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Thursday 11th February 8.00pm

The reality series following some particularly demanding brides-to-be as they prepare for their impending nuptials continues. In this instalment, LaJune faces off with her former best friend, while Lacey makes a spectacle of herself at her fiancé’s bachelor party.

This week’s first bride-to-be is 27-year-old LaJune Henderson, a demanding store manager who insists that her wedding “just better be perfect”. At her bachelorette party, this fiery Texan partook in a dance-off that ended up in a fight with another bride-to-be – so the wedding organisers will be keen to get this one right!

In the run-up to her big day, LaJune has a great deal of trouble with her bridesmaids, in particular her diminutive maid of honour, Tonya. However, the biggest problem is Tasha, LaJune’s former best friend. Tasha once dated LaJune’s fiancé, Dimitrius, and the paranoid bride-to-be is convinced the pair have been at it again…

Next up is Oklahoma-based bride Lacey. One wedding band is normally enough for most girls – but Lacey will only be satisfied with a double whammy! As the wedding day approaches, Lacey makes a spectacle out of herself by dancing on stage at the strip club where her fiancé is hosting his bachelor party.

Lacey continues to defy all logic by insisting on an outdoor ceremony – during tornado season in Oklahoma – and refusing to devise a back-up plan. When the big day arrives, so does a major storm – and with the bride still refusing to take the ceremony indoors, will the entire wedding be

Wednesday 10th February 9.00pm

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. ‘Melrose Place’ charts the lives of seven glamorous twentysomethings in a West Hollywood apartment complex. In this episode, Ella risks losing her job. David plots to steal a priceless watch. Lauren ponders another indecent proposal. Auggie recalls his sordid affair with Sydney. Jonah and Riley clash over Ella.

High-flying publicist Ella is brought down to earth when she learns her new boss, Caleb Brewer, plans to sack her. “I never say this to a man but I am now: letting me go would be the biggest mistake of your life,” she says. Caleb agrees to give Ella until Monday morning to sign a hot new client – hunky British actor Jasper Barns. “You come back emptyhanded, and you’re out,” he says.

Ella knows that Jasper is attending an exclusive party at the weekend, and uses her leverage over David to acquire herself an invitation – but can she convince the actor to sign with her? Would-be thief David, meanwhile, has his own reasons for attending the party. He has his sights set on pinching a priceless watch from the host’s collection.

Over at the hospital, Lauren faces down the guilt from her one-night stand with Toby. The dashing Toby offered to pay her $5,000 for a night of pleasure. Unfortunately, the amount is still way short of the $30,000 she needs to pay her medical school tuition. Lauren finds herself plunged into another dilemma when Toby tells her his friend Rick is interested in a similar deal. “I think he could help you out… make a donation, kinda like I did,” he says.

Lauren wastes no time in turning Toby down flat. “Thank you for being my pimp, but I’ll pass,” she says. However, when she learns she could be expelled from school at the end of term, she is forced to rethink her decision. Lauren agrees to meet with handsome Rick and accompany him to a party. She is shocked to run into Ella and David at the bash, and quickly introduces Rick as her date for the evening. But will her secret stay safe?

Elsewhere, chef Auggie is under renewed pressure from the police following Sydney Andrews’s shocking murder (see last week’s episode). Auggie insists he and Sydney were just good friends. However, flashbacks reveal that the two met at an Alcoholics Anonymous gathering and embarked on a sordid affair. Sydney ended the tryst when she learned that Auggie was still traumatised from his girlfriend’s death in a stabbing. She told Auggie to start taking the programme seriously. “I love you too much to see you fail,” she said. But Auggie refuses to tell the police that he was with Sydney on the night she died. What else is he hiding?

Across the apartment complex, Riley skips work to celebrate her engagement to Jonah. But she is dismayed when he takes time out to install a security camera in the courtyard at Ella’s request. “You drop everything just because she asks you to,” Riley says. “Ella has a thing for you.” An irritated Jonah responds by questioning Riley’s close friendship with Auggie. He is particularly annoyed when the security camera picks up Riley and Auggie sharing an intense conversation. “I was comforting him!” Riley hits back.

The warring couple only break off their bickering when they see security camera footage showing new neighbour Violet swimming in the pool at night. The quirky, willowy redhead bears an uncanny resemblance to Sydney Andrews – and Jonah starts to grow suspicious. “The girl’s a little weird,” Riley admits. “That doesn’t make her a murderer.” “She moves in, a week later Sydney’s dead. Coincidence?” Jonah responds. Little do they know that Violet is harbouring a shocking secret about her relationship to Sydney…

Tuesday 9th February 8.00pm

The consumer technology show hosted by Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley, Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley continues. This week, Suzi and Ortis compete to find the best ways of reducing the running costs of their gadgets, Jason checks out the latest toys available on the market and Ortis goes bobsleighing in snowy San Moritz.

