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Age: 41

Star Sign: Capricorn

Home Town: Reading

Interesting Fact: Victoria is a budding DJ and self-confessed cougar. She’s currently single. Could her six dogs be scaring guys away?


The 41-year-old plus-size model and animal rights campaigner is a former glamour model, who has appeared in countless publications and over 10 TV commercials.

Dogs are her pride and joy and she recently set up a dog rescue charity. Since December, they have homed 100 dogs. “I want to go worldwide with this. There is nothing more satisfying for your soul than saving a life”.

Eight years ago she became vegan and says: “It’s massive thing in my life, it defines me, and my values, I am secretly trying to turn everyone vegetarian.”

Her biggest challenge in the house will be cleanliness, “I’m very very tidy, so can’t stand it when people are not.” She is very clear why she wants to win Big Brother “I want the money, I want to start a vegan handbag and shoe company.”

Age: 28

Star Sign: Cancer

Home Town: Lewisham

Interesting Fact: She talks about herself in the third person, is a hula-hoop champion and used to be a Playboy Bunny.


Shievonne says she’s a professional arguer. “I’m very logical and lyrically gifted… I’m taking the argument to the left and little do they know they are following”.

She’s currently the assistant manager in a nail varnish outlet, but last year worked at the Playboy Casino in Mayfair as a hostess, as well as being a ‘Jet bunny’, travelling on the Playboy jet. She met Hugh Hefner twice on her travels.

Her party trick is to smoke a cigarette with her boobs and she can down 10 tequila shots in 30 seconds.

Currently single, Sheivonne thinks men are all liars and cheaters. She would only make an exception for Peter Andre on a white horse, and “even he’s a bit short”.

Age: 21

Star Sign:Taurus

Home Town:Macclesfield

Interesting Fact: This image-conscious peroxide blonde hunk is a former Avon rep who collects wooden spoons. And his father is a “ruffian”…


Scott is a 20-year-old history student hoping to launch a career as a ‘celebrity historian’ after Big Brother.

He has an obsession with the British upper classes and the Regency Rakes from the 1800s are his idols – he admires their cavalier attitude and how recklessly they spent money. A member of shooting and countryside societies at university, he enjoys hunting game and would love to visit Africa and “bring trophies back”.

His most recent job was as an Avon Cosmetics Representative. He “quite fancied being an Avon lady” but he didn’t think it through as he “didn’t get any orders”.

Scott has never been in a long-term relationship; the longest lasted a month, but he is now on the look-out for love. He says that his family are mostly unaware he is gay but suspects that they may have “gathered”.

Age: 22

Star Sign: Aries

Home Town: Edinburgh

Interesting Fact: Sara is a former Miss Edinburgh. She’s a massive fan of Margaret Thatcher and has a love for Meatloaf and gospel music. She also likes a man in a tracksuit…


Sara is a 22-year-old student/model from Edinburgh who won Miss Edinburgh in 2010 and finished second in Miss Scotland 2011. (She believes that she should have won but was told she was too opinionated by the judges). She got her modelling break during a school catwalk show when she was 17/18. “I got jobs after that and was signed when I was 18/19”.

A wild, fun outrageous flirt, Sara freely admits that she is very argumentative with a short temper. Sara is also a supporter of the Conservative party and a staunch Margaret Thatcher fan. “She was a great woman leader, did amazingly for the country”.

She’s been single for about a year. “I could have a boyfriend if I wanted one. Most men think I’m really scary”. She doesn’t really think that she can win Big Brother, saying: “It’s a popularity contest and there are a lot of people I don’t get on with”.

Age: 24

Star Sign: Taurus

Home Town: Stoke On Trent

Interesting Fact: Luke does not like fat people. But he loves a cougar. And he wants four children before he turns 30. Better get to it then!


Luke S claims he’s a charmer who wins people over whether they like it or not “including your girlfriend”.

Luke thinks that he’s always the best looking alpha male in any bar he goes into and is a compulsive flirt; he likes the attention and having a hold over people.

He dropped out of university to work in bars, and got well known in the scene, which took him in another direction: club promoting. “Guys want to be me, girls want to be with me”. He’s only had one serious relationship and says that his ideal type of girl would have a “proper tight body” and not be stupid as he likes a challenge. “If she frustrates me that’s a good thing,” he says.

