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Thursday 17 February, 9:00pm on Five USA

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues on Five USA. In this episode, a student is killed by a life-sized animatronic T. rex. Elsewhere, the father of a missing teenager is murdered, but the investigation turns up new clues about his daughter’s whereabouts. At the scene of a suspected suicide, Nick recognises the dead man. Five years earlier, victim Phil Kohler’s 15-year-old daughter Whitney went missing along with her best friend, Rachel. The girls’ bodies were never found, but a man named Eli Holt was convicted of murder when Whitney’s blood was found in his van. Greg immediately suspects that the suicide was staged, and tests soon confirm that Kohler was shot by someone else. The CSIs interview Kohler’s soon-to-be-ex wife, Sharon, who claims that her husband was having an affair with Carly Beck – the mother of missing Rachel. “Who knew grief could push two people together?” she says, bitterly. “I’ve only seen it tear people apart.” Carly becomes the prime suspect when one of her hairs is found on Kohler’s body and the CSIs find her home empty. At the house, Nick finds that Rachel’s room has been left largely untouched since she disappeared. However, it is clear from spaces in the heavy dust that several items have recently been removed. On the floor, Nick finds a photo of a female skeleton in a shallow grave – wearing clothing identical to that worn by Whitney Kohler on the day she disappeared. As the case proceeds, the CSIs find Carly’s fingerprints on the photograph, and it transpires that she had been writing regularly to Eli Holt – but there is no evidence that he ever replied. They also learn that the murderer is in a coma after a suicide attempt ten days earlier. Meanwhile, an expensive gold watch that was missing from Phil Kohler’s wrist turns up after being pawned by a woman matching Carly’s description.

Thursday 17 February, 12:05am on Five USA

The drama series about a terminally ill family man who turns to a life of crime continues its second season. In this instalment, Jesse’s efforts to reclaim his stolen drugs are compromised by a small child, and Walt’s lies continue to unravel. After his associate Skinny Pete is robbed (see last week’s episode, ‘Breakage’), Jesse asks Pete for the name and address of those responsible. It transpires that a drug addict called Spooge and his girlfriend have stolen an ounce of meth. “Those two need to get got,” Pete says. Outside Spooge’s ramshackle house, Jesse draws his pistol. Nobody is in, so Jesse breaks a window and enters the dank living room littered with rubbish, ripped-up furniture and dirty laundry. Waiting on the sofa, Jesse is joined by a halfdressed five-year-old boy. Turning on the television, the child sits on the other end of the couch. “I’m hungry,” he tells Jesse. Jesse fixes the child something to eat and eventually the two addicts return home. Mindful of the boy’s safety, Jesse carries him into a bedroom, then attacks the couple, pistol-whipping Spooge. Jesse gets the thieves to hand over a little of his stolen meth, but no cash. Just as he threatens to shoot their kneecaps, the boy walks back into the living room. Spooge’s girlfriend embraces her son, making it impossible for Jesse to morally do anything while he is in the room. “We got your money, man,” Spooge says. There is, however, a catch – it is inside a locked cash machine that has been stolen from a corner shop. As Spooge pounds away at the ATM with a sledgehammer, Jesse notices that the junkie’s child has once again wandered off. Jesse takes the opportunity to chastise the couple for their poor parenting. “How about you feed the kid a decent meal every now and then, huh?” Jesse says. He is then distracted and is overpowerd by the two addicts. “Call me a bad mother – I’ll show you a bad mother, bitch,” Spooge’s girlfriend says, pointing the gun at Jesse. Will he be able to smooth-talk his way out of this possibly lethal situation?

