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Brand new to Five this week is a unique chat show hosted by one of the country’s favourite presenters. ‘Justin Lee Collins: Good Times’ is an unashamedly feel-good hour of chat, music and fun filmed in front of a live audience at south London’s iconic Rivoli Ballroom. Justin’s warmth and enthusiasm combine with the charm of the venue to give the show a modern cabaret feel.

The famous Rivoli Ballroom in south London is the opulent setting for ‘Justin Lee Collins: Good Times’. As the backdrop for many a famous pop video – including Tina Turner’s ‘Private Dancer’ and Elton John’s ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues’ – the ballroom is the perfect venue for a glitzy cabaret-style night out. “It is a magnificent building. This show has the flavour of late-night cabaret because everything is plush velvet and original,” says Justin. “I wanted the show to feel like a circus – so I’m kind of like the ringmaster!”

Each week, Justin interviews some of the most interesting and topical guests of the moment. There are also crowd-pleasing performances by pop, rock and theatre acts.

Despite the 300-strong live audience in attendance for each event, the setting allows ‘Good Times’ to retain a real sense of intimacy. Justin explains how his proximity to the audience gives the show a unique feel. “We can reach out and touch each other,” he says. “It’s a very touchy show!”

As well as celebrity guests and lots of audience participation, each show promises fun, games and endless surprises. Every week, Justin challenges one of his new friends to a game of darts. Upcoming opponents include Meatloaf and Ewan McGregor. “Meatloaf did a lot of gamesmanship,” Justin reveals. “There was a lot of dirty talking – he started talking about my mum to throw me off my game.”

Viewers should prepare to expect the unexpected from ‘Good Times’. Justin is even hoping that some of the ghosts rumoured to haunt the venue will put in an appearance. “I’m looking forward to meeting one or two of those,” he says. “Anything can happen in the Rivoli Ballroom – nothing is forbidden!”


Weekdays at 6.30pm

The stand-off between Gina and Xavier continues.
Miles gives Marilyn her marching orders. Romeo
quits the play. Angelo befriends Charlie’s
counsellor. Leah finally asks Elijah on a date.

Monday 29th – Episode 5036

Gina boots Xavier out after he has another violent
outburst. Marilyn pays Alf a surprise visit. The
amnesiac found by Marilyn turns out to be Aden’s
estranged brother, Justin. The mystery deepens
when it turns out that Justin was involved in a car
crash along with an unknown passenger, who has
subsequently vanished. And why was Justin
covered in blood when he was barely injured?

Tuesday 30th – Episode 5037

Xavier moves in to the farm after falling out with
Gina. Martha and Tony urge the feuding pair to
reconcile, but Martha has problems of her own.
Aden is pleased that Justin seems to have turned
his life around. Marilyn moves in with Alf and Miles,
but the guys are not impressed when she tries to
impose her healthy eating regime on them.

Wednesday 31st – Episode 5038

Nicole’s fashion internship goes from bad to worse
when her boss steals her swimwear designs.
Angelo jumps to the wrong conclusion when he
spots Charlie with her counsellor, Michael. Things
heat up between Romeo and Annie, but Romeo’s
nerves about appearing on stage in a dress are
making him physically ill.

Thursday 1st – Episode 5039

Annie is left devastated when Romeo’s nerves get
the better of him and he quits the play. Still troubled
by the secret he is keeping from Leah, Elijah
considers leaving Summer Bay for good. An
increasingly paranoid Angelo befriends Michael and
tries to pump him for information about Charlie.

Friday 2nd – Episode 5040

Elijah confesses to Miles that he was at Vinnie’s
bedside when he died 18 months ago. Knowing that
Leah thinks Vinnie is still alive, Miles begins to crack
under the pressure of keeping the secret. Marilyn’s
healthy eating crusade pushes Miles over the edge,
and he orders her out of the house. Leah finally
plucks up the courage to ask Elijah on a date. Liam’s
suspicions are aroused when Xavier becomes
strangely protective of a shoebox. Liam tells
Martha that he suspects the box contains drugs,
but Xavier overhears the whole conversation…

Coming Soon

Angelo spies on Charlie.
Marilyn suffers from disturbing dreams.
Tony tries to become a role model for Xavier.
Xavier enlists Ruby’s help to hide his box.
Will Romeo rejoin the play?

