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I love Hollyoaks! It's so addictive and crazy!!

Here’s a list of songs from recent episodes of Hollyoaks.

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Ste trashes his room. Tina tries to hook up with Russ.

Amy and Josh

Ste hassles Josh and says Amy will go back to him, since she’s having his baby. So Josh tells him that Amy’s going to have an abortion.

On the way to the clinic, Amy isn’t so sure about going through with it. Josh encourages her to stay strong.

Ste catches up with Amy and begs her not to have one. Amy decides not to have one but wants Ste to leave her alone, she’s not getting back with him.

In anger, Ste trashes his room!

Malachy and Mercedes

Mercedes sobs, telling Myra she’s worried that Malachy has given her AIDS.

Myra and Jacqui pay Malachy a visit, warning him to stay well away from Mercedes.

Mercedes feels she’s being punished for cheating with Tony – and Jacqui almost finds out.

Darren and Cindy

Darren clears things up for Cindy about Frankie and says he plans to take over the pub once Frankie has left.

Russ and Tina

Russ starts bonding with Max and says Tina is caring and sensitive. Tina tries to kiss Russ but he doesn’t want things to be complicated even more.

Songs in this episode:

Mercedes learns that Malachy is HIV+. Amy and Josh get back together.

Tina, Max and Russ

Russ is finding it hard to get used to everything – and wonders if Dom will ever forgive him.

Meanwhile, Dom, Tony and Jacqui are devastated from the news that Russ is Max’s father.

Tina and Dom meet up – Tina asks him not to hate her. Dom asks if could ever forgive her. Tina says he never listens to her. Tina says she couldn’t tell him about Max because it would have ruined Jacqui and Tony’s dreams. Dom says it will take years to trust again.

Tina sobs her eyes out to Russ, saying what a bad person she is. She thanks him for staying and hugs him.

Malachy and Mercedes

Kris tells Mercedes that Malachy is HIV+ and he has known for about three weeks. Mercedes freaks out as they haven’t been using condoms and wants to kill Malachy.

Mercedes finally catches up with Malachy who says he didn’t want to ruin what they had and asks her to forgive him. Mercedes punches him and starts beating him up on the ground. Jacqui asks what he’s done and Mercedes sobs “he’s given me AIDS!”

Amy and Josh

Josh tells Amy that all she does is lie and he can’t trust her. He says he can’t be bothered any more.

Amy says it will be different now, she has been selfish. Josh isn’t convinced. Amy says he means more to her than Ste ever did and kisses him, reminding him of the antlers. They kiss again.

Jack and Frankie

Darren cooks a romantic dinner for Jack and Frankie – to help convince Frankie to go to Spain. However, Cindy gets the wrong idea and thinks something is going on between Frankie and Darren!

Songs in this episode:

Amy tells Mike that Billy is Leah’s father – and that she wants an abortion. Tina tells everyone that Russ is Max’s father. Malachy and Mercedes say they love each other.


Newt continues to see things.

Tina, Max and Russ

Tina thanks Russ for letting her and Max stay for the night. Russ gets a txt from Caroline who is having a great time on holiday.

Russ wants everyone to know he is Max’s father and doesn’t want any more secrets. So they head over to talk to Dom, and Tony, Jacqui and Mercedes are there too. Finally, Tina tells everyone that Russ is Max’s father! Everyone is shocked and Tina is really apologetic. Mercedes calls her a slag but Jacqui is at a loss for words for once. Dom and Tony are both down about how things turned out.

Later, Dom tries to fight Russ.

Malachy and Mercedes

Malachy tries to tell Mercedes his news again, but she’s down that her ex-husband slept with her sister and had a baby.

Later, Mercedes wants to sleep with Malachy but he holds back saying he doesn’t have any condoms. Mercedes doesn’t care, saying she’s on the pill. They say they love each other.

Amy and Josh

Amy tells Josh she’s going to have an abortion and says she’s not telling her dad. She asks Josh to go with her to the appointment, he agrees.

Josh bumps into Mike, who goes on about Amy’s baby, and asks him to be there for Amy. Josh says whatever she decides he’ll be there for her – which makes Mike wonder what’s going on. He presses Josh to tell him.

Mike talks to Amy and asked her what’s changed. Amy wants him to support her decision. When Mike says that having an abortion won’t stop Ste being in her life, Amy blurts out that Ste isn’t Leah’s dad – Billy is! Amy says she’s really scared. Mike says he’ll be there for her 100%, but she needs to let him be her dad.

