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9:00pm Sunday, April 24 on F4

Part of the Films for Life season. Bethany Sloane (Linda Fiorentino) works at an abortion clinic where she is approached by the angel Metatron (Alan Rickman). He tells her that, as the last living descendent of Christ, she’s the only one who can stop the fallen angels Bartleby (Ben Affleck) and Loki (Matt Damon) from ending all life on Earth. Accompanied by heavenly assistants Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), she sets out on a mission to stop them. Kevin Smith’s controversial film, a fascinating mix of themes and characters from his earlier films, offers an interesting theological look at his normal New Jersey-set-and-peopled milieu.

9:00pm Saturday, April 23 on F4

Part of the Films for Life season. Ethan and Joel Coen’s Oscar-laden thriller stars Josh Brolin as Llewelyn Moss, a trailer-dwelling welder and hunter. Hunting deer in the desert, he comes across a drugs exchange which has gone bloodily wrong, and among the detritus is a case containing $2m. He decides to appropriate the money but ends up with the deadly assassin Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) on his trail, as well as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones), and smiling bounty hunter Carson Wells (Woody Harrelson). As Moss tries to keep hold of the money, and preserve both his own life and that of his wife Carla (Kelly Macdonald), a deadly game of cat-and-mouse is played out across the Tex-Mex border as pursuers and the pursued try to gain the upper hand. In English and Spanish with English subtitles.


10:50pm Friday, March 25 on F4

Clark Gregg’s black comedy – based on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel (he also wrote Fight Club ) – stars Sam Rockwell as a man taking stock of his frayed life. Victor Mancini’s (Rockwell) mother Ida (Anjelica Houston) suffers from dementia, but his job at an 18th-century theme park doesn’t bring in enough cash to cover her care costs. To supplement his income, he pretends to choke on food in expensive restaurants, hoping his ‘rescuers’ will give him money once they hear his woes.

9:00pm Thursday, March 24 on F4

Kevin Macdonald’s Film4-funded drama stars Oscar and BAFTA-winning Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin, the murderous Ugandan dictator of the late 70s, with James McAvoy as Dr Nicholas Garrigan, a young Scottish doctor. While travelling through Africa, Garrigan becomes enlisted as Amin’s doctor and confidante after a chance roadside meeting. But as Amin becomes more deranged, Garrigan’s close relationship with him endangers not just his own life but those around him. The film features superb central performances, with Whitaker in particular scarily realistic as the crazed Amin.

11:00pm Wednesday, March 23 on F4

Eric Barbier’s tense thriller stars Yvan Attal as Mandel, a photographer in the process of divorcing his wife. Into his life comes former classmate Plender (Clovis Cornillac), who is now psychopathically obsessed with avenging a childhood slight. Framing Mandel for the murder of a model, he also begins to inveigle his way into Mandel’s family to inflict further damage – can Mandel stop him and prove his innocence? In French with English subtitles.

9:00pm Tuesday, March 22 on F4

Gil Junger’s feel-good teen comedy is loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew , with Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona and Julia Stiles as Katarina Stratford. He accepts a bribe to take her to the prom so that her sister can take the beau of her choice. But when Katarina finds out, she’s furious – just as Patrick realises her true character and falls for her… Cue many hysterical misunderstandings, including a wonderful set piece on an athletics field involving a marching band.

9:00pm Monday, March 21 on F4

Ed Harris directs and stars in this western as Virgil Cole, who, with his lifelong buddy Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen), plays a lawman for hire, cleaning up towns beset by bad guys before moving on. The duo’s latest job is in the town of Appaloosa, which is terrorised by evil rancher Randall Bragg (Jeremy Irons). But matters get complicated when Virgil falls for widow Allison French (Ren�e Zellweger). Everett, worried his distracted friend will lose his edge when Bragg makes his move, must decide on the best course of action as, between the shoot-outs, a delicate balance between romance and friendship must be struck.

10:50pm Sunday, March 20 on F4

Joel Schumacher’s film stars Colin Farrell as a draftee into the US Army at the time of the Vietnam war. Determined to avoid being shipped out, he decides to rebel – only for his superiors to decide that his insubordination shows rare intelligence and he should instead be groomed as officer material. As he and his fellow misfit colleagues are trained to kill and not be killed, they wonder if they can manage to make it back alive in this low-key, gritty military drama.

9:00pm Saturday, March 19 on F4

Martin McDonagh’s Oscar-nominated, BAFTA-winning Film4 debut movie stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as Ray and Ken, two professional Irish hitmen. After a botched job, they’re sent by their boss Harry Waters (Ralph Fiennes) to hide out in Bruges. Ken loves the city and its history; Ray hates it, until he hooks up with beautiful drugs dealer Chloe (Clemence Poesy) and a mouthy dwarf actor, Jimmy (Jordan Prentice). Unfortunately, just as life seems to be improving for the two hitmen, psychopathic Harry phones to deliver stark instructions: the nature of the botched hit has offended his sense of morality and he’s decided to break up the partnership, ordering one of the duo to kill the other. This tests the bond linking the three men, and leads to a violent denouement in the ancient city’s cobbled streets.

11:00pm Friday, March 18 on F4

Hong Kong horror directors and brothers Danny and Oxide Pang’s Hollywood debut. Moving to a remote farmhouse in North Dakota, Roy and Denise (Dylan McDermott and Penelope Ann Miller) hope that a new life in a new home will help their troubled teenage daughter Jess (Kristen Stewart) move on from a traumatic incident in her past. When she starts seeing supernatural apparitions, her parents are initially sceptical until the manifestations become more apparent and violent in this chilling horror.

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