Weekdays at 7.00pm

Kate battles injury to further her dance career. Zeke makes a stand in court. Paul’s business empire is under threat. A mysterious stranger arrives in Ramsay Street. Libby issues Steph with an ultimatum. Have you seen this video yet?

Monday 29th – Episode 5856

Kate’s dreams are shattered when she sprains her ankle during dance rehearsal. Her determination to be fit for the performance puts her in conflict with Declan, who warns that she could do serious damage if she tries to dance on her injured foot. Meanwhile, Andrew takes it upon himself to boost Harry’s confidence with girls by helping him win a place on the basketball team.

Tuesday 30th – Episode 5857

Zeke makes a court appearance for his role in the laboratory break-in. Libby urges him to plead Susan, but Zeke’s principled stand could see him facing jail time. Elsewhere, Kate admits that Candace caused her injury. Candace is cut from the dance troupe, but Kate decides to extend an olive branch and urges her boss to reinstate her.

Wednesday 31st – Episode 5858

Zeke’s court case brings unwanted publicity to Pirate Net and the station’s chief sponsor withdraws his support. Kate suggests a new image for Zeke will turn his fortunes around. Elsewhere, Callum continues to hang around with Dean and his gang despite their harassment of Sophie. But when Dean pushes the joke too far, Callum is forced to defend his friend.

Thursday 1st – Episode 5859

Paul learns that the Erinsborough News’s circulation is down, while Declan warns him that Lassiter’s needs a cash injection. Paul hits upon a plan to turn a quick profit by buying Pirate Net – but he needs Rebecca’s help to do it. Elsewhere, the street is on high alert after a hooded stranger is seen running out of the garage. The interloper is unmasked as Summer Hoyland, who has been expelled from school and is hoping to move back in with Steph.

Friday 2nd – Episode 5860

Paul and Rebecca clash over their new venture. Harry and Andrew compete for the affections of Ramsay Street’s new arrival. Steph tells Lucas she is returning to Erinsborough, only to change her mind. Annoyed by her friend’s dithering, Libby calls Steph and gives her an ultimatum…

Coming Soon

Toadie and Steph return with shocking news. Kate and Declan go on a road trip. Summer starts at Erinsborough High. Lucas lashes out in anger. Donna returns to Ramsay Street. Can Zeke forsake his principles for Paul?

Friday 2 April 8.00pm

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. In this episode, the police hunt for Auggie. Jonah helps Ella land an important new client. Violet continues to blackmail Michael. Lauren treats David’s little brother. Riley considers betraying Auggie.

The residents of 4616 Melrose Place are shocked when police swarm the complex in search of Auggie. Detective Rodriguez has startling new evidence that links Auggie to the murder of Sydney Andrews. “We found the murder weapon,” he tells Jonah. “It was a knife with his blood on it. Mr Kirkpatrick’s wanted for murder.” Stunned by the news, Riley defends her friend – but Jonah is not so sure. “How well do we really know that guy?” he asks. When Riley lets slip that Auggie is away on a trip, Jonah urges her to tell the police – but she refuses to betray her friend.

Annoyed with his fiancée once again, Jonah decides to spend the day helping Ella land a new client. Ella hopes to sign up-and-coming German director Franz Keppler for her agency, but knows nothing about his films. Jonah is delighted to have the chance to meet one of his idols, but is disconcerted when flirty Franz begins to sleaze his way into Ella’s affections. Jonah promptly invents the story that he and Ella are an item.

