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Julian Clary



Julian Clary was born in 1959 and is a comedian and TV personality.

As a teenager, his eldest sister Frances influenced Julian, she was starting her career as a Tiller Girl and Julian was fascinated with the illusion created by her heavy make-up. Continue reading »

Jasmine Lennard



Jasmine shot to fame in 2005 as a finalist in the popular TV show Make Me A Supermodel.

She is the daughter of playboy Brian Lennard, who founded Sacha Shoes, and actress Marilyn Galsworthy. They divorced when her mother found out that her husband had gambled away the family fortune. Continue reading »

MC Harvey



Michael Harvey Jr aka MC Harvey is the tempestuous former member of So Solid Crew, reality star, self-confessed womaniser and most recently, a proud father.

Harvey was one of the founder members of UK garage/grime collective So Solid Crew. Their biggest hit was 21 Seconds, which reached No 1 in the UK singles chart in August 2001. Continue reading »

Danica Thrall



Danica is a model, entrepreneur and star of Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys.

She was discovered in 2006 when she won the Miss Derby title, and went on to compete in the Miss England competition, where she placed in the Top 10. Danica has been professionally modelling for two years and has appeared on the covers of FHM, Loaded and Nuts in the UK, and US Maxim. Continue reading »

Age: 20

Star Sign: Pisces

Home Town: Surrey

Interesting Fact: She’s the youngest housemate, has never had a boyfriend and her parents still give her an allowance.


Caroline, a 20-year-old former boarding school girl from Surrey, describes herself as “weird, embarrassing and a bit of a loser.” She also confesses that she is terrible with boys, saying: “I’m not a very cool person; if I try to act aloof I come across socially inept.”

Caroline attended a private prep school “for very sheltered little girls”, where she was quite rowdy. Her bad behaviour included stealing all the wine at a parents’ evening and then stealing more wine at a school play.

The only paid job she’s had was as a Chugger (Charity Mugger), which her parents forced her to get when she dropped out of University. She didn’t last long as she dropped her phone down a toilet, meaning her employers couldn’t contact her.

She’s never maintained a relationship for longer than a week and admits that she “repels” boys. Caroline doesn’t think she’ll win Big Brother because she’s “irritable and really blunt”.

Age: 32

Star Sign: Taurus

Home Town: London

Interesting Fact: This teacher turned porn star writes a newspaper column and appreciates ladies of a certain vintage. He drives a Fiat Panda and eats a lot of cornflakes. Intriguing!


Benedict has taught politics, R.E, sociology, German, history, French and geography, but was suspended from his last teaching job in 2010 when it was revealed that he was a stripper and had worked in porn. He defended himself against the accusations of improper conduct at a General Teaching Council hearing; he can return to teaching in two years and remains a proud spokesperson for the porn industry.

Benedict lives with his 18-year-old foster son whom he says has given his life worth. He is a former student of his.

In the House, Benedict says he would hate to find himself with very loud or very laddish people with “lots to prove but nothing to say”. He thinks he has a good chance of winning the show, but knows that some will hate the teacher side of his personality.

Age: 23

Star Sign: Gemini

Home Town: Manchester

Interesting Fact: Arron once played football with David Beckham and still lives at home with his mum.


23-year-old Arron is a model and Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is currently taking time off from competing to concentrate on modelling for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.

Arron’s looking to return to M.M.A after Big Brother. He’s mainly in it for the “glory” and loves being the centre of attention. He confesses that once he’s had a couple of drinks, he always takes his top off in clubs, lifting up his shirt and showing off his abs.

His strategy for winning Big Brother includes being a leader, getting others to like him and then playing them off against each other.

Age: 27

Star Sign: Virgo

Home Town: Burton-on-Trent

Interesting Fact: Adam has 14 sisters, loves fried chicken and wants to milk a cow.


27-year-old Adam was born in Burton-on-Trent, but was raised on the streets of Los Angeles, where he became member of the infamous LA Crips gang.

He says that the best experience of his life so far has been getting clean and sober and back on the straight and narrow. Since the age of 19, he has worked hard to turn his life around and has worked as a mentor for young people in the US. He also wants to work with young adults with drug and alcohol problems in the UK.

People tend to find him intimidating but he doesn’t have a problem with it. “I would rather that than people trying to take the piss out of me all the time”.

He freely admits to having a high opinion of himself but people are surprised how much he cares when they get to know him. In the Big Brother House he’s most looking forward to the tasks and says: “I will be a leader”.

When watching the most recent series of Celebrity Big Brother and seeing someone having to eat porridge and cow urine he says: “it just reminds me of the stupid things me and my boys do”.

Age: 20

Star Sign: Cancer

Home Town: Essex

Interesting Fact: Ashleigh has 1,200 friends on Facebook and would give some of the prize money to the RSPCA if she won. She’s a Belieber (a Justin Bieber fan) and drops the F-bomb. Constantly.


This 20-year-old bubbly, energetic, potty-mouthed Essex Girl says she wants to win Big Brother for the fame even if she is loved or hated, she doesn’t care which.

Ashleigh believes that “money does make you happy”, but says that she is not a stereotypical Essex girl. “Yes I wear fake things when I go out, but I’m not like that TOWIE lot”.

In the past she’s sold wine stocks and commodities which turned out to be very lucrative. “People say you can’t do it because you don’t have this or that like only two GCSEs, but if you set your mind to it you can do it”.

Her dream job would be getting into TV or becoming an air hostess. She’s happily single but loves flirting and chatting to boys “as long as they have banter”.

Age: 19

Star Sign: Scorpio

Home Town: Blackburn

Interesting Fact: Wears knickers big enough to be a parachute!


Bubbly, larger than life 19-year-old, Becky is currently in her first year of drama college and has previously been an extra on Shameless.

She picked up the bug for acting while at school. “I’d love to have a show on CBeebies, no classical stuff, it has to be very exaggerated and contemporary, like a drag queen type. I want to be Mrs Tumbles.”

Becky has only had one major relationship and she is still with him. She says she’s only fancied one boy and that’s her boyfriend.

In the Big Brother House, she says she’d like to be a leader. “I’d get them all ship shaped, I’m a bit of bossy boots, I’m so strong willed, but don’t take things too seriously.” She would prefer physical tasks and thinks she’ll be the House gossip. “I’m a nosey bitch! But I can keep a secret.”

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