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11:00pm Thursday, March 24 on M4

A surprise party for her 43rd birthday leaves Cathy in a quandary over her plans to join Lenny for a weekend getaway in the Bahamas. Especially when Rebecca, her old friend from college, turns up. Later, Cathy is horrified to discover that Adam and a friend have been spreading a filthy joke while serving as waiters at the party; and Aunt Allison tries to bluff when Marlene confronts her about her age.

10:00pm Thursday, March 24 on M4

Brand new series: Nora goes on a last-minute getaway with Karl to escape the holidays. Meanwhile, Saul has a chance encounter with a past love.

9:00pm Thursday, March 24 on M4

Brand New Series: Alicia’s client confesses to murdering a fellow prisoner, leading the rest of the team to unfurl the relationship between the two inmates. Meanwhile, Wendy Scott-Carr threatens to expose a Florrick family issue, hoping to force Peter to drop out of the race.

10:00pm Wednesday, March 23 on M4

Under the Queen’s private lawn at Windsor Castle lie the foundations of one of the most enigmatic – and significant – buildings in English history: Edward III’s Round Table. The building was lost until Time Team excavated its remains and proved its existence. But finding the structure was just the beginning of the story. Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod/ Dir: Brendan Hughes; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

10:00pm Tuesday, March 22 on M4

Award-winning director Gillian Anderson has been following the lives of Josie, Diana and Kerry since 1976, when they were teenagers in suburban Australia. Love, Lust and Lies documents how their lives have changed in the last 35 years, from new relationships starting, and breaking up with partners, to becoming mothers and grandmothers.

9:00pm Monday, March 21 on M4

In this second series Phil Spencer is on a mission to help six British families make the big move to Australia. In this first episode, Phil helps social workers Tom and Julie Pickup trade in Manchester for Melbourne. He also meets a Brit couple who bought a Melbourne Bakery, while a British vet, now settled in the city, gives his personal guide to Melbourne’s property hot spots. Exec Prod: Hamish Barbour; Series Prod: Steven Handley; Dir: Alastair Bell; Prod: Helen Clucas; Prod Co: IWC Media

9:00pm Sunday, March 20 on M4

Another chance to see the C4 hit from the beginning. Big Fat Gypsy Weddings paints a visually arresting portrait of the secretive, extravagant and surprising world of gypsies and travellers in Britain today. The first episode looks at milestones in a gypsy girl’s life, en route to the biggest day of her life – her wedding. Exec Prod: Jes Wilkins; Series Prod: Vicky Hamburger; Prod Co: Firecracker Film

8:00pm Sunday, March 20 on M4

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall takes his passion for cooking into other people’s houses, as he helps everyone from mums and dad to kids bring real, simple and tasty food to the table. In this first episode, Hugh demonstrates how we can all regularly afford organic free range meat if we go for the cheaper cuts. Dir: Richard Hill; Series Prod: Stephen Leigh; Exec Prod: Andrew Palmer; Prod Co: KEO film

10:00pm Saturday, March 19 on M4

Historian Bettany Hughes explores how Egypt’s two greatest pharaohs built their way to immortality. Through their superlative buildings, the legacy of the Egyptian empire continues to enthrall people to this day. The story is told through the reigns of two pharaohs – Khufu and Ramesses II. Separated by 1200 years, they both ruled during periods of incredible architectural ambition. Under Khufu, the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed; while under Ramesses II the temples of Abu Simbel came into being. Prod/Dir:Yavar Abbas; Prod Co: Darlow Smithson

9:00pm Friday, March 4 on M4

(2006) After five previous nominations, director Martin Scorsese finally picked up the Oscar for this taut thriller, based on Alan Mak and Andrew Lau’s Infernal Affairs . Matt Damon plays Colin Sullivan, spotted as a kid by gangster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), who grooms him to become a successful cop, Frank’s eyes and ears inside the force. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Billy Costigan, who comes from a family with criminal connections. Enlisting into the police force, he is sent undercover into Costello’s gang. Both sides know they have an informer in their midst and both use their man to try and uncover the identity of the other. As each gets closer to their target, the tension on both sides rise.

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