Wednesday 16 February, 10:00pm on Five USA

The US drama series about a Californian motorcycle gang continues on Five USA. In this week’s episode, tensions grow between SAMCRO and the League, leading to a number of violent incidents. As Jax and Clay clash over how best to retaliate, Unser sets Deputy Hale straight about Zobelle. Clay storms into Impeccable Smokes with a view to needling Zobelle about protection money. His actions rile the proprietor, who vows swift revenge. “We need to humble Mr Morrow,” Zobelle smirks, ordering Weston into action. Before long, news reaches the Sons that the imprisoned Big Otto has been attacked and nearly blinded at the hands of some white supremacists. For the next stage of their relentless campaign against SAMCRO, Zobelle and Weston present Deputy Hale with surveillance footage of Opie torching the meth lab. Hale is forced to accept the evidence, but he warns them that it is essentially useless. “I can’t take me anything to the DA that doesn’t have legs,” he snarls. Later, Hale is alarmed when he realises that the package contains an incriminating picture of himself accepting an envelope from Ernest Darby. After a street brawl between the Sons and members of the League, Unser visits Hale to ask him if he is in Zobelle’s pocket. The deputy reacts furiously, and points out his boss’s own hypocrisy. “Why do you think I choose you for my second – a single minded, self righteous pain in the arse?” Unser cries. “You’re the good guy, the clean one – I need you to stay that way.” Unser subsequently decides to inform Hale about the attack on Gemma, in order to reiterate his beliefs about the evil that lurks behind Zobelle’s outwardly respectable image. “I need you to know who Zobelle is, so you can make your own choice about what’s best for Charming,” he declares. Hale is visibly horrified by the news – but will his contempt for the Sons lead him to side with the devil again?

Thursday 10 February, 9:00pm on Five USA

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues on Five USA. When several dead bodies are found in the house of a compulsive hoarder, the CSIs must determine whether she or a member of her family might be a serial killer. Sara and Nick are sent to investigate when neighbours report a foul stench emanating from the house of a mentally unstable woman. The tenant, Marta Santiago, was recently ordered to leave her home after it was deemed that her compulsive hoarding posed a health risk. At the house, which is piled floor to ceiling with junk, Nick and Sara find no trace of Marta. But, when Nick steps in a gloopy substance that turns out to be a dead body, they fear that they have arrived too late to save her. However, Marta soon arrives home and identifies the body as that of one of her daughters, Diana. Dr Robbins determines that Diana was killed by a blow to the head. Martha’s psychiatric doctor, Priscilla Prescott, arrives to help question her patient about the murder. She maintains that Marta is not capable of killing, but admits that her disorder could have caused her to overlook the body as it lay in her house. Back at the crime scene, Greg stumbles across a skeleton, which has its wrists bound together with red ribbon. Dr Robbins and Langston identify it as belonging to a teenage boy, who was killed by massive arsenic poisoning. Just outside the building, two more skeletons are found, each with its hands bound in a similar fashion. The CSIs are able to identify the boys as teenage runaways who all went missing from the same halfway house – which was run by Marta’s son, Julian. After learning that his sister Alisa -who has not been seen for some time – became friendly with several of the boys, the investigators conclude that he killed them in a fit of jealousy.

Thursday 10 February, 12:05am on Five USA

The drama series about a terminally ill family man who turns to a life of crime continues its second season. In this instalment, Hank and Jesse attempt to expand their drug business to help pay for Walt’s escalating hospital bills, but find it difficult to enforce their own rules. Following a chemotherapy session, Walt’s doctor recommends that he be cautiously optimistic about his chances of recovery. But Walt’s optimism fades quickly when he sees the final bill for the treatment. To make matters worse, Skyler tells Walt that his three-day hospital stay (see last week’s episode, ‘Down’) cost the family an additional $13,000. That night, Walt counts his drug money, realising that after everything he has been through, he still has almost nothing. Later, out in the desert, Walt and Jesse cook up a new batch of meth and quarrel about their partnership. Walt wants Jesse to sell small quantities to avoid dealing with a mad man like Tuco again. “The DEA’s up my ass -we gotta be like Tuco and distribute the product ourselves,” Jesse says. Walt rejects this strategy, but Jesse firmly states that he is making all of the business decisions from now on. “I sure as hell didn’t find myself locked in a trunk or on my knees with a gun to my head before your greedy old ass came along,” Jesse says. “You need me more than I need you,” he concludes. Jesse presents a business opportunity to his ne’erdo- well friends Skinny Pete, Badger, and Combo. The plan is that he will front them each an ounce of meth at a time, which they will sell for $2,500, then split the profits with him. “This is the ground floor,” he tells them. Badger, Combo, and Skinny Pete sell Jesse’s drugs all over town. Everything goes well until Skinny Pete is held up by a pair of addicts who make off with an ounce of meth. “What the hell do you want me to do?” Jesse later asks Walt, arguing that they need to accept a little ‘breakage’ as the cost of doing business. “You think Tuco had ‘breakage?'” Walt asks Jesse. “It’s true, he did – he broke bones.”