A chastened Franz apologises for his behaviour, and is charmed enough by the pair to sign up to Ella’s agency. Later, Ella reveals that she was unfazed by the German’s manner, and presses Jonah to admit that he enjoyed playing the role of her boyfriend. “I think that you put your arm around me and pretended to be my beau because secretly it’s what you wanted since the day that we met,” she says. Jonah is flustered by Ella’s accusation, but when she starts to criticise Riley, he is compelled to jump to his fiancée’s defence. “Don’t you ever badmouth Riley!” he snaps. Have Ella’s words rattled Jonah?

Elsewhere, Violet continues to squeeze Michael Mancini for money. With the sneaky minx facing a court appearance for an old arrest, she orders the conniving doctor to find her a lawyer. If Michael does not agree, Violet will send the video of the two of them together to his wife. “Either get me a lawyer, or I get you divorced,” she says. However, Michael is not beyond a few underhand tricks of his own. He threatens to expose Violet’s scheming ways to the judge presiding over her case, who also happens to be his friend. “Your days of milking me for money are over!” Michael says.

Lauren, meanwhile, is struggling to balance her life as a surgical intern with her second career as a lady of the night. Michael catches her drifting off at work and orders her to focus. “When I chose you for my team, you said you could handle the grind,” he snaps. Lauren has a chance to redeem herself when David brings his little brother, Noah, to the hospital when the boy injures himself in a fall. Lauren treats Noah’s injuries and earns praise from her boss. However, Michael is furious to learn that David took Noah to the fair without his knowledge, and berates him for his carelessness. “I just wanted to be a brother… I love him,” David says, miserably.

Also this week, Riley ponders whether she should tell the police what she knows about Auggie. When she connects with the absent chef in an internet chatroom, she tries to find out why he has fled to Mexico. Auggie’s response is worryingly vague: “I’ve ruined my life.” Riley starts to wonder if her friend truly is capable of murder. “Maybe he did hurt Sydney,” she tells Jonah.

Thursday 18th February 8.00pm

The reality series following some particularly demanding brides-to-be as they prepare for their impending nuptials continues. In this instalment, Lacey makes a spectacle of herself at her fiancé’s bachelor party, and LaDrienna struggles to fit into her wedding dress.

This week’s first bride-to-be is Oklahoma-based bride Lacey Jordan. One wedding band is normally enough for most girls – but Lacey will only be satisfied with a double whammy! As the wedding day approaches, Lacey makes a spectacle of herself by dancing on stage at the strip club where her fiancé is hosting his bachelor party.

Lacey continues to defy all logic by insisting on an outdoor ceremony – during tornado season in Oklahoma – and refusing to devise a back-up plan. When the big day arrives, so does a major storm – and with the bride still refusing to take the ceremony indoors, will the entire wedding be swept away?

Next up is 32-year-old project coordinator LaDrienna McMillian. This far-from-blushing bride complains that no one is assisting her with the wedding planning – but if they try to help, she refuses to let them! LaDrienna begins by kicking out four bridesmaids who fail to make it to her bachelorette party, and then refuses to pay a 12- cent charge at the florist!

LaDrienna continues her bridal bad behaviour by returning her wedding presents before she is even hitched! However, her biggest fear is that her dress is not going to fit. She keeps gaining weight because of the ‘stress’ – plus her love of cake and doughnuts. LaDrienna refuses to work out, so she is crossing her fingers she will be able to fit into her dress. Could her big day turn into a big squeeze?

Wednesday 17th February 9.00pm

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. ‘Melrose Place’ charts the lives of seven glamorous twentysomethings in a West Hollywood apartment complex. In this episode, David accuses his father of murdering Sydney. Ella secures Jonah a high-profile job directing a music video. Riley turns to Auggie after a fight with Jonah. Lauren aims to land a place on Michael’s surgical team.

David turns up at his father’s house to confront Michael over his role in Sydney Andrews’s death. “The night that Sydney died, she told me that she was gonna go to the medical board and tell them that you faked her death 12 years ago,” David says. With Michael in danger of losing his medical licence, he had the perfect motive for killing Sydney – and David is determined to prove it.

