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What’s On TV magazine reveal today that the winner of the US version of The X Factor is set to be $5m better off, according to show creator Simon Cowell.

Here’s the story…

The mogul has revealed that as well as scoring a much-coveted recording contract, the winning act on the show will also pocket a $5m cash prize, and also be featured in a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi.

Previously Fox, which will broadcast the show, had said the prize was a $5m recording contract.

However Cowell has now said there will be a cash payment as well as the recording expenses provided.

The show is set to debut on US screens this autumn, with Cowell on the judging panel along with Paula Abdul, Antonio ‘LA’ Reid and Nicole Scherzinger – who replaced Cheryl Cole following her short-lived stint as a judge.

It will be presented by T4’s Steve Jones.

The Pepsi ad deal could potentially give the winner a huge career boost when it airs next February on NBC.

The final of the football championship is known as the advertising world’s biggest showcase in the US due to its massive viewing figures. In 2011 it received a record audience of 111m.


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The Daily Mail today reports that Simon Cowell says that he still hasn’t spoken to Cheryl Cole since she was famously ditched from The X Factor USA.

Here’s the story…

They became exceptionally close working together on the X Factor, but after she was kicked off the U.S. version of the show, it was safe to assume the relationship between Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole has broken down.

But after considerable speculation over the status of their friendship Simon Cowell has revealed that the pair have not spoken since Cheryl was booted off the U.S. panel in May.

The X Factor boss has told Life & Style Weekly: ‘No (I haven’t spoken with Cheryl); we have texted.’

He added: ‘I am sorry the way it worked out as we were incredibly close.’

‘Trying to get her to understand what I did, it was never meant to be negative. It was a decision I thought was the right one, and I think she is more comfortable in England than I saw her here.’

He also admitted that his decision to replace Cheryl with Nicole Scherzinger might have been rash.

Simon said: ‘Maybe I didn’t give her enough time, and you have to be in the moment.’

He explained: ‘I offered her the show, and initially she accepted it. Then it went public that she didn’t and had the chance to still come back, but for whatever reason I couldn’t get her (on the phone). Unless I spoke to her, there was no way I would have her back.’

Cheryl was confirmed as a judge on the inaugural series of the talent show in the states on May 5 after months of speculation.

The singer, 28, joined L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul, who held up the first day of auditions with last-minute contract negotiations as well as the X Factor mogul himself Simon.

But after just a few awkward days into the role it was announced that Cheryl was being booted off the show and TV bosses quickly drafted into former Pussycat Doll Nicole, who was initially set to co-host the show with Steve Jones, to fill the vacant judge’s seat.

It was reported that Simon offered Cheryl a role on the U.K. version of the X Factor with an reported £2.5million salary, but it seemed that the former Girls Aloud singer wouldn’t answer Simon’s calls.

At the time a source close to the singer said: ‘Cheryl trusted him (Simon) implicitly and she doesn’t do that with many people.’

‘He made a mockery of their friendship so now it’s dead in the water.’

Yet it appears that despite the drama of recent months Simon is hopeful he will be able to repair their relationship.

He told Life &Style: ‘She is still grumpy with me. I can look myself in the mirror and say I wasn’t being mean. I offered her a lot of money to go back as a hero, and it didn’t work out.’

He added: ‘I think when you have the history we have, you’ll eventually work it out.’

Cheryl has, understandably, been keeping a low profile after three women came forward claiming they had recently bedded her ex-husband Ashley Cole, while he was trying to woo her back.

But the singer certainly hasn’t been moping about at home and yesterday Black Eyed Peas singer will.I.am tweeted a picture of himself and Cheryl partying in Cannes.

The Black Eyed Peas star wrote: ‘Its me and the “Tweety Nird” in Cannes, France… Me and Cheryl Cole in the south of France having fun.’

The following morning, he corrected himself: ‘My last tweet I had a typo. I put “tweedy nird” but meant “tweedy bird”. B and N are close…ooops.’

Simon is also currently in the South of France and Saint aboard a luxury yacht in Laurent du Var.


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Metro report today that Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles – who moved to ITV in a £10 million deal to launch the GMTV replacement 11 months ago – will now only host the programme Monday to Thursday, with Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb stepping in to fill their shoes on a Friday.

However, their pay will remain the same.

Here’s the full story…

An ITV source, speaking to the Daily Mail, said: ‘This is symptomatic of just how difficult things are on Daybreak at the moment. We need to recapture the warmth of GMTV and viewers adore Kate, especially when she is teamed with Dan.

