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Unfortunately there’s no LOST this week. This is a major, major bummer. On the plus side this gives us an opportunity to catch our breath since things have been moving way too fast this season. Also on the plus side is that this was one of the best episodes in what has consistently been a pretty fantastic season of television.


We’re back on the island with Sawyer, Juliette, Jin, Daniel and Miles as they plan their next move. They decide to wait for Locke to return. What follows is the passage of three years, throughout which Sawyer becomes the de facto leader of the group and leads them in the perpretation and sustainment of a lie that allows them to become members of the Dharma Initiative.


The first thing that we have to process is of course that huge statue crowning above the trees. Obviously, this is where that freaky four toed thing came from. Less obvious, is what the statue is of. I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable to estimate it might be the Egyptian God ‘Anubis’.

There is a theory out there that the island was the origin of Egyptian legend. The Egyptians discovered the island and begun to worship the smoke monster as Anubis. I’ve also heard people suggest that Richard Alpert might be Ra, the Egyptian sun God. And that’s what the deal is with his eye-shadow. That necklace that Paul wears is the same thing that Anubis holds (you can see them in the screencap BELOW). There are hyrogliphics on the wall of the temple. Oh, and in Egyptian legend a war would rage until the birth of the baby Horus. In the latest episode, Horace has a kid.

There are two main questions that La Fleur raises:

1. Who is the baby that is being born?

2. What is the nature of ‘the truce’?

Alpert mentions that the sonic fences do not keep his people out, that instead, it is the truce that does so. What is the truce? Not to kill members of the other side? Sounds something like the agreement that Widmore and Ben Linus have, no? And if the sonic fences don’t keep the Others out, then why does Linus need to turn them off when they eventually come in and wipe the Dharma Initiative out?

How come Amy can give birth now? What happened to stop women from being able to give birth on the island later? Does it have something to do with the massive electro-magnetism?

Why did Charlotte’s body disappear with the flash? Does the flash not carry dead cells? Or is it something to do with baby Charlotte existing at that time? Is this to avoid a paradoxical meeting of the two entities?

Who do you think Sawyer is gonna end up with? Who would you prefer?

Also, where the hell are Rose and Bernard? I’ll try and let you figure out what happened to them but if I had to guess it would have something to do with a cave and two stones, one black and one white.

Kemal Shahin of BIG BROTHER 2005 has followed in the esteemed footsteps of previous contestants Samanda and Craig and released his first music video. The ex-house mate is now officially recording his music under the pseudonym ‘Zuleyka’. The song is called ‘Through With Love’ and the name of the video is ‘Good Luck Ever Getting An Erection Again, Ever’.

The video is pretty horrible but I guess the song itself isn’t awful. I’ve heard a lot worse over the years, so at least there is that. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the single sold anywhere between five and ten copies. Easily.

You can check the video out BELOW.

Since appearing on BIG BROTHER, Shahin has gone on to be a successful figure in the fashion industry, working as a Runway Coach and Model Scout. He was also a judge at some major beauty pageants, including Miss Universe UK 2008. Although why anyone thought he was the person to judge what guys think is acceptably attractive in a girl, is a question for minds and intellects far more advanced than my own.

If you want to be kept informed of Zuleyka’s upcoming music, make sure to check back here. Obviously I will be keeping abreast of anything this dude does!


Coleen Nolan may have to pull out of this weekend’s DANCING ON ICE semi-final after suffering her second serious injury in a week. The LOOSE WOMEN star dislocated a rib last night practising one of her routines and suffered a serious injury which had her requiring gas and air to relieve the pain.

A spokesperson for Coleen told the Daily Mirror: “It doesn’t look good for her ice dream. She’ll be heartbroken if she has to pull out… We’re all just keeping our fingers crossed she’ll be fit enough but it’s not looking good.”

Just last week, Nolan was forced to compete with a fractured wrist. In spite of this set-back however, she managed to qualify for the semi-final at the expense of BLUE PETER host Zoe Salmon.

It’s a kick in the ass for her to be sure. But let’s just all take a moment and be thankful that it wasn’t one of the hot chicks on that show that might have to drop out. I mean, I think it’s just important that we keep everything in perspective here.

In other news, at the premiere for MARLEY AND ME, Roxanne Pallett (one of said hot chicks) revealed that she is rooting for ex-Liberty X singer Jessica Taylor to win:

“I am rooting for Jess, Jessica’s a real girl’s girl – she’d have been her now but she’s training so I would love Jess to be in the final”

Pallett made no clarification of what in the hell she was talking about but by my interpretation she wants Taylor to win because she was absent at the premiere. Or maybe I just misunderstood because I was ogling Pallett’s monstrous cleavage. It’s pretty feasible.


Ok, so this article is on the way. It’s coming soon…

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