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Thursday, June 11 on F4

Ken Loach’s most commercially successful film to date stars Cannes Award winner Peter Mullan and Louise Goodall. He’s a recovering alcoholic-turned-amateur soccer coach who, despite all advice, falls for a health service worker. Their growing romance, at turns funny, sexy and dramatic, is told against a backdrop of drug deals and violence in Glasgow’s badlands.

Wednesday, June 10 on F4

Two Latina sisters working as cleaners in a Los Angeles office complex fight for the right to unionise in Ken Loach’s powerful political drama. Pilar Padilla stars as Maya, a quick-witted illegal immigrant who leaves Mexico to join up with her older sister Rosa (Elpidia Carrillo) in LA. Rosa gets Maya a job as a janitor in a non-unionised company, where the mistreatment of cleaners by their employers brings Maya into contact with militant union activist Sam (Adrien Brody).

Tuesday, June 9 on F4

Award-winning director Ken Loach’s highly acclaimed film, written by former railway contract worker Rob Dawber, follows the fortunes of a group of rail track workers based at a South Yorkshire depot as the privatisation of British Rail takes place, and the effects on their families of the dramatic reorganisation of the rail network.

Monday, June 8 on F4

Robert Carlyle stars in Ken Loach’s film as a Scottish ex-con who gets a job on a building site and becomes embroiled in the tricks of the trade, namely as little work as possible and an eye for the main chance.

Sunday, June 7 on F4

With his latest film, Looking for Eric , opening on Friday, Film4 presents a week-long season of Ken Loach’s films. The Wind That Shakes the Barley , which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, is a dramatic telling of the Irish Republican’s fight against the British in the 1920s and the bloody civil war that broke out following the establishment of the Free State in 1922, starring Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney.

Saturday, June 6 on F4

Viggo Mortensen stars in David Cronenberg’s thriller as Tom Stall, the owner of a small diner in a small town in Indiana. One day, two guys come in, produce guns and threaten the customers. Stall takes them out, becoming a local hero, but the publicity is seen by someone from his past, a past he’s kept secret from his wife Edie (Maria Bello). Carl Fogarty (Ed Harris) turns up with some muscle and suggests he returns with them to Philadelphia, where Richie Cusack (John Hurt), a name from Stall’s past, awaits…

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