‘They haven’t taken to Adrian so well and they are only just starting to warm to Christine.’

This change comes at a time when Daybreak has been having continued problems with viewing figures. It still only draws in an average of 700,000 viewers, which is 100,000 fewer than its predecessor GMTV.

The move will happen after the Rugby World Cup in September, which will see a number of early morning matches shown in place of Daybreak due to the time difference in New Zealand where the sporting event is being held.

Last month, the show’s editor Ian Rumsey stepped down from his role, with insiders claiming he was axed to save under-fire Adrian and Christine.

One said: ‘They are very talented people but are they right for ITV breakfast? It doesn’t matter what we think – the viewers are answering that question. The wrong person is going here.

‘It’s like a football team losing and the chairman has to go. But you’ve still got the same two strikers up front.’


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Former X Factor winner Shayne Ward says he’ll be watching the revamped X Factor and added that the show needed “shaking up”.

Here’s the story from the PA…

7 pa Former X Factor winner Shayne Ward believes the TV talent show “needed shaking up”.

The 26-year-old singer – who won in 2005 only to be dropped by Simon Cowell’s record label earlier this year – is looking forward to seeing the new judging panel with Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow joining Louis Walsh.

Shayne, who stars in new musical Rock Of Ages, said: “I think it needed shaking up and I think the new panel will do that.”

He added: “I’ll definitely watch it, I’ll have to record it because I’ll be singing in the show but I’ve always been a fan of the X Factor and that won’t change.”

Shayne is set to star in the West End as rocker Stacee Jaxx, the same part that Tom Cruise is playing in a new movie adaptation of the musical.

But the singer insisted he was not worried about being overshadowed by the Hollywood star.

He said: “It is a great thing for me and a great thing for the part too that he is playing it.

“You wouldn’t think it but, to me, he is perfect for the role. Look at when he was the big manager guy in Tropic Thunder, no-one even knew it was Tom Cruise and then when everyone realised it was him they all said he was amazing.”

Rock Of Ages is set in the 1980s Los Angeles rock scene and features songs by bands including Journey, Bon Jovi and Twisted Sister.

The musical opens in September at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London.


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The Sun today reports that Britain’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff has got the bird – after snapping up a white parrot and naming him SIMON COWELL.

Here’s the story…

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, looking back to his old Baywatch style in surf shorts and a baggy white shirt, bought his feathered friend at a pet store in Los Angeles.

And the 59-year-old told onlookers that he was planning to name the bird after his animal-loving boss from the hit ITV1 talent show.

A source said: “David looked thrilled with his purchase and was seen jabbering away to the bird as he walked down the street.

“He was telling people he was planning to call the pet Simon Cowell.

“Whether he was joking or not is anyone’s guess, but Simon won’t be too thrilled with that.”

Maybe Cowell will offer bird-brain Hoff a new role – in Britain’s Got TALONS.


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The Daily Mirror today reports that new X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos appears to be trying to set a new record for “blagging”.

Here’s the paper’s story…

In her first interview as a show judge, she managed to mention eight brands of clothing, make-up and food.

Asked whether she preferred designer or high-street fashion, the singer used the question to name Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, before adding she adored the cheaper River Island and Lipsy.

Her 400-word interview referred to how she liked Nando’s chicken and Red Bull on her rider. Even when talking about a bust-up with her band N-Dubz, Tulisa, 23, said she “threw an Ugg boot on Dappy’s head”.

Show sponsor Rimmel also seemed to be blatantly pushed. It is thought she was sent some of the products for free in the past.

One source said: “She’s not breaking any laws, but she may be breaking some kind of record for plugs. I hope she’s getting something out of it because it sounds ridiculous dropping brands every other sentence.”

Tulisa will team up with Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland on X Factor, which kicks off on ITV later this month.

Last night a source close to the singer insisted: “She wasn’t trying to blag anything and was just answering the questions.”


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The Sun reports today that Take Me Out host and comedian Paddy McGuinness had to go to hospital yesterday after sitting on some chillies!

Here’s the story…

PADDY McGuinness normally brings a couple of steak bakes home from his day job at Greggs to keep his other half happy.

But the one night he left his missus to do the cooking, he ended up in hospital with a backside like the Japanese flag.

The Take Me Out host had to rush to A&E on his tiptoes after sitting on the remains of some chopped chilli his missus had been preparing for his din-dins.

Before eating, Paddy had whipped his keks off to work up an appetite with some 9½ Weeks-style antics on the kitchen unit.