This week on ‘The Gadget Show’, Suzi and Ortis are out to save a lot of cash. Hundreds of pounds are up for grabs when they go head to head in a moneysaving challenge to see who can find the best ways to reduce the running costs of their pricey tech.

In the first part of the challenge, the thrifty pair take each other on in a super-competitive gameshow, compèred by anarchic comedian Dom Joly. The pair get a shocking lesson in how much their tech actually costs to run.

Suitably horrified and determined to save money, Suzi and Ortis settle into a life of domestic bliss together in an average, suburban home. Ortis’s challenge is to replace his tech with energy-saving alternatives in order to cut down on running costs. Suzi’s challenge is to reduce the costs of servicing and powering her existing gadgets. Who will make the greatest savings?

Elsewhere, Jason Bradbury is at the London Toy Fair checking out the hottest new toys that are available to buy this year. Which exciting interactive gadgets are the new must-haves for discerning toy-lovers?

Meanwhile, Jon Bentley weighs up the pros and cons of Blu-ray. He considers why take-up has been slow when the picture quality is so fantastic. Can the nation’s tech lovers be won round?

And not wanting to miss out on some Winter Olympic action, Ortis tests the latest and best action cameras around whilst bobsleighing in St Moritz. He could be in for a bumpy ride…

Monday 8th February 9.00pm

Low-budget horror about three young people who head deep into the woods of Maryland to research a project concerning the local legend of the Blair Witch. The trio soon discover that the myth may be real and their lives could be in danger – but they cannot find their way back to the road.

Presented as if pieced together from raw video footage, the film achieved immediate cult status and went on to become a worldwide smash hit.

Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael Williams

Weekdays at 10.30am

Summer Bay’s residents struggle to escape a frightening siege. Charlie deals with the aftermath of her ordeal. Angelo receives a promotion. Nicole is devastated by her exam results. Alf withdraws from those who love him. Are Nicole and Aden moving too fast?

Monday 8th – Episode 5002
The drunks start throwing Molotov cocktails at the Diner, setting it on fire. Inside, Geoff and Alf battle to put out the flames and Hazem is badly injured. Can the police rescue Summer Bay’s terrified residents? Elsewhere, Mink rubs Gina up the wrong way and Rabbit tells Miles she has had a disturbing vision…

Tuesday 9th – Episode 5003
Broadcast journalist Patrick produces a report on the race riots. While Martha and Irene find the process of talking about their experiences cathartic, Alf is clearly traumatised. Can he come to terms with what happened in the Diner? Meanwhile, Liam finds himself the focus of unwanted press attention yet again, and Aden tries to heal the rift between Nicole and her troubled ex-boyfriend.

Wednesday 10th – Episode 5004
Nicole is devastated when she fails to get into her uni course and realises she will have to repeat her final year. Elsewhere, Charlie continues to suffer from nightmares in the wake of her experience with Hugo. Things get worse when Angelo is then promoted over her. Can Charlie handle having her boyfriend as her boss? And Alf tells Aden he is not certain if he has a future in the bay. Can his friends persuade him to change his mind?

Thursday 11th – Episode 5005
Angelo is congratulated on his promotion – but Charlie continues to struggle with the situation. Martha encourages Geoff to face up to his pain. And a concerned Angelo attempts to highlight Summer Bay’s good points to a depressed Alf – but it seems Alf’s disillusionment runs far deeper than his friends realise…

Friday 12th – Episode 5006
In the final episode of the week, a casual remark from Miles sees Nicole start to worry that her relationship with Aden may be moving too fast. Still shaken by the race riot, Alf becomes increasingly difficult and introspective. And Charlie’s anger about Angelo’s promotion begins to impact on their relationship. Can the pair move on from their uneasiness?

Coming Soon

Irene reaches out to Alf. Geoff breaks up with Ruby. Liam moves in with Martha! Leah’s downward spiral continues. What is Mink’s secret?

Weekdays at 10.00am

Can Susan and Libby forgive Dan for his actions? Is Ringo embarrassed by Donna? Zeke must choose between Sunny and his family. Paul and Lou try to work together for the Ramsays. Harry struggles to cope in foster care.