A furious Michael denies any involvement, but flashbacks reveal his part in faking Sydney’s death following her car accident. It transpires that Sydney eventually turned herself in to police and served six years in jail for her deception. In that time, she never revealed Michael’s part in the crime. “I kept your name out of it. I protected you,” Sydney told him. But it is clear that Sydney began blackmailing Michael for money. Did her threat to tell the medical board of his malpractice finally push Michael over the edge?

At 4616 Melrose Place, another argument breaks out between Jonah and Riley when Jonah learns that his fiancée has yet to break the news of their engagement to her family and friends. “Everyone who matters to me knows I’m getting married,” Jonah says. Before they can resolve their differences, Ella arrives with a job offer for her client. She wants Jonah to take over the shooting of a music video for pop star Taryn Manning (guest starring as herself).

At the shoot, Jonah learns the previous director stormed off the set after clashing with Taryn. The singer is paranoid about security following a run-in with a stalker. In their first meeting, she pulls a gun on Jonah, believing him to be another obsessive fan. “What did you get me into here?” Jonah demands of Ella. “I’m a director, not a hostage negotiator!” Jonah puts his charm to good use and coaxes Taryn back to the set. To Ella’s alarm, he tears up the storyboard and shoots the video how he wants it to look. The music company is delighted with the result, but will Jonah be allowed to take credit for his work?

Riley, meanwhile, decides to patch things up with her fiancé by cooking him a special dinner. She turns to chef Auggie for advice, but his recommended dish sounds a little complicated. “Relationships are complicated,” Auggie assures her. “Cooking comes with instructions.” Later, Auggie stops by Riley’s apartment to console her about her relationship woes – and the pair briefly kiss. Has Riley just made a huge mistake?

Elsewhere, Lauren asks David for help in securing her a place on Michael’s surgical team at the hospital. But David does his best to discourage her from applying. “You don’t want to be on his team,” he warns. “It’s best to stay out of his way.” During the interview, Michael expresses his doubts about Lauren’s ability to pay her tuition fees – but the intern insists she can find the money. When Lauren lets slip that she saw David in Michael’s office, the cunning surgeon realises that his son has been spying on him. Michael invites Lauren to join his team – but is there an ulterior motive at work?

Also this week, Violet sneaks into Sydney’s apartment and borrows one of her dresses to wear. “I’m kinda wearing it for someone,” she tells Riley. Later, Violet presents Auggie with a $200 pair of sunglasses as a thank-you present for getting her a job at the restaurant. But a flustered Auggie is uncomfortable with all of Violet’s attentions…

Tuesday 16th February 8.00pm

The consumer technology show hosted by Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley, Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley continues. This week, Suzi and Jason compete to shoot rival pop music videos. Suzi teams up with Fightstar while Jason works with Har Mar Superstar. Elsewhere, Jon tests smartphones in Italy and Ortis heads to the Czech Republic to view the amazing Snow Glider. And the whole team gathers to assemble a top five list of the best mobile-phone apps available.

This week on ‘The Gadget Show’, Suzi and Jason face the daunting challenge of becoming cutting-edge pop video directors. Suzi gets to use a professional crew with the very latest video-making kit. Her task is to make a sexy and stylish promo for British alternative rock band Fightstar, fronted by former Busted heartthrob Charlie Simpson.

Jason, meanwhile, has the chance to work with one of America’s most original and entertaining singersongwriters, Har Mar Superstar. Jason takes on the role of director, lighting engineer, cameraman, soundman and editor to make a completely original video using a range of new consumer HD camcorders and editing software. But will his wildly inventive masterpiece – full of comedy gags, helicopter shots and special effects – be a match for Suzi’s super-slick production? Two of the British music industry’s top video experts pass judgment on the finished promos.

