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9:00pm Friday, December 7 on C4

A funny and fascinating interview celebrating one of Britain’s best-loved comedians Peter Kay, as he discusses his phenomenally successful career with renowned broadcaster Danny Baker. The award-winning comedian, whose last UK tour entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest stand-up comedy tour in the world, reveals for the first time the creative process behind his work, giving a rare insight into his TV series and live comedy.

10:00pm Thursday, December 6 on C4

The concluding episode of Richard Cottan’s powerful drama. With Richie now in a state of full-blown dementia, his legacy collapses around him. Pursued by the police and Marin’s gang, the Becketts are holed up in a fetid hideaway when Richie has a rare moment of clarity. In a gripping climax, the stories of the past and present come together as Richie finally uncovers the truth about the girl from his past.

9:00pm Thursday, December 6 on C4

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty, best mates since they were in short trousers, are opening a little pop-up caff at the end of Southend pier to serve up, and big up, the best of British food. Over four programmes there will be some tasty cooking from Jamie, a little bit of foodie science from Jimmy, and a lot of laughs with some special friends, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Barlow, Alan Carr and Jonathan Ross. In the first programme, Jamie and Jimmy put British cheeses nose-to-nose with their French rivals. And Alan Carr pops into the caff for a dangerous game of ‘fig roll roulette’.

9:00pm Wednesday, December 5 on C4

In the first ever series of Grand Designs, a younger Kevin McCloud witnessed as a ground-breaking co-operative of ten families built their own homes on the edge of Brighton. ‘The Hedgehogs’, as they were known, were made up of former travellers and those living in insecure accommodation. A decade later, Kevin returns to see if the houses, and the families that built them, have stood the test of time, and finds himself genuinely inspired by what the project has allowed a small community to achieve. Last edition in the current series.

8:00pm Wednesday, December 5 on C4

In Finsbury Park, North London, Sarah Beeny gives three homeowners advice on ways to improve their properties. With just a week and �1000 to effect the changes, Tim must make his neglected upstairs live up to his stylish downstairs; Henry’s stark ex-rental property could do with an injection of personality; and Verity’s worn kitchen needs a refresh. Will any of the properties have enough appeal tempt buyers Stephan and Rhona?

9:00pm Tuesday, December 4 on C4

Heston tries to rekindle our love for the traditional pub food. For centuries local taverns have provided a wondrous mix of good times, hearty grub and beer that’s famous the world over. But pubs appear to be in decline, with around 18 locals a week shutting their doors for good. Heston plans to put the fun back into old-fashioned pub grub by building a giant edible pie and transforming it into a fully functioning public house in the Welsh village of Minera.

8:00pm Tuesday, December 4 on C4

Mrs Moneypenny and her army of SuperScrimpers share their newest hints and tips about Christmas cost cutting. From beauty tips to Christmas cooking, from decorations to presents, every possible part of a cut-price Christmas is covered. Harry Wallop targets online criminals who use every trick in the book to rip punters off. And one family is challenged to produce a festive buffet for 20 people for just �50.

10:00pm Monday, December 3 on C4

Peter Mullan stars as crime boss turned entrepreneur Richie Beckett in Richard Cottan’s powerful new four-part drama that chronicles the disintegration of a criminal mind. Airing over four consecutive nights, the drama centres on crime boss Richie (Mullan); a feared member of the Brighton business community. But recently something’s been unsettling him: he’s forgetful, irritable, unable to sleep. And to make matters worse, the less legit side of his enterprise is under threat from a newcomer and his Albanian family. As Richie’s dark past bleeds into the present, unresolved traumas that echo the chaos threaten to engulf him.

9:00pm Monday, December 3 on C4

Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, team captains from 8 Out of 10 Cats, are heading to Louisiana to see how real men live. Down in the bayou they’re bunking up with Creole cowboys and Cajun swampmen, men who wrestle ‘gators and castrate bulls with their bare hands. They might be titans of the stand-up circuit, but when it comes to lassoing long-horned cattle, playing the washboard, catching and eating bullfrogs and dancing the Cajun Two-Step, have they got what it takes to survive?

7:30pm Monday, December 3 on C4

The Turner Prize returns to Channel 4, broadcast live from Tate Britain in London, with the �25,000 prize announced by Jude Law. Hosted by Lauren Laverne, the programme features profiles of the nominated artists, Paul Noble, Elizabeth Price, Luke Fowler and Spartacus Chetwynd. Previous winners include Grayson Perry, Steve McQueen, and Gilbert and George.

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