Monday 8th – Episode 5821
Lucas reels from Libby’s revelation that she cannot help but blame Dan for the loss of the baby. Dan organises a memorial ceremony for the child, but Susan makes it clear she does not forgive her sonin- law for his actions. Donna pursues her latest design, the ‘shrug-a-lero’, but when she presents it to Ringo in front of his St John Ambulance mates, he is embarrassed by her.

Tuesday 9th – Episode 5822
Susan is taken to hospital following her MS relapse and Dan fears he will never be part of the family again. Karl, meanwhile, blames Libby for pressuring Susan into going through with the surrogacy despite her illness. Matters between Ringo and Donna worsen when he scoffs at her idea of taking out a bank loan to fund her new fashion venture – and is proven right.

Wednesday 10th – Episode 5823
With Sunny’s parents due to arrive, Zeke worries that Susan and Karl cannot cope with the added complication of explaining their relationship. He urges Sunny to return home – and vows to accompany her to Korea. But Sunny urges him to consider his parents. Is their relationship over? Elsewhere, Libby decides she cannot live with Dan while she blames him for losing the baby.

Thursday 11th – Episode 5824

As Harry struggles to cope with life in foster care, Paul and Toadie do their best to present Lou as a suitable guardian for the troubled lad. Declan suspects there is trouble at Harry’s foster home. Zeke is determined to make Sunny’s last day memorable. But will she reveal her true feelings before she leaves?

Friday 12th – Episode 5825

Declan breaks up a fight between Harry and his bullying foster brother. Declan and Toadie urge the DHS to move quickly with the boy’s case, but an impatient Lou takes matters into his own hands. Elsewhere, Donna shirks her babysitting duties by placing India in Lucas’s care. A bemused Lucas finds himself the recipient of some unexpected female attention.

Coming Soon

Lou risks everything for Harry. Karl issues Dan with an ultimatum. Can Declan deny his feelings for Kate? Donna meets an attractive stranger. Is it all over for Libby and Dan?

Sunday 7th February 9.00pm

Paul Merton continues his tour of Europe. Paul heads to Milan to see how the city’s twin loves of football and fashion have joined together with the concept of a footballer living in a department store. He watches a violent game of medieval football before meeting a group of men who have shed their macho image by learning housework. In Rome, Paul visits the spot where Julius Caesar died and encounters a self-styled ‘TV terrorist’.

Paul’s European tour continues with a trip to the home of spaghetti, espressos, the Catholic Church and Vespas. His first stop is the elegant northern city of Milan, famed for two things – football and fashion. Paul’s guide, Genevieve, shows him how a local department store has gone one better by fusing the two together. While being dragged around the shops, Paul is surprised to stumble across a semi-naked footballer, Andrea Vasa, living in a department store.

Andrea eats, sleeps and showers in the aisles for passers-by to see. This living, breathing bit of window dressing even parks his Porsche on the shop floor. The idea is the brainchild of the store owner, who believes that football is the language of the 21st century…

Next, Paul attends a game of calcio storico, a medieval mixture of rugby, football, wrestling and outright war. A recreation of a medieval match takes place every year. The game pitches two teams of locals dressed in 16th-century clobber against each other in a free-for-all stampede of gouging, stomping and head-bashing.

In the Tuscan town of Petra Santa, Paul enjoys a rather more genteel time at the Association of Househusbands. For centuries Italian men have been the embodiment of the macho male. But in this small town a quiet revolution is taking place as husbands learn ironing, washing and cleaning. Paul learns one possible reason for this change in male attitude has to do with the fringe benefits they can earn in the bedroom…

Paul’s new guide, Kim, takes him to meet Dominico Albion, a shoemaker with a difference. Dominico owns a bizarre hotel that has never had any paying guests! The establishment is part of Dominico’s strange private world, which he explains is governed by its own laws – known as the ‘30 rules of the Spaceman’. Holed up in his private space, Dominico can practise his very surreal art, which mostly seems to involve a lot of naked models.

Paul then makes tracks for Rome. The Eternal City is home to the Colosseum, the Forum and the Vatican – but Paul has some rather more offbeat sights in store. His guide is Francesco, a local journalist who has written a book probing the volatile minefield that is the Italian psyche. After keeping Paul waiting, Francesco finally shows up and decides to take him to the spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated. Paul is bemused to discover this key historical site is now home to a cat sanctuary.

Francesco introduces Paul to Paolini, a self-styled ‘TV terrorist’ who takes great delight in disrupting TV broadcasts. Paolini has done so no fewer than 20,000 times. He intrudes on the airwaves to promote safe sex, although he often is dragged away before he can espouse the virtues of the humble condom to the Italian people.