In the Big Brother House, he says he’ll be super competitive. “I’m a bad loser. I’d find a way of making it look like it was fixed if I lost. I’d have a sulk”. When asked if he thinks he can win the show, he’s clear on his intent: “I wouldn’t even bother applying if I didn’t want to win. If I play monopoly, I want to win. It’s not about the taking part”.

Age: 25

Star Sign: Gemini

Home Town: Cheshire

Interesting Fact: She’s engaged to a reality show star Andy Scott-Lee – she met him whilst dancing in a music video for his sister, Lisa Scott-Lee, of Steps fame.


Lydia is a professional dancer and as a child she attended three-hour classes, six days a week. She’s danced with Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams and Kanye West, amongst others. She says that the best job she’s ever done was for the film Mamma Mia, where she was on screen for every ensemble number and even had a scene with Meryl Streep.

Lydia finds it hard to walk away from confrontation. “I can’t help but put my two pennies worth in – I pride myself on the ability to outwit my contender”. She’s very much in the show to win it too and says that she will win it by “letting people hang themselves, I’ll walk in and suss everyone out.”

Lydia can’t drink alcohol because she’s allergic to it (she can’t even have it in food).

Age: 31

Star Sign: Virgo

Home Town: Flintshire

Interesting Fact: He has a fiery temper in the kitchen and he grew up in South Africa.


Luke A is a 31-year-old development chef, born in South Africa but raised in Wales. Most people in his life are unaware he was born female. He explains: “My family and wife know, that’s about it”. From a young age he felt like “a boy in a girl’s body”.

He began gender transition four years ago, having surgery and regular testosterone injections. He hopes that being on the show will help to show ‘trans guys’ that you can lead a normal life.

Luke has been married for two years. “I knew that she was the one, I was tired of chasing girls”. They knew each other about a week before he told her he was transgendered. Luke A’s main hobby at the moment is the gym. “I want to lose at least another stone and have bigger guns and I want a six pack”.

In the House, Luke says he will get annoyed at messy, loud and opinionated people, as well as “chavs”. He also doesn’t like people who don’t pull their weight. He is confident that he can win. “I have a competitive streak and can be Mr. Nice Guy, quite charismatic, but I can f**k people over to get on in the House. It is a game and I plan to play it.”

Age: 20

Star Sign: Virgo

Home Town: Jersey

Interesting Fact: Lauren has a black belt in karate and can drive a tractor.


Lauren grew up on a farm in Jersey. From the age of five, Lauren was a gymnastics prodigy and by the age of 13 she had represented Jersey before taking up karate. She’s currently a black belt and holds three world championship titles.

Her favourite party trick is tumbling or jumping into the splits at which “people are always amazed”. She claims to be a total lightweight. “After two drinks I think I’m on Dirty Dancing.”

Always the dumper in relationships, Lauren is newly single and says: “It would be nice for there to be some good looking and intelligent guys in the house. She thinks her toughest challenge will be getting “annoyed by boys not doing washing up”.

Age: 23

Star Sign: Capricorn

Home Town: Birmingham

Interesting Fact: She’s got three friends and is a big drum ‘n’ bass fan.


23-year-old Deana is currently Miss India UK and says that the greatest love of her life is money. “I don’t believe in love, as every man is, or will be, a cheater”.

Deana has successfully modelled in both the UK and India and, by the age of 18, had earned enough money to purchase her own house. She says she’s very ambitious and hardworking and that she finds boys easier to get on with than girls because they are jealous of her looks.

As her mother has always done everything for her and she employs servants when she is working in India, Deana has no idea how to wash up, iron and can’t cook.

She’s single at the moment but says that finding love is not her main goal. In the Big Brother House she thinks the toughest thing will be finding her own space and worries that her blunt honesty will lose her friends, as it has done in the past.

Age: 24

Star Sign: Leo

Home Town: Derry

Interesting Fact: At 16, Conor won a place at the David Beckham Football Academy and he’s never eaten Thai food.


Conor is from Northern Ireland and states: “I’m the sexiest 24-year-old from Derry. FACT!” The most important person in his life is him. “Basically I love myself.”

At 16, he won a place at the David Beckham Football Academy in London, where he spent 4 days playing football with likes of Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. It is one of his proudest achievements as he was the only person from Northern Ireland to gain a place.

Conor’s party trick involves him wrapping his “man bit” around his wrist – people call it “the cock watch” and he claims it has got him plenty of interest from girls.

He thinks people’s uncleanliness will be his biggest challenge in the Big Brother House because he’s a self-confessed “clean freak”.

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