Newt, Darren and Cindy

Cindy wants to have sex with Darren at his place, but he tries to get her to take him somewhere else but it doesn’t work. Newt walks in on them.

Songs in this episode:

  • None

Michaela sleeps with Zac. Amy considers an abortion. Dom goes home with Gemma. Jacqui has opening day problems.

Michaela and Zac

Michaela sleeps with Zac but still dreams about Mike.

Michaela gets Zac to look after Leah for an hour who bumps into Ste and gives her to him!

Michaela tells Mike that she made a terrible mistake sleeping with Zac and is about to tell him she has feelings for him when Zoe and Amy show up.

Amy goes over to Ste’s to get Leah back but she’s fine. Mike tells him it’s the last time he sees Leah. Michaela feels terrible.

Amy wonders about having an abortion to stop Ste’s hold on her life.


Jacqui’s rushing around getting everything ready for her tanning salon opening. The signwriter doesn’t turn up so Jacqui paints one herself – Tony thinks it looks a little bit makeshift.

Everyone turns up for the opening where Tony is her tanning model! He thought only women would turn up and freaks out to be seen by all the guys in his underwear.

Jacqui feels jinxed when nothing goes to plan so she shares a bottle of wine with Mercedes.

Justin and Leila

Justin bosses his “girlfriend” around as if she’s his personal slave. Leila thinks it’s a nightmare and realises she doesn’t like him that much.

Ste, Josh and Amy

Michaela teases Amy about Josh being her new hero.

Ste tries to talk to Amy at school, but Josh and Amy walk away.

Caroline and Russell

Caroline and Russell are all over each other and even have sex in the toilets. Caroline suggests packing their bags and going travelling together around the world. Russell thinks about it for a moment and says yes!

Dom, Tina and Gemma

Tina struggles with not wanting to be boring and wanting to be with her baby.

Dom meets a girl called Gemma, whose fiance has disappeared. He gets drunk and she takes him home.

Songs in this episode:

Tina breaks up with Dom and tells Russ that Max is his son! Justin and Leila come clean with each other.

Tina and Dom

Dom sneaks home the next morning but Tina spots him. He says he crashed at Russ’s house for the night after getting drunk. Tina slaps him.

However, Dom admits to Tony that he remembers leaving with a girl named Gemma but can’t remember anything else.

Meanwhile, Gemma turns up looking for Dom as they accidentally have each other’s cellphones. Jacqui kicks her out and tells Dom to go sort things out with Tina.

Meanwhile, Tina asks Russ about Dom staying. He covers for him.

Gemma turns up at Dom’s house, and meets Tina. Gemma tells Tina that Dom stayed the night at her place before giving back his cellphone.

Tina tells him to leave! Dom says he can’t remember what happened and admits he mucked up and lied about staying at Russ’s. Dom says he loves her so much and they can work through it. Tina says she doesn’t love him any more. Dom pleads with her but Tina says it’s not fair on either of them. In tears, Dom leaves.

Tina tells Russ that Max is actually his son and he can’t leave!

Steph, Cindy and Mandy

Steph is sent flowers from Niall.

Cindy fakes being sick to get out of work but is caught out later by Steph and Mandy. She agrees to babysit and open MOBS for the rest of the week.

Justin and Leila

Justin continues to treat Leila like a slave and starts to talk about getting married, showing her a ring and having babies!

Finally Justin comes clean and says he didn’t have amnesia and says he felt she was a stalker so wanted to wind her up. Leila’s hurt and says she only pretended to be his girlfriend to be able to check how he was at hospital.

Songs in this episode:

Newt worries he’s going crazy again. Justin pretends he has memory loss. Ste wants Amy back.

Darren and Cindy

Darren and Cindy sleep together after a date.


Newt visits Jack’s grave, thinking he’s going crazy for seeing Jack and asks him to leave him alone!

Frankie worries about Newt since he’s been hiding away in his room. He tells Darren he’s fine and there’s nothing he can do. Newt says he saw Jack yesterday and thinks he’s not getting better. Darren tells him not to tell anyone about seeing Jack.

Newt pours all his medication down the sink.

Amy and Josh

Josh has the house to himself this weekend and asks Amy to keep him company. He makes her a candlelit dinner but they are annoyingly interrupted by Michaela who thought it was a party and invited everyone along!

Ste turns up and tries to talk to Amy, but it ends up with Josh and Ste fighting!