Also this week, Jon travels to Italy to test the latest smartphones on the market. Do any of them have what it takes to steal the iPhone’s crown? Elsewhere, Ortis heads to the Czech Republic to try out what could be next winter’s must-have gadget – the amazing Snow Glider. This aerodynamic sleigh boasts a rear-mounted propeller to send it gliding across the snowy tundra – perfect for sudden blizzards in Basingstoke.

Finally, all four presenters get together to look at the gadget phenomenon that has taken the world by storm – the mobile phone app. They decide which of the 100,000 apps currently available are worthy of a place in their top five.

Weekdays at 10.30am

Irene reaches out to Alf. What is Mink’s secret? Geoff breaks up with Ruby. Martha asks Liam to move in with her. Can Miles help Leah face up to the world?

Monday 15th – Episode 5007

Irene reaches out to Alf and tries to help him see that a lot of good things have happened in the bay. Can Alf get back to his old self? Elsewhere, Aden seeks advice from Liam and Tony about Nicole’s declaration that she loves him. And Liam becomes increasingly uncomfortable living with his exgirlfriend. Is it time for Liam to move on?

Tuesday 16th – Episode 5008

Gina attempts to dissuade Xavier from spending time with the rebellious Mink. Xavier is furious when Mink visits Gina and confronts her about her negative attitude. But nothing prepares Xavier for Mink’s next revelation – that she killed her abusive stepfather and was sent to a juvenile detention centre! Meanwhile, Leah, Geoff and Ruby struggle to come to terms with the race riot. Ruby is stunned when Geoff blames her for the siege, while Leah is too scared to leave her house…

Wednesday 17th – Episode 5009

Ruby struggles to get her relationship with Geoff back on track. However, she is shocked when he attacks one of the lifeguards involved in the riot! Ruby is pleased that the police do not charge her boyfriend over the incident – but her joy is shortlived when Geoff suddenly breaks up with her! Elsewhere, Romeo and Xavier struggle to deal with Mink’s revelations, and Colleen tries to comfort a distressed Leah.

Thursday 18th – Episode 5010

Feeling totally lost, Geoff speaks with his local reverend and makes a big decision about his future. Sick of house hunting, Liam offers to help Martha out on the farm. He is surprised when she then asks him to move in with her! Will Martha make a move on her new lodger? And Colleen reveals Leah’s agoraphobia to a worried Miles. Can he persuade her to step outside?

Friday 19th – Episode 5011

Martha makes breakfast for Liam after their night together. He is worried that things will be awkward between them, but she assures him that she still wants him to move in. Elsewhere, Tony cannot decide whether to sell the remainder of his share in the gym to John Palmer. And Angelo is disappointed when Charlie decides she is not ready to move in with him.

Coming Soon

Ruby reconnects with Xavier. Mink is up to no good… Will Leah stay with Hazem? Aden and Nicole struggle to communicate. Liam and Martha continue their flirtation.

Weekdays at 10.00am

The Australian soap –which reportedly counts Prince William among its fans – continues. Lou risks everything for Harry. Karl issues Dan with an ultimatum. Can Declan deny his feelings for Kate? Donna meets an attractive stranger. Is it all over for Libby and Dan?

Monday 15th – Episode 5826

Lou is warned that the police will arrest him and charge him with kidnapping if he does not hand over Harry. The whole neighbourhood pitches in to hide Harry until his case worker finally catches up with him. Karl, meanwhile, realises the stress that Dan and Libby’s marital difficulties are putting on Susan. He issues Dan with an ultimatum to stay away from his wife.

Tuesday 16th – Episode 5827

The teens head off for ‘schoolies’, the traditional week-long holiday at the end of exams. While Zeke seeks a distraction from Sunny’s departure and Donna and Ringo (played by Sam Clark, who is currently at number one in the Australian hit parade) reconnect, Kate and Declan find themselves forced to confront their feelings for each other. At home, Karl encourages Dan and Libby to try relationship counselling.

