Brad's blog

CherelleWorking mum who records music in her precious spare time

Team: Tom
Age: 25
Hometown: London
Favourite Voice: Beyonce

NuTarnaTwo friends who have come together to form a quirky duo

Team: Will
Age: Both 31
Hometown: London & Brighton
Favourite Voice: Ella Fitzgerald & Pink

MoniThe soulful reggae singer who doesn’t look how he sounds…

Team: Will
Age: 32
Hometown: Essex
Favourite Voice: Donny Hathaway

JohnThe singer that pursued a career in fashion when he lost faith in the music industry is back…

Team: Will
Age: 31
Hometown: Dorset
Favourite Voice: Antony Hegarty

cjThe percussionist who is ready to use his voice…

Team: Will
Age: 24
Hometown: Southampton
Favourite Voice: Stevie Wonder

ZeeshaanAge: 27

Occupation: CEO of Property Investment Company
Lives: London, UK

Zeeshaan, who grew up in Pakistan, believes his greatest strengths are that he is an eternal optimist, street-smart and well-connected. He says his weaknesses would include bossiness and that he can’t do something if his heart isn’t in it. Starting his career as a part-time waiter, he believes his greatest business achievement is still yet to come.

He says: “I’m a ‘Great’ of my generation. I’m an innovator and leader in business. I take inspiration from Napoleon; I am here to conquer.”

TimAge: 23

Occupation: Mexican Food Entrepreneur
Lives: Birmingham, UK

Tim lists his passions in life as food, travel, business and money, and the achievement he is most proud of is launching a business while still studying in his final year at university. He describes himself as happy-go-lucky, energetic and with a ‘never give up’ attitude, though admits he can lack focus. Moving up from his first job on a paper round to starting a leaflet distribution service before founding his catering company, Tim now wants to use business as a vehicle to bring new culinary experiences to people.

He says: “I’m definitely a team player. I’m not a lone ranger in any sense of the word.”

NeilAge: 32

Occupation: Regional Manager – Soccer Centres
Lives: Altrincham, UK

Neil says he would be described as focused, determined and driven, by those that know him well, though his weaknesses include being overly competitive and very opinionated. He is a Manchester United supporter and plays football regularly in an amateur league, having played semi-professionally in the past. One of his first jobs was in telesales, which he cites as the role that kicked off his career.

He says: “I’m here to win. If that means being tough and making tough decisions, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

MilesAge: 39

Occupation: Marketing Company Co-Founder
Lives: Monaco, Monaco

Myles has lived in Monaco for the past 10 years and says that people would describe him as passionate, charming and determined, but he can be too much of a perfectionist. He was a professional racing driving for a short period of time and he now works in luxury brand marketing. He says the business figures that most inspire him are Bernie Ecclestone and Richard Branson, for their vision and commercial power.

He says: “I’m business perfection personified.”

KurtAge: 26

Occupation: Health Drink Entrepreneur and Health & Safety Manager
Lives: Liverpool, UK

Kurt says his friends would describe him as intelligent, argumentative and ambitious. His first job was washing dishes as a kitchen porter and he says his greatest business achievement to date is running his own smoothie business after suffering many knock-backs and rejections.

He says: “I’m an alpha male; I always get my own way and know how to make people do what I want.”

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