Wednesday 9 February, 10:00pm on Five USA

The US drama series about a Californian motorcycle gang continues on Five USA. In this week’s episode, Tig is captured by bounty hunters as the Sons ride to Eureka for a weapons drop. Back in Charming, Gemma decides to seek revenge on her attackers. SAMCRO sets out on what is ostensibly a fundraising ride to Eureka in aid of sick children, but en route the gang stops at Cameron Hayes’s army surplus shop to collect a stash of handguns. “The cops never mess with us when we’re serving humanity,” Opie grins as he conceals the weapons in a bedroll on the back of his bike. However, the ride is disrupted when Bobby’s clapped-out bike starts belching smoke, which blinds Tig and leads to him crashing and injuring himself badly. Half Sack and Bobby wait with Tig at a nearby hospital, but as they leave they are ambushed by four heavily-armed bounty hunters, who bundle Tig into the back of a van and flee. Chaos breaks out when the Sons cannot agree on whether to rescue Tig or drop off the guns first. “Bounty hunters have no jurisdiction,” Chibs argues. “There’s no stopping us taking him back.” However, Clay is adamant that they must make the delivery. “What’s stopping us is six bedrolls full of handguns,” he growls. Jax steps in and suggests a vote but, with tensions between he and his stepson at an all-time high, Clay turns him down and rides off in a rage. Opie has some strong words for the president. “This thing between you and Jax…I don’t know what it is, but it’s pulling focus from what we are,” he warns. Meanwhile, Tig is taken to a motel room by the bounty hunters, who have been heavy-handed with their hostage and need to clean him up before they take him over the state line to Oregon. Half Sack, who has been following the van, notifies the rest of the gang of Tig’s whereabouts – but another scuffle breaks out between Clay and Jax over whether to rescue him.

Thursday 3 February, 9:00pm on Five USA

The eleventh series of the forensic crime drama continues this week on Channel 5. This intriguing instalment stars twice Oscar-nominated actress Ann-Margret. When a well-respected philanthropist is savagely attacked in her bed, the CSIs search the house and discover that the attacker was watching the victim for some time – from within her home. It is night-time in a palatial mansion, and a dark figure is creeping through the garden. The figure uses a glass cutter to break in through the patio doors. Going upstairs, the interloper kneels over a recumbent woman in the master bedroom, then subjects her to a frenzied attack to the arms and chest with a straight razor. When the CSIs arrive at the crime scene, they discover that the victim, noted local philanthropist Margot Wilton, will survive the attack. “She’s got more buildings named after her than you can count,” Willows observes. As the team divides up the crime-scene duties, Captain Brass emerges shocked from the house. “It’s a real slash job – the bedroom’s a horror show,” he says. Langston and Willows notice on the upstairs landing that two photographs of a disabled child pictured with Wilton have been defaced, and that an awards plaque has been inexplicably turned around by the perpetrator. “They certainly weren’t in any rush,” Willows observes. The pair then discover a strange set of tracks in Wilton’s blood – alternating foot and hand prints in an unusual pattern. “That’s weird,” Langston says. “Is she lucky to be alive, or did she survive by design?” he adds. Downstairs, the investigators discover that one of the windows has been climbed through many times, presumably by the attacker. It is a mystery as to why the glass on the patio door had been cut. A search of the attic reveals that spy-holes have been drilled into the ceiling with cameras attached to them.