Wednesday 17th – Episode 5828

Following their kiss, Declan denies having any feelings for Kate, leaving her confused and disappointed. After a fight with Ringo, Donna runs off to a party, where she meets a suave young man named Andrew. Will she find solace in the arms of a stranger? Elsewhere, Lyn resolves to enter the Erinsborough News ‘Christmas Spirit’ competition – but Paul urges Rebecca to compete against her. And Lucas realises that Steph is jealous of his new close friendship with Libby.

Thursday 18th – Episode 5829

Libby and Dan struggle to move forward with their counselling. Dan adopts a more direct approach to saving their marriage – by carrying Libby off to bed. But a guilt-ridden Libby fears that if they cannot talk about their issues, they will never fix their marriage. At the beach house, Declan and Zeke try to heal the rift between Ringo and Donna.

Friday 19th – Episode 5830

Libby and Dan struggle to come to terms with the end of their relationship. A vulnerable Libby turns to Lucas for comfort – and their secret kiss is witnessed by Steph. Toadie attempts to reassure Callum ahead of his move to high school, but the lad turns to Paul for advice.

Coming Soon

Steph makes a mistake she will live to regret. Kate confides in Donna. Dan makes a drastic decision. Donna’s secret is under threat. Lucas puts his life in danger.

Saturday 13th February 9.00pm

The fishing adventure series with Robson Green continues. This week, Robson plumbs the depths of Sri Lanka’s fishing heritage. He visits the colourful Kandy Perahera festival, goes cave fishing in Uda Walawe national park and attempts to catch the mighty mahseer.

This week, Robson journeys to stunning Sri Lanka, where fishing is the lifeblood of the coastal communities around the island. The adventure begins with some real local colour at the Kandy Perahera festival. This event is a unique symbol of Sri Lanka’s heritage, celebrating Buddhism with dancing. Garishly decorated elephants are often the most memorable images from this incredible spectacle. Robson also observes the traditional ‘water-cutting’ ceremony – the Diya Kepeema.

Next up is a stop at the beaches of southern Sri Lanka. Robson heads for the seaside town of Koggala where fishing continues as normal, despite the massive damaged caused by the 2004 tsunami. Robson encounters the Weligama stilt fishermen, who have practised their unique technique of balancing on poles for decades. Passed down from father to son, the position of these poles along the coastline is much disputed. The fishermen carve intricate notches, enabling them to climb up on to their 10ft-high crossbar perches. As Robson follows the fishermen out into the sea, he prepares himself to climb the poles. How will he fare when he is attempting to keep his balance while catching his supper?

Despite not being fond of the dark, Robson then visits the Uda Walawe national park and challenges himself to fish in one of the caves. There is the potential to catch stinging catfish, eels and gobies, amongst other weird and wonderful creatures. It is not an easy task, but with the right bait Robson could be successful. However, with thousands of bats flying around, eating anything caught in this cave would not be advisable!

In search of spirituality, Robson decides to visit a Buddhist temple on one of the beautiful islands found on the Madu Ganga river. He then heads out for a fishing trip on the river, one of the most abundant in Sri Lanka. Surrounded by thick jungle, the water is stocked to the gunnels with freshwater fish and huge barracuda, barramundi, mangrove jack, bull eyes and mackerel. After a surprisingly Zen experience at the temple, will fortune smile on Robson’s adventure?

However, Robson has one major goal on this leg of his tour. Found in the Mahaweli river, the mahseer is the main species of indigenous sporting fish in Sri Lanka – and the Geordie lad will not be happy until he has caught one! This is the ultimate freshwater fish, renowned as the hardest-fighting species on the planet. The mahseer in the Mahaweli can reach weights of up to 107lb – is Robson up to the challenge?

Leaving southern Sri Lanka behind, Robson’s final trip takes him to the wilds of the Indian Ocean. The Geordie sets off from the fishing village of Hambantota looking for the ocean’s biggest predators – but it is monsoon season and conditions are horrendous. After three terrifying hours at sea, it is time for Robson to catch something extreme! But will he be able to handle his rod – and his fish – in such wild conditions?

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