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Wednesday, June 24 on M4

The second programme in the series deals with Henry the warrior, focusing on the battles fought in his early years in power. Henry’s father had won and defended the crown in battle. For Henry this was the mark of true regal legitimacy and he was determined to emulate his father and win even greater glory.

Tuesday, June 23 on M4

The True Stories strand, which showcases the best international feature documentaries, presents Jorien van Nes and Femke Wolting’s fascinating insight into online virtual worlds. Second Life, World of Warcraft, Metaplace, U World – all virtual worlds where the user can create their own paradise, far removed from real life. But who creates these worlds and are they the right people to be crafting idealised societies that pretend to address and solve the inadequacies of the real world?

Monday, June 22 on M4

Natasha and Loretta, and Loretta’s husband David, banked every single penny on splitting a three-storey end of terrace house in Brentford, Middlesex into two flats. But even when they first started out back in 2007, Sarah Beeny had reservations about their plans. The buy-to-let market had fuelled a massive explosion in one and two bedroom apartments and with the market flooded and property prices starting to look jittery, this wasn’t the time to be adding more.

Sunday, June 21 on M4

In the winter of 2006 something extraordinary began to unfold on the streets of a town in rural Suffolk. One by one, the small community of sex workers that worked the dark streets around Ipswich Town’s football stadium began to disappear. At first it was a barely reported story of missing prostitutes, but then the bodies of five murdered women began to turn up in the brooks and woodland of the surrounding countryside. What unfolded over the next 20 days had a profound and lasting impact on everyone involved: on the surviving sex workers, on the families of the murdered women, and on the small Suffolk Constabulary confronted with the fastest serial killings in British criminal history.

Saturday, June 20 on M4

On the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Orgreave, a pivotal point in the miner’s strike, More4 presents Strike Night, three programmes that look at the moment an old Britain died and a new one was born. Strike: When Britain Went to War uses archive footage and interviews to recount the events of this unique and formative period in modern domestic history. Which Side Are You On? has Ken Loach, in a specially shot introduction, presents his moving film, made during the miner’s strike, which looks at the songs and poems the strike produced, from striking miners, their friends, family and supporters. Finally, The Battle of Orgreave , conceived by Turner prize-winning British artist Jeremy Deller and directed by Mike Figgis, is a partial re-enactment of one of the most violent clashes between striking miners and police during the 1984-85 miners’ strike.

Friday, June 19 on M4

No doubt about it, society celebrates the big penis. Meet the men, including the man claiming to have the world’s biggest penis, who reveal there is a bittersweet side to nature’s gift.

Thursday, June 18 on M4

Hugh is keenly devoted to the River Cottage garden, so when he learns slugs have been scoffing the soft cabbages he plans some drastic action. Snails have long been established on the River Cottage menu, so Hugh wonders if he can turn slugs into a culinary hit too.

Wednesday, June 17 on M4

To mark the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne, Dr David Starkey presents a vivid four-part biography which goes inside the mind of Henry. This is not the story of Henry and his six wives, but an unprecedented examination of the inner life of a pivotal figure in British history.

Tuesday, June 16 on M4

The True Stories strand, which showcases the best international feature documentaries, uncovers the mystery behind a massive explosion that shook Siberia in 1908. The first scientist to eventually visit the site found 80 million uprooted trees lying in neat rows, and thought that a meteor may have been to blame – but failed to find any fragments or crater and so the mystery remained unsolved. One hundred years after the explosion, George Carey packed his camera and set off to Tunguska.

Monday, June 15 on M4

For the last eight years, Sarah Beeny has been guiding budding property developers through the renovation game. Many failed to listen to her advice but often saw their bad decisions saved by a rising property market. But now with the housing market downturn, and lending still in crisis, there’s never been a harder time to develop. In tonight’s first episode of Property Snakes and Ladders , applying for a mortgage isn’t necessary when the bank of mum and dad can fund your development dreams.

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