Thursday 3 February, 12:05am on Five USA

The drama series about a terminally ill family man who turns to a life of crime continues its second season. In this instalment, Walt devises a plan to cover his tracks, but ends up causing an even bigger rift in his family. Meanwhile, Jesse’s parents kick him out of their house, so he takes refuge in an unlikely place. In the face of the problems at home created by his erratic behaviour, Walt insists that Jesse lay low and cease any contact with him. In an effort to overcome Skyler’s scepticism about his actions, Walt works at being the model husband and father. But when he tries to concoct a cover story to explain his secrecy, Skyler is sure he is lying and storms off. Feeling like he is running out of options, Walt decides to confront Skyler about what is bothering her. Thinking that his secrecy has led her to suspect he is having an affair, Walt insists that it is not the case. But when his pledge of fidelity fails to bridge the gap between them, Skyler leaves again. As Walt’s relationship with Skyler continues to deteriorate, relations are also getting worse for Walt and his son. An effort to use a driving lesson to establish a father-son bond ends in disaster. Meanwhile, armed with incontrovertible evidence that he was running a drugs lab in his late aunt’s house, Jesse’s parents and their lawyer order him to vacate the premises at once, threatening him with arrest if he does not comply. When Walt continues to insist they keep some distance between them, Jesse desperately looks to his friends for help. When no one will agree to have him, Jesse seeks refuge in a mobile drug lab which is situated in a towing yard. But after accidentally crashing through the roof of a portable toilet, Jesse has no choice but to steal the RV and its contents. As Walt struggles to put his life back on track, Jesse shows up at his house with the RV to ask for half of the cash he has stashed there. This proves to be the catalyst for an ugly fight between the two partners. Who will relent? And is this the end of Walt and Jesse’s drug-making enterprise?

Wednesday 2 February, 10:00pm on Five USA

The US drama series about a Californian motorcycle gang continues on Five USA. In this week’s episode, Zobelle presents Hale with a strategy to drive the Sons out of Charming. Meanwhile, Gemma’s secret drives a wedge between her and Clay, and a porn actress comes between Jax and Tara. As part of his plan to force the Sons out of town, Ethan Zobelle offers Hale a tempting solution. He proposes to temporarily flood Charming with drugs in order to ruin the local people’s perception of the Sons as their protectors. “SAMCRO is knocked off their iconic pedestal,” Zobelle explains. “Then, when you take over, the drugs go away.” However, Hale does not take Zobelle’s intervention well. “Are you talking about deliberately bringing drugs into my town?” he asks, incredulously. Despite Hale’s negative reaction, Zobelle sets Darby up with a meth lab in Charming. Opie and Half-Sack learn the location of the lab when they chance upon a drug dealer, and Clay is adamant that they must raze it to the ground. However, Jax is keen on a softer approach, and suggests passing the information on to Hale instead -which Opie sees as an opportunity to test the deputy’s integrity. “If he buries the intel, we know he’s on Zobelle’s payroll,” he points out. Jax passes the information to Hale, who promptly visits the site of the lab – albeit without a search warrant. The deputy is furious when Darby greets him with a gift from Zobelle, but the cigar mogul fails to back down when Hale confronts him. “We both know your methods for extracting the Sons of Anarchy have failed,” Zobelle reminds him. “If you’re going to damage them, you have to dip into their cesspool.” Will Hale be tempted to cooperate with Zobelle’s dubious plan in order to advance his own career?

Monday 31 January, 9:00pm on Five USA

The second season of the smash-hit drama series following the US navy’s dedicated federal agency continues on Five USA. This week, a bombing range used for target practice by the marines is found to be the dumping ground for the mafia. Among the victims unearthed during the investigation is an undercover FBI agent. When a civilian’s body is found on a navy bombing range, Gibbs and the team uncover the disturbing truth that the area has been a dumping ground for local gangsters for some years. It emerges that this latest victim is actually an undercover FBI agent. As Gibbs investigates, he learns that his FBI counterpart, Agent Fornell (guest star Joe Spano, ‘NYPD Blue’, ‘Hill Street Blues’), is in trouble. Under suspicion of being a mole, Fornell has been imprisoned by his fellow agents for feeding sensitive information to the local mafia boss. While Fornell continues to deny the allegations, Gibbs sets out to expose the real spy…

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