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9:00pm Friday, January 21 on LIVING

The psychological profilers of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) encounter one of their most perplexing cases this week as the sixth series of Criminal Minds continues on LIVING. The hit US police drama explores the nature of human memory as a series of killings echo those of an uncaught brutal serial killer from 25 years – the Butcher. The new murders attempt to recreate the Butcher’s last kill, is it a sick homage or has the killer returned to recapture some lost memory of his glory days?

The BAU team members are experts in human behaviour each specialising in some aspect of the criminal mind. They are called in when no-one else can track down dangerous and elusive criminals such as terrorists, child murderers and serial killers. Building a psychological profile of the killer can uncover their motivation and result in finding vital clues to anticipate their next move and catch them before they can kill again.

The Butcher was one of the BAU founder David Rossi’s (Joe Mantegna) first cases. The victims are tortured, sexu- ally assaulted and electrocuted after being forced to leave a terrified goodbye phone call to their loved ones. BAU are convinced the new killings are by a copycat, because the Butcher would now be over 70. But Rossi has a gut feeling his old adversary has somehow managed to return to his old ways. A lead takes them to a confused old man with Alzheimer’s disease, could this be the feared killer? Find out exclusively on LIVING.

11:30pm Sunday, January 16 on LIVING

Awards season has hit Hollywood and for the stars that means frantic promotional efforts and last minute meetings with stylists. For fans at home, though, the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony offers something totally different – one of the year’s best chances to see the glamour and gorgeousness of Hollywood’s A-list turned out in their designer finest. Celeb watchers can get their first taste of award season’s star-studded fashion this week as LIVING’s coverage of the Golden Globe Red Carpet broadcasts live in stunning high definition.

When the Hollywood Press Association hands out statuettes each year, the hottest stars show up in tuxedos and fabulous frocks. Sure, everyone wants to know whether British contender The King’s Speech will win best drama. Or whether Annette Bening, Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie will take home the award for best performance in a comedy. But fans eagerly awaiting the results can satisfy themselves first with another pressing concern – whose outfit will win raves and whose fashion faux pas will guarantee them a slot on the worst dressed lists?

Film critic Alex Zane anchors the event, while a panel of celebrity guests and experts back in the London studio comment on the evening’s winners, losers, frocks and shocks. Angela Griffin joins as the panel’s LA correspondent, giving UK viewers a front row seat to all the glitz and glamour live from the ceremony’s red carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Film fans and armchair fashion critics should grab a bag of popcorn or a of bottle bubbly and join Hollywood’s hottest stars on the red carpet this week on LIVING.

10:00pm Wednesday, January 12 on LIVING

The shocking massacre in the finale of the last series of Grey’s Anatomy continues to have lasting repercussions for the surgeons of Seattle Grace Hospital. As the seventh season of the emotionally charged medical drama continues on LIVING this week the surviving staff are still trying to come to terms with the tragedy, resume their tangled personal lives and get back to saving patients from life-threatening conditions.

All the surgeons have to attend trauma counselling before they are cleared to perform surgery, but the counsellor senses that Meredith is holding something back and is refusing to allow her to return to the operating theatre. Not revealing to Derek that she was pregnant and miscarried during the massacre is tearing her up, but her husband has been acting highly erratically since being shot and she wants to protect him. Other surgeons are also still banned from surgery, notably Alex, because he is strangely refusing to have the bullet in his chest removed.

Meanwhile, Cristina is also still waiting to be cleared to go back to work and is unsure about her quick fire marriage to Owen in the wake of the shooting. Her new husband advises her to go and get some blood on her hands and argues the chief into letting her help during an advanced heart operation. Halfway through the surgery, though, she has a panic attack and freezes. The physicians are working miracles every day in the hospital, but can they heal themselves from the terrible trauma of the massacre? Find out exclusively on LIVING.

9:00pm Tuesday, January 11 on LIVING

It is estimated that 200,000 Americans are immobile because of their own weight and that a third of US children are obese. LIVING looks at this shocking subject with documentary mini-series Half Ton Teen which uncovers the disturbing stories of teenagers whose extreme weight is threatening their lives. Some of the scenes are not for the faint hearted with invasive footage of actual surgical procedures.

This second episode continues to follow two of the world’s heaviest teenagers as they attempt to lose a combined 1,000 pounds in weight. Having now lost a quarter of his original 800 pound weight, 19-year-old Billy from Texas is ready for the first stage of his gastric bypass surgery, but any such operation for such a morbidly obese person still carries a very high risk. Billy was eating 30,000 calories a day, which was only possible through an enabler, his over-protective mother, who shares much of the responsibility for his extreme condition.

Weighing in at 600 pounds, 16-year-old John is not at such a dangerous stage as Billy, but he faces similar risks as he too undergoes a gastric bypass which will require him to be under anaesthesia for over 6 hours. The operation will drastically reduce the size of their stomachs and their food intake, but the chance of long term success will require both families to turn around a lifetime of bad habits. Follow these teens as they take a hard and perilous journey this week only on LIVING.

9:00pm Monday, January 10 on LIVING

The model hopefuls are not the only ones getting makeovers this season on America’s Next Top Model. The show itself is getting a fresh high fashion look as well, with the winning girl gracing the cover of fashion industry bible Italian Vogue. In the fifteenth series Tyra Banks is taking her international modeling competition juggernaut to the next level, demanding that the winner be not just model material, but also able to rock the world’s most exclusive magazines and runway shows.

