoot happen for his daughters.  With their dad’s help, Taylor and Hayley look like their band is headed in the right direction.  But when it comes time for David to repay the favor, he is asked to make a parody of himself in front of the cameras.  Will David’s sacrifice prove to be too much?


David is thrilled when he books a huge concert in Austria, but his manager Larry is worried that it will derail the momentum he has going with his acting.  David rolls the dice and goes ahead with it anyway, inviting Hayley and Taylor to perform with him on stage.  The girls begin training for the trip but Hayley’s acting schedule threatens to be a major roadblock.


David and Taylor leave for Austria where David orchestrates a production of epic scale.  While David and Taylor scramble to prepare, Hayley is delayed by her acting schedule and arrives with barely a moment to spare.  The pressure of the big performance mounts and the entire family’s reputation hangs in the balance.  This time, David is risking more than just his own career.

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