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Saturday, July 4 on M4

The Miracle of Carriage 346 is the first of two documentary films commemorating the fourth anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings ( 7/7: The Angels of Edgware Road will be shown afterwards). Both films tell incredible, inspiring stories of survival and rescue: stories of people who emerged alive against all the odds, and those that risked their lives to save strangers.

Friday, July 3 on M4

In this award-winning performance, recorded in San Francisco, Eddie Izzard offers his comedic observations on everything from the history of Western culture to jihad, filtered through his razor-sharp wit and lightning-quick chain of associations. Hailed as one of his best live shows, this gig features his classic ‘Cake or death?’ routine.

Thursday, July 2 on M4

Gordon Ramsay revisits a number of restaurants more than a year after he initially stepped in to take drastic action in the face of closure, offering dramatic facelifts to give each venue the opportunity to taste future success. Have these restaurants managed to pull themselves out of their nightmares and into money-making dreams?

Wednesday, July 1 on M4

The third programme in the series traces Henry’s ten year affair with Anne Boleyn. Henry began to pursue Anne in early 1526. As lust turned to love, he conceived the idea of marrying her. But that required a Papal annulment of his marriage to Katherine.

Tuesday, June 30 on M4

Eco-campaigner Tracy Worcester, a former actress and now Marchioness of Worcester, has campaigned for years for quality food, animal welfare and environmental protection through a revitalisation of rural economies. Pig Business is her four year exploration of intensive pig farming.

Monday, June 29 on M4

On tonight’s Property Snakes and Ladders , the amateur developers decide the way to do it is by digging out their basements. It’s one of the riskiest ways of creating space, and to add to their gamble these developers start out just as the property market begins to stumble back in 2007. Peter and Louise Mauder in Bethnal Green, East London, and Chris and Jules Weedon in Shere, Surrey, are soon in a race against time to beat the falling market.

Sunday, June 28 on M4

Half Ton Son follows the journey of 19-year-old Billy Robbins from Houston, Texas. Weighing 60 stone and reported to be the world’s heaviest teenager, Billy has spent the past three years living in a chair as his mother cooks for, cleans and feeds him. But Billy has made the decision to turn his life around in the hope that one day he may be able to move out of his mother’s home. After being fed up to 8,000 calories a day, Billy has to change his diet not only in order to gain his independence from his mother, but if he is to live into his twenties.

Saturday, June 27 on M4

From Coca-Cola to Levi’s to the iPod, TV advertising campaigns have launched or re-launched some of the most successful pop singles ever and spawned a lucrative love affair between TV advertising and pop music. TV Adverts’ Greatest Hits tells the story of the hits and misses and takes a look at those who made their names in the music business off the back of a TV advert.

Friday, June 26 on M4

In a special A Million Pound Place in the Sun , Amanda Lamb heads to the South of France to help Lizzie and Jason Cundy search for their dream property. Jason is an ex-premiership footballer and Lizzie is no stranger to the limelight either, she has her own TV show aptly named Wags World .

Thursday, June 25 on M4

River Cottage celebrates the strawberry with a 500-person summer fete. In preparation, Hugh and his gardeners, Mark Diacano and Victoria Moorey, raise plants in every available space: wellies, wine boxes and hanging water bottles all get stuffed in order to produce a huge crop.

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