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sophie-lawrenceAge: 20

Star Sign: Cancer

Home Town: East London

Sophie is feisty and Cockney born and bred in the East End of London. She was brought up around the gypsy community and describes her grandad as a “gypsy gangster”. She classes herself as a bit of a tomboy and “not a bimbo”, as she follows football and kick boxing.

Although she is a dental nurse, she hates working and is a self-confessed, spoilt daddy’s girl. She is close to her mum too – the family are all very loud and “in each other’s faces”. Her dad owns a scrap yard, which is a family business where her grandad, uncle and cousins all work. When she was younger she would go ‘scrapping’ with her dad, which involved picking up and finding pieces of scrap and metal. Continue reading »

Sam Evans

sam-evansAge: 23

Star Sign: Capricorn

Home Town: Llanelli

Welsh, funny and warm, Sam is an ambitious cheeky chap who has represented Great Britain and Wales as part of their deaf football teams. Sam was born with 70-80% hearing loss, which his parents discovered when he was 3 years old. He wants to become a role model to deaf kids who are too ashamed to wear their hearing aids.

When asked how his hearing will affect him in the House, he says he can’t pronounce words very well and finds it annoying that his speech isn’t perfect. However, his speech has improved immensely through speech therapy. Sam doesn’t always hear conversations correctly and will give an answer that doesn’t have anything to do with the question which can be amusing. Continue reading »

sallie-axlAge: 25

Star Sign: Libra

Home Town: The Wirral

Sallie is a tattooed, rock chick, glamour model who describes herself as a “bitch”. Sallie has slept with over 70 girls and various celebrities, including footballers. She’s a straight-talking Northerner who claims she offends most people she talks to. Her hobbies include extreme sports, fire-breathing and DJing.

Sallie has a 3 year old daughter who lives with her for a few days every week. Her daughter’s father looks after her the rest of the time. As she spends a lot of time away, she says the time they have together is very precious. Continue reading »

jemima-sladeAge: 41
Star Sign: Acquarius
Home Town: West London

Jemima runs her own matchmaking website called, which she started in 2008. The website is all about women who want a rich man to date. It now has 40,000 clients and four categories: Golddigger Boy, Golddigger Babe, Wealthy Man and Wealthy Lady.

She’s got an eye for a younger man – her last boyfriend was 19 when they met. She admits to being a gold digger and a cougar. Jemima thinks that without money, love will never work. Alongside the website, Jemima is a hairdresser. Continue reading »

jack-joeAge: 18

Star Sign: Cancer

Home Town: Cheshunt

Chatty identical twins Jack and Joe share everything: friends, interests and even the same bedroom. They finish off each other’s sentences and think it would be odd to be apart. “We’re funny, we’re friendly, and we’re fat”.

The twins are the youngest in their family and have three older sisters. Jack is not looking for love in the House, as he would be worried about the cameras and mum and dad watching. They love musicals and treat themselves to seeing one every pay day. Continue reading »


Here’s another reason why we love Jennifer Lawrence.

The Silver Linings Playbook actress photo-bombs Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Ball to the amusement of Marion Cotillard and Lena Dunham.

SeanBudding singer / songwriter with big online following wants to show his soulful voice to the masses…

Team Danny
Age 26
Hometown London
Favourite Voice Stevie Wonder

RicardoThe West End star who wants to fulfil his teenage dream of becoming a rock star

Team: Danny
Age: 38
Hometown: Hertfordshire
Favourite Voice: Stevie Wonder

The gigging singer from Liverpool who’s already tasted the rock n’ roll lifestyle

Team: Danny
Age: 31
Hometown: Liverpool
Favourite Voice: Tina Turner

AliceFormer Hollyoaks actress is used to being judged on her looks and acting ability, but now it’s her voice in the limelight…

Team: Danny
Age: 21
Hometown: Cheshire
Favourite Voice: Beyonce

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