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Made in Chelsea returns to E4 for a one-off feature length 90 minute Christmas special and, with the party season in full swing, the cast are dressed to impress and overflowing with festive cheer.

While some cosy up by log fires and celebrate in the capital, others will jet off to a luxury secret hideaway but don’t be surprised if not everyone comes bearing good tidings.

Life for our glamorous young things is anything but predictable and in Chelsea secrets don’t stay that way for long. Alongside heart-warming friendships and romances you can bet a bottle of champers there will be plenty of awkward encounters and some shocking surprises.

No one knows just what will happen but we can’t wait to find out.

9:00pm Saturday 27 August BBC TWO

Comedian, musician and actor Tim Minchin hosts this first ever Comedy Prom featuring Maestro winner Sue Perkins, musical cabaret duo Kit And The Widow, the puppet Mongrels, comedian Doc Brown, renowned soprano Susan Bullock and pianist Danny Driver (Prom 29 on Sunday features the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra)

10:30pm Three@The Fringe

Friday 19 August on BBC THREE

10:00pm Friday, May 13 on E4

The Embarrassing Bodies doctors are tracking down the people least likely to consult a doctor: teenage boys. They take their clinic to surfer’s paradise Newquay, a magnet for testosterone-fuelled lads whose usual response to a health problem is to ignore it and hope it goes away.

9:30pm Thursday, May 12 on E4

The second half of How I Met Your Mother series six returns to E4. When Ted’s friendship with Zoey begins to make her husband jealous, Lily suggests that he befriend him.

11:50pm Wednesday, May 11 on E4

Joel and Christie analyse their friendship.

9:00pm Wednesday, May 11 on E4

Gil Junger’s adventure-comedy, based on A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur , stars Martin Lawrence as Jamal Walker, a worker at a medieval theme park.

12:45am Wednesday, May 11 on E4

The White House grapples with the unfolding tragedy and Sterling continues the investigation into his primary suspect.

10:30pm Tuesday, May 10 on E4

Karl reminisces about an overabundance of breath mints throughout his childhood.

10:00pm Tuesday, May 10 on E4

Cleveland grows jealous when Cleveland Jr bonds with Donna’s ex-husband, Robert, especially as Cleveland Jr thinks Robert is much cooler than Cleveland.

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