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Wednesday, July 1 on F4

Mark Wahlberg stars in this affectionate re-make of the British classic as Charlie Croker, who, after taking over from John Bridger (Donald Sutherland) as the leader of a gang of thieves, celebrates his new status with a multi-million-dollar job in Venice. But gang member Steve Frezelli (Edward Norton) double crosses his friends, kills Bridger and leaves the rest for dead.

Tuesday, June 30 on F4

Sergio Leone’s epic tale of New York gangsters stars Robert De Niro as David “Noodles” Aaronson, a gangster returning to Brooklyn after 30 years in exile for betraying his friends. While he waits to find out who has invited him back and why, the film reveals, in flashback, the story of his rise from street urchin to violent criminal alongside his childhood friend Max Bercovicz (James Woods).

Monday, June 29 on F4

After six Oscar-nominations, Martin Scorsese finally picked up the statuette for this stunning, gripping crime thriller, based on the equally superb Hong Kong original Infernal Affairs . Matt Damon plays Colin Sullivan, the protégé of Boston gangster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) who has been groomed through police academy to become Frank’s ears and eyes in the police department. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Billy Costigan, a cop deliberately disgraced so he can infiltrate Costello’s gang to get enough information to bring him down. But Costello begins to smell a rat and demands Sullivan get him the name of the insider while Costigan realises the net may be closing in before he can get the information he needs.

Sunday, June 28 on F4

Jamie Foxx plays Max, an LA cab driver who’s offered $600 by Vincent (Tom Cruise), who’s just arrived in the city, and tells him he has a few errands to run and will then be leaving. Vincent asks Max to park in an alleyway by an apartment block while he goes inside. When a dead body lands on Max’s cab, he realises what Vincent’s errands are: he’s a contract killer in town to make five hits, and Max is trapped as his driver.

Saturday, June 27 on F4

John Carpenter’s chilling sci-fi horror. On Mars in the near future, a tough cop (Natasha Henstridge) returns to base as the lone survivor of a mission to capture the planet’s most notorious criminal (Ice Cube). Her debrief leads the film into flashback, following her and her team entering a remote colony, only to discover that the ghosts of the long-ago indigenous inhabitants have been released, transforming the colonists into blood-crazed monsters.

Friday, June 26 on F4

John Frankenheimer’s thriller stars Ben Affleck as Rudy Duncan, an ex-prisoner who assumes a dead cell-mate’s identity to hijack his romance withAshley (Charlize Theron), who had been sending him love letters. But her brother Gabriel (Gary Sinise) knows Nick used to work in a casino and wants the security details so he can stage a spectacular robbery. Now Rudy has to stay one step ahead of the game to stay alive…

Thursday, June 25 on F4

Bill Murray stars in Sofia Coppola’s Oscar-winning film as over-the-hill actor Bob Harris, who is lured to Tokyo to “act” in a whisky commercial in return for big money. In the hotel bar, he bumps into Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), the wife of a successful photographer on assignment who has been left to her own devices. Two strangers in an “alien” city, they form a friendship which slips into tenderness as they recognise each other’s vulnerability.

Wednesday, June 24 on F4

In the same mould as Scary Movie and Meet the Spartans , Aaron Seltzer’s comedy spoofs almost every romcom ever made, from My Big Fat Greek Wedding via When Harry Met Sally to Meet the Fockers with slices of Kill Bill and King Kong thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday, June 23 on F4

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie star as John and Jane Smith, a typical suburban couple attending marriage counselling sessions in an attempt to reignite the spark in their relationship. What neither of them knows is that the other is a highly skilled assassin until, separately, they get a call for their next job. Accidentally double-booked, they each discover the truth about their spouse’s secret existence; now they’re in danger not only from their respective organisations but also from each other.

Monday, June 22 on F4

Tom Hanks stars in Robert Zemeckis’s multi-Oscar-winning film as the eponymous Gump, an idiot-savant present at the memorable events of recent history, from the Vietnam War to the Watergate break-in, from ping-pong diplomacy with the Chinese to investing in Apple computers at the beginning.

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