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8:00pm Thursday, December 20 on C4

Architect George Clarke returns for a Christmas special celebrating the imaginative and quirky world of micro design. George catches up with expert designer William, to look back on the extraordinary journey to transform his 1970s caravan into a spectacular 21st century holiday retreat. George meets a couple who invested their life savings in the hope of converting a wreck of a bus into a holiday let; the teacher in his forester’s woodland hut in the Lake District; the architect who transformed a disused underground toilet into an incredible apartment; and the man who now has a shipping container for an office in his back garden.

10:00pm Wednesday, December 19 on C4

Indian twins Sohna and Mohna have only one body but two separate heads. They are known as dicephalic parapagus conjoined twins, a rare condition which is thought to affect only one in a million. This remarkable film poses the question: How do you live a fulfilled life when you are two conscious beings in one body? And in Brazil, the programme also profiles Jesus and Emanoel who are fighting for survival, with one twin putting pressure on their shared heart and lungs.

8:00pm Wednesday, December 19 on C4

Kirstie Allsopp looks to the past for inspiration to help create the perfect family Christmas. From Victorian festive touches to the Germanic origins of many of our modern traditions, from beautiful decorations to delectable foodie treats, the show is guaranteed to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Kirstie tracks down the perfect Christmas tree and dresses it with Victorian-inspired ‘kissing ball’ decorations. Chef Richard Hunt teaches her to cook up a hearty ‘Christmas in a cup’ using venison.

8:00pm Tuesday, December 18 on C4

In this one-off special, patients who previously Skyped live to Embarrassing Bodies, receive treatment arranged for them as a result. Among the patients returning to meet Dr Christian and Dr Dawn is a man who had a problem with swollen testicles and a woman with a cyst in a very embarrassing area.

9:00pm Monday, December 17 on C4

In a warm-hearted two-part series, concluding tomorrow, Bad Santas follows a group of unemployed men as they are taken through their paces at the UK’s most successful Santa School. In true Christmas spirit, James Lovell and Matt Grist, Managing Directors of Ministry of Fun (MOF), are offering a unique opportunity to this carefully selected group of men, each of whom has had a difficult past. But first the men must attend Santa School and pass a number of challenges, from learning how to wear a Santa costume with confidence to perfecting the art of a jolly ‘ho ho ho’, and, most importantly, dealing with those tricky questions from children…

8:00pm Monday, December 17 on C4

2012 will mostly be remembered for two things: the austerity and hardship felt by millions, and the wave of euphoria and pride evoked by the Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics. Britain won 29 Olympic gold medals, thousands of people took up volunteering, and the biggest cuts to the welfare state since the 1970s came into force. Dispatches tells the previously untold story of how one of the most deprived communities in Britain is fighting to keep their community from going under, thanks to a hidden army of volunteers.

8:00pm Sunday, December 16 on C4

It’s Christmas at River Cottage and Hugh is throwing open his doors to some celebrity friends: comedy actors Kathy Burke, Stephen Mangan and Mark Heap. What could possibly go wrong? Kathy hates Christmas; so it’ll be down to Stephen and Mark to help Hugh to talk her round. Hugh takes Kathy out on a fishing trip to catch an alternative Christmas day main course – perfect for non-meat eaters like her, or anyone fancying a change from the boring bird.

9:00pm Sunday, December 16 on C4

The penultimate episode. Dangerously close to exhaustion, Carrie continues her hunt for Nazir; her suspicion turning towards the CIA itself. Roya reveals her true colours under interrogation, and Saul finds himself fighting for his career under the most unexpected circumstances. Meanwhile, the Brody family struggles to maintain anything close to a state of sanity.

9:00pm Saturday, December 15 on C4

Network premiere. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart star in the third instalment of the teen fantasy romance-thriller, directed by David Slade. Bella Swan (Stewart) remains torn over whether to plight her troth to the chill-skinned, undead Edward Cullen (Pattinson) or instead opt for Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), whose warm-bloodedness is offset by his periodic bouts of lupine transformation. But rivalries and romantic choices must be set aside when an old enemy unleashes a merciless horde of ‘newborn’ vampires, aiming to kill Bella and settle a score with Edward…

11:05pm Friday, December 7 on C4

4Funnies is a series of brand new 30 minute comedy pilots. Small town cab driver Brian Gittins, played by character comedian David Earl (Derek, Comedy Blaps: Cumbo) spends his nights trying to connect with the world through his passengers, his daughter Lucy at university and the radio mic on his dashboard where he whiles away the hours chatting with the controller Cheryl. One day he might even ask her out…

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