After a few false starts, Paul has become quite fond of eccentric Francesco. Before leaving Rome, he recreates one of the city’s most famous films by taking a very special bike ride into the sunset, à la Audrey Hepburn.

Sunday 7th February 8.00pm

The property and lifestyle series with Charlie Luxton continues. This week, Charlie meets an Essex family who hope to renovate a barge and relocate to the canals of Burgundy, France. David is a former professional photographer who plans to run holiday cruises on the finished boat. But the complicated renovation costs time and money, before the family face the upheaval of moving to France and navigating unfamiliar waters.

David, Hilary and their children enjoy a busy family life in Colchester, Essex. They have always had a passion for boats and now they plan to swap their modern house for a life on water. Tired of working long hours and spending little time with their daughters, David and Hilary have decided to pursue their dream of renovating a boat and running cruises on the idyllic canals of Burgundy, France. David is looking forward to the challenge of selfrenovating what he describes as a ‘tired, tatty, hotel barge’. The 110ft-long Dutch boat was built in 1927 and weighs 184 tonnes. The budget for the project is around £35,000. The family set to work by tackling fundamental jobs such as repairing the hull and installing new batteries.

Working full time on the boat, David admits that he inevitably suffers from cabin fever. He is, however, determined to complete the remaining work on his own. The list of jobs includes creating the guest cabins and installing plumbing and electrics, as well as the unending task of painting and varnishing the vessel.

The barge is currently docked on King Edward Quay in Colchester. This urban regeneration area is a far cry from the dreamy surroundings the family will be enjoying in France. Whilst they restore the boat, David, Hilary and the girls are living on board to save money. Once in France, the plan is to rent a home on dry land so that they can send their youngest daughter, Katie, to school. The boat will then be used solely for passengers. Until then, the family have to cope with the ups and downs and limited space of canalside life.

With the boat nearing completion, David and Hilary begin to plan the next part of the operation. They hope to sail the barge across to France and start running cruises for the summer season. However, the couple admit that the challenge of chartering a boat on the Burgundy canals is a daunting one. Even if the renovation is completed in time, they face potential battles with French bureaucracy, a language barrier and a network of unfamiliar canals. Can they surmount these obstacles and navigate their way to their dream life?

Saturday 6th February 9.00pm

The fishing adventure series with Robson Green continues. This week, Robson travels to China, where fishing is a very big deal. He encounters the revered big-headed carp in Qiandao, eats his own octopus catch in Xiu Shan, attempts the ancient art of cormorant fishing on the Longhu river and enters a prestigious fishing tournament.

China is the world’s largest consumer of fish, with 11,000 miles of coastline, 3,000 lakes and 1,500 rivers at its disposal. The Chinese have devised all kinds of strange and ingenious fishing techniques, and Robson is about to experience one of the most extraordinary. At Qiandao lake, he joins 100 locals who are after the most revered fish in China – the stunning big-headed carp. Helping them to pull in a huge net containing thousands of jumping, thrashing carp, Robson then samples the catch – including the delights of carp lips and eyeballs!

New gastronomic experiences also await Robson at his next stop. In Xiu Shan, to the south-east of Shanghai, Robson spends a day hunting octopus in the mud. After hours of futile digging, and a lot of help from local expert Zhang, Robson finally snags himself a tentacled catch. Then it is on to the nearest floating restaurant for an eat-what-youcatch banquet. Robson has eaten octopus before, but never the head – or the three hearts!

Next, Robson arrives at the Longhu River for one of the world’s most iconic and ancient fishing methods: cormorant fishing. These elegant birds have been trained to dive down and catch fish for Chinese fishermen for over 1,000 years – but the method relies entirely on the harmony between man and bird. Unfortunately for Robson, his bird is more interested in escaping than helping him!

Finally, Robson gets to use a traditional rod and reel – in the prestigious Dongtou International Fishing Tournament. The only European in a field of more than 100 competitors from all over Asia, Robson is under big pressure. The aim is to catch as many highly prized black sea bream as possible – will Robson make it into the Chinese top 40?

Saturday 6th February 7.00pm

Lavish animated version of the classic Arabian folk tale. A magic lamp falls into the hands of streetwise urchin Aladdin, offering him a route out of poverty and bringing him into contact with the beautiful Princess Jasmine. However, in order to win the hand of the princess, the lad must first defeat the sultan’s evil adviser, Jafar.

Robin Williams memorably provides the voice of the genie in this landmark Disney animation. Ron Clements and John Musker also directed 1989’s ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Ron Clements, John Musker
Featuring the Voices of
Robin Williams, Scott Weinger, Jonathan Freeman

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