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In the design of this bag is still key elements, the grid and innovation of small details, be window.

In the new series Burberry creatively into circular shrinkage, cable knot and different around the fabric, etc with a brand-new fashion design inspiration Burberry presents classic case grain. The nest, knot, strap, young body skin, all elements such as abnormality Burberry london adds to the above case grain, originally common case grain with deep and shallow brown leather, immediately become more belt type lattice hale, military taste. : Prorsum Burberry of spring summer fashionable dress series, winding knot design also is a Sling Bag, even the alligator looks hard, also can be tied a knot, cooperate the apply during make-up of different color and small, and the brand DaiXing season series pink skirt with mini lengths and even wet lv quite close

Christopher designers design of the 10 Bailey spring break is undoubtedly the brand of traditional conservative, composed of style, the design is attributable to join the “London” characteristics, optional spring summer hold, still be signs of drape, but the drape but some unconventional, no longer as ever, but the design in a pattern neat, appear strewn at random have send. The design characteristic and winding into both shoulders or skirt very clever are designed to no one, the big stars in the street pats activities or in spring in his new street, this new design with unique interpretation of drape grace and nobility.

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White incarnation of

They are young enthusiastic red pink girl, never-ending sufficient it emits casual grace and personality. With curiosity and love adventure soul ponder life.

Red pink atmosphere

White light pink packaging, song methanols lined by BURBERRY grid embossing design, referring to the spring of cheng fang Oriental cherry tree flowers, are female natural beauty and feminine charm of perfect correspondence. Perfume bottle modeled with different Burberry Brit perfume bottle, representative grid in bottle and departs on turning to grind arenaceous pink to deduce, continuation of classical Brit perfume series Burberry interaction, with moving feelings gracefully wrapped perfume bottle. Burberry london Brit Sheer is in a fresh falvor flavour perfume. Japan grapefruit and marmalade fresh pineapple leaf adjustable through before, in the luscious litchi and grape foil below more talented. Center scent, sending out a kind of beautiful flowers, mixed the peony, the peach HuaCu and sweet peas. Aroma with bright white musk as foil and powder powder’s Amy sandalwwood for the end of fundamental key. Soft, delicate, pleasure, dream. Pattern of young, serene, graceful world. White sonata perfume flowed out BURBERRY moving melody.

Through the thin crepe, is light color light colour scenery. Your fingers touched gently white feather, hearing wander in organizing ning melody. Orange trees, grapefruit flowers. The misty curtain, suddenly discover is after having our Oriental refined colour. Jump in the song of love, white boundless joy between heaven and earth, is fond of utopian white girl that young beats in, and they that romantic fervor incarnation

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Brit Burberry launched by spring summer female Lookbook series, Burberry continuation of British contracted style, leisure in with handsome. This season Lookbook dress, the majority of the coat is still the most adept at Burberry, trousers to coat narrow foot trousers, let’s look together!

(” brand is British BURBERRY), only by the British guy Thomas twenty-one BURBERRY founded. More than 100 years, Burberry  has become a most representative of the British temperament.

(provide) early only BURBERRY outdoors and military dress, 1880, Thomas BURBERRY invented a kind of both waterproof and breathable fabric Gabardine, “and” in 1888 to obtain patent, British officer design and manufacturing raincoat, king Edward vii followed by more ordered Burberry  (this one British military raincoats as patent.

Burberry (released) by 2010, springsummer glasses advertising by Lisanne De Jong, as a model. This season Burberry  () eyes still continue brand has contracted style, with black and white give priority to color, frames are rectangular, trapezoidal hex and hex square. This series of photographic background is quite large, Burberry with simple Burberry (classical case grain for) the tabernacle of the congregation, and fuzzy back, the outstanding glasses.

Burberry (UK) is Burberry “brand, only by the British guy twenty-one Thomas Burberry founded. More than 100 years, Burberry london has become a most representative of the British temperament.

