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9:00pm Friday, May 13 on M4

(1995) Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel is an enjoyable costume drama that stays faithful to the classic. Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet star as the two impoverished sisters cast out into the cruel world in search of husbands, among their suitors are Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Greg Wise.

10:00pm Thursday, May 12 on M4

Brand New Series: Olivia’s brother shows up and sets out to gain custody of her. Will Kevin and Scotty get to keep her or will Brian become legal guardian? Elsewhere, Lily goes missing; Luc finally gets his own show at the gallery; and Kitty interrupts Seth’s date.

9:00pm Thursday, May 12 on M4

Brand new series: Louis Canning returns to fight against Alicia once again when the firm represents families of employees who committed suicide due to miserable working conditions. Meanwhile, Cary finds out some shocking information about Kalinda.

9:00pm Wednesday, May 11 on M4

Tony Robinson and the Team are at the historic St Kyneburgha’s church in Castor, Cambridgeshire at the request of its vicar, the Reverend William Burke. The Team are given the opportunity to dig through the church graveyard in search of what could be one of the largest Roman structures ever built in Britain.

10:00pm Tuesday, May 10 on M4

The True Stories strand, which showcases the best international feature documentaries, presents James Toback’s film of Mike Tyson’s life, told in the ex-fighter’s own words. Made in 2008, it finds the controversial ex-heavyweight champion ruefully reflecting on his past, but he is also forthcoming about his difficult childhood and what the loss of trainer Cus D’Amato meant to him.

10:00pm Monday, May 9 on M4

This film follows Kevan Collins, who runs London’s Tower Hamlets council. At a time when the government is slashing public spending, Kevan has to make huge cuts: �50 million over the next three years. But what does he cut and what does he save? In order to find out what the council’s services are really like, Kevan has decided to work alongside his frontline staff without telling them he’s their boss… Prod/ Dir: Anna Sadowy; Exec Prod: Tania Alexander; Prod Co: Studio Lambert

8:00pm Sunday, May 8 on M4

Hugh believes that if making and baking your own homemade bread isn’t a part of your weekly kitchen repertoire it should be. In this show, he makes everything from simple white loaves to tangy sourdoughs and cheese-and-Guinness-stuffed soda breads. There are tips on how to turn leftovers into tasty treats, from an Italian bread salad to a three-coursed breadcrumb dinner. Hugh also shows off his favourite summer sarnie; ‘Pam the Jam’ reveals the secrets of conserve making; and Steve Lamb demonstrates how to build your very own pizza oven in the back garden. Dir: Richard Hill; Series Prod: Stephen Leigh; Exec Prod: Andrew Palmer; Prod Co: KEO film

10:40pm Saturday, May 7 on M4

An affectionate and touching documentary about the struggles of growing up. The debut feature film of Bafta-Award nominated director Jamie Jay Johnson, Sounds Like Teen Spirit follows the lives of the participants in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007; specifically four aspiring pre-teens from Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Georgia. The film follows their fortunes as they proceed from the national finals that saw them crowned the representatives of their country through to the international song festival itself, held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where they each compete against 16 other acts.

9:00pm Saturday, May 7 on M4

The inside story of how the Eurovision Song Contest became the most popular live musical event on the planet and how it helped to build a new Europe. A decade after the end of the Second World War, a Swiss exec working for the European Broadcasting Union decided to stage a live Pan-European singing competition to promote the nascent television services of western Europe. Only seven countries participated but it was an instant hit. However, it came to have greater significance: in the Eastern bloc, during the Cold War, the glitz and glamour on the Eurovision stage was seen as a symbol of western escapism and freedom. Dir: Stephen Oliver; Writers: Phil Craig; Stephen Oliver; Prod Co: Electric Picture

9:00pm Friday, May 6 on M4

(2004) Jamie Foxx plays Max, an LA cab driver who’s offered a cool 600 dollars by Vincent (Tom Cruise) simply to drive him around while he runs a few errands. On a stop Vincent asks Max to park in an alleyway while he visits an apartment block. But when a dead body crash lands on his cab, Max realises that Vincent is a contract killer, and he’s now trapped as his driver. Michael Mann’s film is more than a straightforward thriller, as the pair disclose more and more to each other, and Vincent’s past and Max’s hopes for the future are revealed.

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