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11:05pm Sunday, April 10 on

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal play Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, two young cowboys paired up for a job tending sheep on a Wyoming mountain. As the days go by, their relationship develops until, after a heavy night drinking whisky, they make passionate love. Initially denying the attraction each feels for the other, they go their separate ways at the end of the job. Both marry and have children but meet regularly to slake their undying passion for each other, living desperate, unfulfilled lives between each meeting. But then tragedy strikes. Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning drama is a bold, emotional story of a passion that cannot be denied but must be hidden from a world that will only condemn it.

10:45pm Sunday, April 10 on

The third series of Being Erica comes to E4. When a lonely and depressed Erica first met therapist Dr Tom, he offered her a challenge; if she wanted to solve her problems he could help, but she couldn’t back out once she had committed to accepting his help.

10:00pm Sunday, April 10 on

Flying from Brize Norton, the RAF’s Critical Care in the Air Support Team (CCAST) gives this documentary, first shown in 2010 as part of Cutting Edge, exclusive access to film missions bringing injured service men and women back from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. From “walking wounded” personnel to those on life support, the film follows dramatic human stories, as well as reflecting the dedication and wry humour of the CCAST crew as they fight to bring their patients home safely. Prod/ Dir: Paddy Wivell; Exec Prod: Elspeth O’Hare; Prod Co: IWC Media

9:00pm Sunday, April 10 on

While gypsy and traveller women all want to be a princess on their wedding day, the reality in the gypsy community is that on every other day it is man who is King. The fourth episode in this five-part series looks at the testosterone-filled world of the traveller man, where disputes are settled with fists and status conveyed by the car that you drive. Exec Prod: Jes Wilkins; Series Prod: Vicky Hamburger; Prod Co: Firecracker Film

8:00pm Sunday, April 10 on

The final episode of Niall Ferguson’s series looks at the West’s work ethic. Max Weber famously linked it to Protestantism, but the reality is that any culture regardless of religion is capable of embracing the spirit of capitalism by working hard, saving and accumulating capital. The question is why that ethic seems now to be fading in the West. Europeans no longer work long hours; Americans have almost given up saving completely. The real workers and savers in the world are now the heirs of Confucius and not Calvin.

3:00pm Sunday, April 10 on

Sasha reminds the girls that the National Committee are only two months away from picking the team and that their floor routines must be flawless.

10:00pm Saturday, April 9 on

Another chance to see The Idiot Awards , the spoof awards show that celebrates and honours the good old-fashioned idiot.

10:00pm Saturday, April 9 on

Long after the extinction of the dinosaurs, other extraordinary species of giant beasts roamed the earth: the megafauna. Australia was home to some of the most bizarre of these creatures, including a giant wombat, a huge kangaroo, a massive lizard and the earth’s biggest flightless bird. For hundreds of thousands of years these were the heavyweight champions of the animal kingdom. But suddenly and inexplicably they vanished. Now a team of top scientists from around the globe investigate what killed the megafauna in Australia. Their discoveries could offer an insight into environmental problems which threaten the world and all life today, and provide clues to our own future survival.

9:10pm Saturday, April 9 on

(2008) Jason Statham returns for the third instalment in the high-octane action thriller series, as Frank Martin, the crook’s courier of choice. In this outing he is employed by a group of environmental terrorists to drive across Europe with Valentina (Natalya Rudakova), the kidnapped daughter of a Ukrainian government minister. To make their journey more ‘interesting’, the pair are fitted with bracelets which will explode if either strays too far from their car. They are, of course, also pursued by numerous brawny types intent on bringing Martin’s continental jaunt to a violently abrupt conclusion. Network Premiere.

9:00pm Saturday, April 9 on

Shane Meadows’s BAFTA-winning film is set in early 80s Grimsby, where 13-year-old Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) has to endure bullying at school both for his dress sense and, more spitefully, the loss of his father in the Falklands War. Then he chances upon a gang of skinheads, led by the affable Woody (Joe Gilgun), who, although they all appear menacing, accept him into the group, and offer him an identity. But then Combo (Stephen Graham) reappears on the scene after a spell in prison, and introduces the group to his poisonous National Front politics, leaving Shaun with divided loyalties and hard decisions to make.

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