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10:30pm Sunday, December 2 on C4

In this comedy extravaganza Channel 4 will reveal which of Britain’s funniest men and women have been nominated for the 2012 British Comedy Awards. Packed with the classic moments in comedy, exclusive interviews with the UK’s most popular comedians, it’s a celebration of the year in comedy and an insight into who may be picking up the coveted awards at the ceremony which air live on Channel 4 on Dec 12th.

8:00pm Sunday, December 2 on C4

Millions of people around the world, including eminent scientists, now believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. This programme examines four of the most bizarre ‘alien sightings’ from recent years to discover whether these really are visitors from other worlds, including the mysterious ‘baby alien’ in the Mexican town of Metepec, the ‘Montauk Monsters’ found on the south coast of Long Island; the Cusco Mummy found in the Peruvian Andes; and the Panamanian ‘Blue Hill Monster’.

9:00pm Saturday, December 1 on C4

JJ Abram’s 2009 sci-fi adventure prequel, starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, uses the twin devices of a parallel timeline and time travel to boldly move the franchise in a new direction, introducing the young tearaway James T Kirk and an equally youthful Spock. The two recruits instantly clash but must overcome their differences if they are to survive a vengeful visitor from the future.

11:15pm Friday, November 30 on C4

4Funnies is a series of brand new 30 minute comedy pilots. Comedy duo The Rubberbandits consist of Blindboy Boat Club and Mr Chrome, two Irish rappers who wear plastic bags over their heads. This Irish musical comedy phenomenon have registered over 25 million YouTube views across the globe for their assorted radio prank calls, DIY sketches and music videos. Leave any sense or reason or logic outside the door and prepare for laughs with beats and yurts.

10:00pm Thursday, November 29 on C4

The astounding story of Tanya Kach made international headlines when she revealed she had been living in captivity for ten years, just a stone’s throw from her home. True Stories gains key insight into how a 14-year-old girl vanished without trace, only to resurface a decade later, still living within the same community. Her school security guard, Thomas Hose, a man 24 years her senior, had kept Tanya as his sex slave, occasionally letting her out of the house into town after four years, yet no one in their small community recognised her as the missing girl. Now, with exclusive access, Tanya Kach recounts her 10-year hell and, for the first time, the many sides to this disturbing and tragic story are told.

10:00pm Wednesday, November 28 on C4

The final part of the political thriller starring Gabriel Byrne, Gina McKee, Charles Dance and Rupert Graves. Following the attack on Anthony Fossett, Agnes (Ruth Negga) tries every avenue to contact Tom Dawkins (Byrne) and share information about what brought down the Prime Minister’s plane. When MI6 brief Dawkins about the cause of the crash, he takes drastic steps to stick to his principles as the true intentions of those around him become clear.

9:00pm Thursday, November 29 on C4

Two-part documentary series The Aristocrats, directed by Bafta-winning film-maker Patrick Forbes, explores modern day high society through historically prominent families. The programmes open a window onto a so-called privileged world, as aristocrats share their daily lives. This episode centres on Charles Gordon-Lennox, the Earl of March and Kinrara, heir to the Dukedom of Richmond, and owner of Goodwood. But far from feeling privileged, Charles admits to being driven by a fear of failure.

8:00pm Wednesday, November 28 on C4

Sarah Beeny gives three homeowners in Luton the chance to snoop around each other’s houses for inspiration. Mum-of-four Asiya realises her neutral home is a bit sterile; stylish Tina works hard to make her shabby garden match her well-groomed interior; while Paul and Michelle try their best to inject style into their nice but plain family home. But with just a week to make changes and �1,000 budget, will any of them appeal to entrepreneur Mike, who’s looking for a family buy-to-let?

10:00pm Tuesday, November 27 on C4

In the final episode of the series, the end of the academic year is drawing near and the housemates need to make some big decisions. Josie’s secret is now out and she has to take action. Kingsley finds himself accidentally moving in to a flat with Heather. Sabine blows Howard’s mind with her news, Oregon’s relationship with Dylan comes to a head, and Vod resolves to turn her life around. And JP desperately tries to keep the whole house together, valiantly fighting the forces of change…

9:00pm Tuesday, November 27 on C4

Heston celebrates the greatest pleasure of childhood – sweets – by making his own Willy Wonka inspired giant sweet shop. There is no doubt Brits have a sweet tooth but when it comes to adult life, the magic surrounding the enjoyment of sugary treats has disappeared. Heston recalls the utter joy he felt from seeing the endless jars of sweet shop confectionery and the tough decision of how to spend his pocket money, and wants to bring this kind of excitement back – on a massive scale.

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