This week, the 14 contestants move into their new model house in Venice Beach, California, where the walls are plastered with Italian Vogue covers for inspiration. There, six foot two Anne reveals a quirky preference in men – bearded warlocks – that gets the other girls’ attention. But there is not much time for gossip as “the Js” soon reveal the first jaw-dropping challenge. It takes the revamped show’s high fashion theme literally, asking the girls to walk a runway suspended four storeys above the ground for a Diane von Furstenberg fashion show.

The models’ first photoshoot tackles a serious issue when the girls take pictures to combat teenage bullying. Each girl must choose a nasty name she was called back at school to be painted on her body while she works a tiny swimsuit – a particularly difficult challenge for lesbian Kayla who was teased constantly for her sexuality. Can the girls’ beauty and confidence shine through the unpleasant memories? 14 gorgeous girls take a stand against bullying this week on LIVING, but only 13 will make it to the next round of competition. Who will the judges cut first?

9:00pm Friday, January 7 on LIVING

A deranged serial killer is on the loose and only the FBI’s skilled psychological profilers can stop him as the sixth series of hit US police drama Criminal Minds premieres on LIVING this week.

The Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) are called in when no-one else can track down depraved and cunning criminals such as terrorists, child murderers and serial killers. BAU focuses as much on the criminal as the crime, trying to crack the villain’s psychology, rather than his skull.

This opening episode is the conclusion of last season’s cliffhanger, in which Tim Curry guest stars as a serial killer who kills entire families except for one member, who is left alive to remember.

10:00pm Wednesday, January 5 on LIVING

Emotionally charged medical drama returns to LIVING this week as award-winning show Grey’s Anatomy premieres its seventh series. Chronicling the adventures of Meredith Gray and her fellow doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital, the show has won legions of fans worldwide with its gripping depiction of dedicated physicians operating on life threatening conditions amid their tangled personal lives.

The last series ended with a shocking massacre as a deranged gunman ran rampage in the hospital, killing 11 people. The opening episode sees the surviving staff trying to come to terms with the tragedy and resume their lives. A doctor has been called in give trauma counselling to the physicians and assess whether they are ready to return to work. Meredith is frustrated because she has not been cleared to perform surgery yet. The counsellor correctly senses that Meredith is holding something back – the miscarriage during the massacre which she is keeping secret to protect Derek.

Meanwhile, Derek has recovered from being shot, but is acting erratically and resigns as Chief of Surgery. The mental anguish suffered by the physicians has unleashed dramatic changes among them. Marriages, secrets, breakdowns and breakups are just some of the responses generated by the terrible massacre. Find out how nothing will ever be the same again at Seattle Grace this week exclusively on LIVING.

9:00pm Wednesday, January 5 on LIVING

In crime fighting usually it is the living that act as witnesses, but on US comedy-drama Bones it is the dead that testify.The hit show combines mind puzzles with compelling characters and seasons it all with a sprinkling of black humour.

Loosely based on the life of forensic anthropologist Kathy Richards, the show focuses on the work of Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel), who examines human remains to solve mysteries. Each case is brought to Bones by FBI agent Seeley Booth.

Series six begins this week on LIVING, with Booth back from Afghanistan and in love. How will Bones feel about his new romance? And will it distract her from figuring out the truth behind the remains of a small child?

9:00pm Monday, January 3 on LIVING

Season 15 of smash hit fashion fight series America’s Next Top Model brings a new twist to the popular formula – plastering the winning girl’s image all over the magazine that represents the very pinnacle of modelling success, Italian Vogue. The girl will also get a contract with top agency IMG, home to Gisele Bundchen and other supermodels at the top of their game. Which 14 girls will win the chance to compete for these extraordinary honours when the judges make their first cut this week exclusively on LIVING?

Host and producer Tyra Banks chooses a diverse group of 32 model wannabes to start out on the road to superstardom this week, including a pair of bubbly sisters, a beauty queen, country belles and ‘a rich bitch’. Whichever of these big personalities is chosen, she will need to have the modelling chops to flourish in the ultra intense world of edgy high fashion. In preparation the girls learn not only how to strut and pose, but also to handle jealous competitors straight away in Ms Banks’ crash course in catty comments and backstabbing behaviour.

This week, it all gets started on LIVING when the girls work fabulous frocks from designer Cynthia Rowley on the runway. After being grouped into types, the model hopefuls must prove they can stand out in a garden party photoshoot to win the judges approval. Which girls will prove they have what it takes to grace the pages of the world’s most exclusive high fashion magazine when the mother of all TV modelling competitions kicks off this week?

10:00am Saturday, December 25 on LIVING

Passing the time between opening the presents and digesting Christmas dinner just got easier as LIVING offers viewers a holiday marathon of the best crime- fighting shows from across the Atlantic.

From morning till midnight on Christmas day, families should kick back and relax with CSI, CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds. Viewers can play armchair detective along with the forensic investigators of Las Vegas and Miami as they scour crime scenes and use cutting-edge science to prove whodunit.

Spicing things up are episodes of Criminal Minds from series two, four and five, which follows an FBI team who use behavioural analysis to get inside the minds of psychotic murderers. Unlike CSI, they unravel their mysteries with psychology, rather than forensic science.

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