In 1890 Burberry  design for durable minerals-each the dust coat has been the trend. A war, Burberry  more become numerous star windbreaker celebrity big love, including Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) and the north of male leading role, Fred BaoJia hendricks Humphrey Bogart) and (YingGeLi heroine, Ingrid Bergman BaoMan

This season Burberry eyes still continue brand has contracted style, with black and white give priority to color, frames are rectangular, trapezoidal hex and hex square. This series of photographic background is quite large, Burberry with simple Burberry (classical case grain for) the tabernacle of the congregation, and fuzzy back, the outstanding glasses

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Burberry shallow ash big case pure wool shawls

Most classic grayish pure wool shawls, bus lattice shawl collocation of the popular trend

This paragraph, without excessive big-name Burberry london grid shawls best-selling color design, In Scotland, Burberry grid designs, red, white, black ash four-color alternant,

In England the chivalry culture Burberry most classic of Scotland case type design, logo, the origin is the noble family Burberry during world war ii in popularity, the Allies army times of luxury and popular hickory, This paragraph by New Zealand pure wool woven fabric, more products on the market is more flexible and colour and lustre, eradication.

This design belongs to the party amice design, over his shoulders big case Burberry scarf an atmosphere and contracted style, become popular pronoun, Shoulder week, also can coil, the most suitable for negotiation, resistant-burning, interviews, encounter, party, leisure, shallow gray collocation makes it become joker shawl. Arbitrarily shawls collocation method and scarf, surrounded by the neck, or in powder body are clothed with follow one’s inclinations. Based on materials, New Zealand multiple knitting wool feeling on the vision is showily and exquisite. Winter can be folded into the collar, this year the popular trend scarf, the effect is worn type collar fashion! Material can fully and cashmere scarf soft materials are delicious, Good handle on fashionable feeling, and visual impact, as that of this one shawls collocation be worth collect carefully. Selection of 100% pure natural material, without allergic reaction, not fade.

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Say to Burberry this history of 150 years old, the British famous brand of grid fabric fashion and adornment is British fashion and elegant noble symbol. But in the past, some years, Burberry fashion image, but what is reason anti-mugabe

No one is pursuing brand high-grade, fashion and unique brand Burberry  (British) is no exception. But the brand is also a commodity. Since it is the goods cannot control who buy and wearing your fashion. Remember not to have friends ridicule, said a word makes me smile: in Beijing, Pierre card dan.famous nonlocal migrant workers full site running. Of course, counterfeit and another topic

14.The wind Burberry knight – pearl spring loose 2011

As you chase London fashion week. As London fashion week is the most famous brand, is expected Burberry london (er) in loose all London expecting eyes on the conference. This conference is the theme of “Heritage Biker,” integral inspiration and motorcyclists. So we in this series, saw the handsome of locomotive jacket, tight leather pants etc. With wild breath

Burberry classic military coat was appropriate to the relatively short coat, supplement the assorted belt more small and exquisite.

Black jacket with rivets locomotive is never antiquated sheet is tasted, the design of the cascade Burberry silk dress to the price of a cake in the wild, add bit of women’s charm.

The leopard grain and boa, we already popular element, but so rich decorative pattern to supplement exaggerated metallic rivet, small think too full, a feeling of lose focus.

Treasure Sally – Prorsum Burberry (er) in loose all London expecting eyes on the conference. This conference is the theme of “Heritage Biker,” integral inspiration and motorcyclists. So we in this series, saw the handsome of locomotive jacket, tight leather pants etc. With wild breath


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Pink is a character in one of the products, Burberry relatively concentrated production sales in Asia, Europe and Japan at a sale only Woollen feel complaisant spend quite good, Burberry  london lattice in recent years is one of transition route, Emphasize fashion warm personality, pink, suitable for young women lovely daily wear! In cold ChuWen insulation ability under! 100 pure is the total export of something.

Wear way:

This wool fabrics with fashionable joker exalted temperament, contracted and generous, installing type can be suitable for leisure, Pink style highlights brim, this is a fashion can be applicable to various occasions, the scarf for young women choose normal. To satisfy various demands; scarf method, The modelling pane is tie-in, fold after using those classical colour makes sense, shallow blue grid partition line, a true tie-in pool.the, material qualitative, 100% pure natural allergic reaction, not fade.

