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10:00pm Thursday, May 5 on M4

Brand New Series: Kevin and Scotty sign the adoption papers and try to make Olivia comfortable in their home; Justin’s homeless vet friend is now working at Scotty’s restaurant; Paige is upset when she is dumped by a boy she likes and Nora and Sarah go to Washington for Evan’s birthday party and also to catch up with Kitty.

9:00pm Thursday, May 5 on M4

Brand New Series: The firm sues a convicted murderer who is profiting from a song he had written years ago while in prison, describing his crime. Meanwhile, Eli anonymously uses the firm to help Natalie Flores (America Ferrera) and her family with their legal trouble.

9:00pm Wednesday, May 4 on M4

On 12 October 1984, the IRA carried out the most audacious terrorist attack in its history. At 2:53am, a huge explosion ripped through the front of Brighton’s Grand Hotel, in an effort to kill Margaret Thatcher. The programme reveals just how close the IRA came to achieving their primary aim: the assassination of the Prime Minister. Exec Prod: John Bridcut; Prod/ Dir: Stephen Finnigan; Prod Co: Mentorn

10:00pm Tuesday, May 3 on M4

The riveting true story of a photographer’s online relationship with an eight-year-old child prodigy and her attractive elder half-sister. But are they what they claim to be? True Stories commissions and showcases the best international feature documentaries.

10:00pm Monday, May 2 on M4

Undercover Boss follows David Clarke, Chief Executive of Best Western since 2005 as he spends five days posing as a new recruit to his organisation in order to find out how he can better run his business. Prod/ Dir: Katie Crawford; Exec Prod: Tania Alexander; Prod Co: Studio Lambert

2:25am Sunday, May 1 on M4

Another chance to see the BAFTA-winning observational series filmed in a maternity ward, shown earlier this year on Channel 4, which captures new lives beginning and others changing forever. In this opening episode, two sets of expectant parents wait to meet their babies. Series Dir: Lorraine Charker-Phillips; Series Prod: Lucy Bowden; Exec Prods: Peter Moore, Sanjay Singhal; Prod Co: Dragonfly Film and Television Production

10:00pm Saturday, April 30 on M4

Using cutting-edge visual effects, this scientific visual extravaganza creates the first accurate non-stop journey from here to infinity, in one single, epic take. The film explains how planets and stars are born, encounters worlds swathed in storms, encounters collisions of supermassive scale and speed, and explores the distorted, unimaginably violent world of the black hole.

9:00pm Friday, April 29 on M4

(2001) Jean-Jacques Annaud’s second world war thriller is set in Stalingrad, which the Nazis are threatening to overrun. Nikita Khrushchev (Bob Hoskins) arrives to stiffen the defending troops’ resolve and decides they need a hero to rally the forces. He finds one in Vassily Zaitsev (Jude Law), a deadly sniper whose expertise soon has the Germans in turmoil. To take him down, the Germans send in Major Konig (Ed Harris), Zaitsev’s equal as a sniper, and the war-torn ruins of Stalingrad become a deadly hunting ground for the pair.

11:00pm Thursday, April 28 on M4

Brand New Series: Following Marlene’s unexpected suicide, Cathy and her family join Marlene’s daughters, Gina and Lorna, for a celebratory graveside party. The news that the bee therapy didn’t change anything prompts Paul to suggest that Cathy try a debilitating chemotherapy treatment. And Rebecca reveals that she’s pregnant with Sean’s baby. Last in series.

10:00pm Thursday, April 28 on M4

Brand New Series: Nora tries to keep long-lost love Brody (played by Beau Bridges) at bay but is finding it hard to resist his charms. Justin reaches out to a homeless vet who’s reluctant to accept help getting back on his feet.

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