Luckily, his ding dang do didn’t touch the chilli – it was just his ring that was shown the sting.

Paddy said: “Christine had been chopping chillies on the surface and I sat on it. A&E was the next stop.”

Speaking in his guest role as co-host on ITV’s This Morning, Paddy refused to divulge more details.

But he later told me: “I know you’re supposed to keep your love life spicy but this was taking the p**s. I leapt on to the kitchen worktop like a young Tom Jones.

“A nanosecond and half a scotch bonnet later, I found myself dancing around the floor like Diversity on crack. Which, ironically, was where the scotch bonnet seeds were now secreted.

“Never again!”

Paddy is getting ready for his first arena tour in October so has plenty of time to think up some gags watching repeats of You Bet! while sitting in a bucket of cold water.

It’s the type of anecdote he hears almost every week on the ITV show. The telly matchmaker tied the knot with stunning former Miss Liverpool Christine Martin in June. Bolton lad Paddy says he can’t quite understand her Scouse accent.

But I bet nowt was lost in translation when he was explaining his cheeks were on fire.


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The Daily Star today reports that Celebrity Big Brother’s amazing new TV house is primed for some red-hot Baywatch/Playboy mansion “bed action”.

Here’s the story…

Big Brother’s set makers have been inspired by Pamela Anderson’s role in Baywatch to build a “Playboy Mansion”.

And there are double beds for everyone in the hope that randy stars will snuggle up together and get the love action going.

There is also a sauna in the garden to get steamy in, plus a huge swimming pool so the swimsuit babes and hunks in trunks can enjoy a frolic.

The big-name girls will wear costumes just like the one curvy Pamela Anderson made famous in TV’s Baywatch.

Among those tipped to appear are Pammy herself, 44, TOWIE beauty Amy Childs, 32, badboy R&B star Bobby Brown, 42, X Factor twins Jedward, 19, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star Paddy Doherty, 52, fallen jungle queen Kerry Katona, 30, and even her mum Sue, 50.

Yesterday, the House of Commons Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow, 41, who caused a stir by posing in a bedsheet, became the latest to be linked to the revamped Channel 5 show.

Fans can expect the steamiest BB house ever. A show source said: “The key theme is sex. We’re not shying away from it. We want it full-on.

“Fans love it when house- mates get it on, and we want to make sure that our viewers see the lot.

“Since Big Brother has been off air, shows such as Geordie Shore have emerged where sex is the order of the day, so we’re having to up our game – and it won’t be a problem.”

New BB host Brian Dowling, 33, yesterday revealed more show details. He said: “The celebs won’t arrive in fancy cars this year.

Maybe they’ll come on the Tube. Or parachute in. It’s so exciting. “The house is way bigger than when I was in it last year. It’s bigger, brighter and more colourful.”


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The Sun’s TV Biz reports today that Chris Tarrant has attacked ITV bosses for their obsession with celebrity versions of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Here’s the story…

The host said execs had lost sight of the quiz’s original draw – seeing REAL people winning big sums. Chris said: “At the moment there’s no shows for members of the public and I think that’s wrong.

“I’m constantly arguing with ITV about it. I think the celebrity versions are the icing on the cake. But I think they are missing the cake.

“I think it is still about giving little old ladies 25 grand that will completely change their life. And I think we’ve kind of lost sight of that. It’s got to be live, it’s got to be celebs, it’s got to be charity and all that.

“That’s fine and they get big audiences. But I still think they should be doing good old Millionaire with members of the public.”

Chris, 64, revealed he once snubbed an offer to host the show in the US as he didn’t want to raise his children there.

He told Radio 5 live’s Richard Bacon: “Yes, I would have been much richer. But how much money do you need?”


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The PA report today that UK comedian Ricky Gervais has found a new porpoise in life – playing a dolphin in the animated American comedy show Family Guy.

Here’s the rest of the story…

The Office star has joined the cast for one season to play the marine mammal who moves into the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island, after a chance meeting on a fishing trip.

The surreal show, written by Seth McFarlane, follows the Griffin family, who include Brian the talking dog and a psychopathic baby called Stewie.

Gervais said: “Family Guy is my favourite show at the moment.

“I watch two a night and I’m slightly obsessed. When Seth McFarlane phoned me out of the blue and said he was a huge fan I was delighted. It was such a joy working with the team and I really like the way my character looks too.”

Gervais’ character is called Billy Finn.

The programme, which is shown on BBC Three, also features the voices of Mila Kunis and Seth Green alongside McFarlane.


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