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Burberry Grey classical collocation, regardless of age, good occasion. Gender

Gray is the joker Scottish grid, one of the fashion modeling in the history of the grid, and the total spokesperson grey and shallow gray and shallow brown in the squares on the vision is very decent scarf, comfortable, single product or on collocation are elegant and deep, the symbol of the outstanding works; export commonwealth As a man or woman scarf scarf, accord with popular trend, design from England stylist descriptions, Large gray box contains restoring lines, texture concealed natural texture is pure cashmere. Glen design USES ably tie-in texture, delicate surface jacquard technology makes sense strong visual impact however not make public, make this scarf mature, sexy handsome cheesy! Lady scarf also fit. 100 pure still export commonwealth 10,000, including a limited fashion, synchronization is a pure product sale, Exclusive men’s female jacquard interwoven pure cashmere scarf. Gray temperament, jacquard interweave mature abstruse elegant, full display in pure cashmere natural pattern and graceful. The most suitable person daily, banquet, temperament, work, leisure collocation commute. First, giving honour treasure, decent warm unforgettable classic taste products.

Wearing burberry scarf mode:

Pure cashmere scarf to wear preferred type wear suits most solemn and installing, gift choice, Around the neck, neatly in outstanding class, gray just pure cashmere highlights the natural grain of of primitive simplicity and visual effect. Other products with surrounding the form bright, wearing or simple sense is surrounded by can show honor grade, the most suitable for men and women leader exaggerates the grade, exalted feeling arises spontaneously, The product has luxury style, immediately surrounded by also can show special honour effect. Distinct diversiform, warm, 100% of the force of excellence in ordos pure cashmere complaisant caress skin. Stressed out, noble fashion.

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Cosmetics, Burberry (of) the British brand that handbag is now a proverb, its dust coat and case grain has become a classic, and people will always be Burberry as these two elements pronoun, but it actually has now is not only a coat of brand, dress, the dress, shoe bag etc. Various apparel product makes the old fashion big-name become more young fashion. Below is a look at once what star Burberry watch fashion, through whom wear more interesting, more success!

Dust coat sent

The coat is the classic fashionable clothing Burberry, stars when natural selection coat will Burberry.

Wearing window: 09 early former spice girl Victoria once worn a brown coat, capable of cortical long with her very concise style of tie-in leopard grain, below the proportion that body is unified, shoes and some little color but seem monotonous, should be a large color collocation of the scarf or gloves.

Anne Hathaway Burberry 09 spring in the latest gradient coat appeared in London, without any other accessories, just have very strong costume.

Cameron Diaz in early 2007 once through the dust coat Burberry 07 spring summer, black’s waist windbreaker adopts lantern sleeve design is elegant demeanor, outstanding as imposing without luxurious gowns.

08 Demi Moore in March 2008 spring Burberry trench coat looked every inch of the street, white windbreaker it adopts golden buttons show costly, cooperate with the big sunglasses are more handsome star stylish rider.

As a young girl dress Emma Watson of model is also like Burberry  outlet mature windbreaker, with metallic burnish feeling of fashionable avant-courier, waist coat is grave elegance.

08 autumn big black outline double-breasted coat by combining with the design, can make bud skirt, and can when coat skirt.

Hayden Panettier cream-colored double-breasted coat by black button above, the collocation of outstanding black hand bag type very well.

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burberry was founded in 1856 when 21-year-old Thomas Burberry (1835 – 1926), a former draper’s apprentice, opened his own store in
Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.[1] By 1870 the business had established itself by focusing on the development of outdoors attire. In 1880
Burberry invented gabardine, a hardwearing, water-resistant yet breathable fabric, in which the yarn is waterproofed before weaving. The
Gabardine was patented in 1888. Burberry was the original name, but then soon switched to Burberrys, after many customers from around the
world began calling it Burberrys of London. This name is still visible on many older Burberry products. now i will make some information
about burberry for you!burberry scarf is so popular and make you noble,burberry london is perfect!of course, burberry trench coat will make
you find another of you,burberry handbagswhich is so classic and everey can’t help themselves to have one,burberry wallet is useful and
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