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12:05pm Monday, April 18 on

We all want to save money, but just how much penny pinching can you go in for without missing out? Brand new series Make Do & Mend is a daily weekday show that follows three money-saving experts who are on a mission to prove that being thrifty can also be fun. This week the Team are in Barry in Wales.

10:00pm Sunday, April 17 on

Susan continues with her treatment. She is stunned when her flighty mother Sophie visits her but refuses to get tested to see if she could be a potential kidney donor.

10:00pm Sunday, April 17 on

What do you do if you really want to have a girl and you just keep on having boys? Keep trying, like the Bowens have, for 21 years? Forty-three-year-old Wendy Bowen has eight boys and is still desperate for a girl. With the passing of time – and the ticking of her biological clock – it has become an obsession. And she’s not alone, as shown by this documentary, originally part of Cutting Edge, which meets women like Wendy who suffer from a psychological condition called “Gender Disappointment”.

9:00pm Sunday, April 17 on

Ruth Watson has more than just a crumbling home to contend with this time as she finds herself playing peace maker at the listed Georgian villa Hill Place in Swanmore in Hampshire.

9:00pm Sunday, April 17 on

The final film in the series uncovers the prejudice against the travelling community in Britain today.

9:00pm Sunday, April 17 on

Writer and director Mark Herman’s debut feature is the passionate, moving story of a small mining community that is struggling to survive while its chief industry is closed down to devastating effect, leaving the colliery brass band led by Danny (Pete Postlethwaite) as its only point of pride. As moves to close the pit progress, the band sets out on the road to a grand musical contest in London, led by Andy (Ewan McGregor) and Gloria (Tara Fitzgerald), hoping to make their point to a wider audience.

8:00pm Sunday, April 17 on

From the team behind Bafta-winning One Born Every Minute, this new documentary series reveals life in a British hotel as it’s never been seen before. The Hotel documents life both upstairs and downstairs over a busy summer season as the worlds of the staff and the guests collide in the three-star Damson Dene hotel in the Lake District.

10:00pm Saturday, April 16 on

Bettany Hughes traces the story of the mysterious and misunderstood Moors, the Islamic society that ruled in Spain for 700 years, but whose legacy was virtually erased from Western history. Dir: Timothy Copestake; Prod: Rowan Deacon; Prod Co: Wildfire TV

9:00pm Saturday, April 16 on

Dan Aykroyd plays Louis Winthorpe III, a rich, smug investment broker set up by brothers Randolph and Mortimer Duke (Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche) in their experiment to prove that environment counts for more than breeding. Stripped of his home, money, fianc�e and job, he sees the homeless Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) take his place instead. The only person interested in helping Winthorpe is hooker Ophelia (Jamie Lee Curtis). But when the three discover Randolph and Duke’s plot, they plan to get even (and rich) in John Landis’s landmark, rip-roaring comedy.

4:00pm Saturday, April 16 on

Lauren sees Chloe leaving the Tanner house after spending the night with Steve and complains that Chloe isn’t setting a good example for them.

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