Ste says he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.

Leila and Justin

Leila tells Ste that Justin thinks Leila is his girlfriend while he has short term memory loss. Ste thinks she should tell him he’s not going out with her but Leila wants him to play along.

Justin leaves hospital and Leila continues to pretend she’s his girlfriend.

Ste tells Justin that Leila isn’t his girlfriend who is a weird stalker. Justin grins, saying he didn’t lose his memory and wants to make Leila hate him!

Leila tries to tell Justin she’s not really his girlfriend but can’t quite do it.


Tony’s desperate to see into Jacqui’s shop or to help but she won’t let him. Then, she thinks of something he can do – be her first tanning customer for her to practice on. He goes a bright orange.

Songs in this episode:

Newt sees Jack. Justin loses his memory and Leila says she’s his girlfriend!

Tina, Dom, Leila and Justin

It’s Tina’s first day so Leila shows her around. Leila accidentally bangs into Justin and he’s knocked out with concussion and some memory loss! Leila visits him in hospital and says she’s his girlfriend!

Meanwhile Dom deals with a crying baby at home before going and spending time with Tony.

Jacqui’s annoyed that Tina is going to college and leaving Dom with the baby.

Jack, Frankie, Newt and Darren

Jack’s going crazy hiding in the attic.

Newt’s essay has been published in the newspaper, winning a laptop! Michaela’s frustrated she didn’t win the essay competition and starts being mean to Newt but he stands up to her. Michaela tries throwing a drink at him but it hits Darren instead!

Later, Darren throws a drink at Cindy then invites her out to dinner.

That night, Newt can’t sleep and gets up, to discover Jack!

Amy and Ste

Ste tries apologising to Amy but Amy says he could never be a proper dad and asks him to leave her alone.

Jacqui’s tanning salon

Jacqui won’t let Tony get a peek inside her tanning salon until it’s complete. Jacqui interviews Michaela for the job but she gets frustrated and leaves.

Justin and Ste

Justin’s frustrated with Ste for not turning up to work.

Songs in this episode:

Craig and John Paul have their happy ending finally. Niall survives accidentally poisoning himself.

Niall, John Paul and Craig

Craig continues to wait for John Paul to turn up but wants to know from Steph about what’s going on with his family, he can’t figure it out.

Meanwhile, John Paul’s head starts to spin a bit, thanks to the pills in his can of beer. However, it is Niall who gets the vast majority of the pills as John Paul spills Niall’s while he is in the bathroom and swaps the cans! John Paul leaves while Niall struggles to the bathroom, trying to phone for help but fails.

When John Paul turns up, it is too late as Craig has already said goodbye to everyone. Myra tells an upset John Paul that life is too short, so don’t waste it. So he races down to the station and finally they hug. John Paul says he can’t just walk back into his life and give him the ticket, he was finally over him and has been so hurt by him and before he walks out of his life forever, he wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world! He tells him he loves him and they kiss before getting onto the train together for Dublin.

Steph turns up and finds Niall collapsed on the floor. He is ok after a while.

Michaela, Zoe and Amy

Zoe still thinks Michaela is a lesbian and has a crush on her. Michaela is shocked.

Mike tells Amy he wants her to be happy and to consider an abortion now she’s not with Ste. Amy says no and can’t believe he’d say that. Mike just wants to support her no matter what.

Michaela “accidentally” gives Zoe a black eye!

Darren and Newt

Darren gives Newt some helpful advice about dealing with bullies.

Songs in this episode:

Niall tries to poison John Paul. Amy comes clean about her pregnancy.

Niall, John Paul and Craig

Niall packs up all Kieron’s clothing and finds a letter from him to Myra which was never given to her.

Myra finds the plane ticket from Craig and wonders if he will use it. John Paul thinks it’s too soon to turn his back on Kieron. Myra says he’s gone and not to let guilt ruin his life.

John Paul packs up his stuff, saying he’s moving back home to be with his family but is also considering going to be with Craig.

Niall grabs his phone while he’s packing and listens to then deletes a message from Craig saying he’ll be waiting for him.

Niall tries to stall John Paul from leaving as long as possible, talking about how important unconditional love is from family and how he’s broken up with Steph. Niall convinces him to stay for one drink, and pours pills into John Paul’s beer!

Meanwhile, Craig waits for John Paul, hoping he’ll come.


Amy goes for her scan with Michaela and her dad. Before she goes in, she admits she lied about being pregnant initially – to stop Ste from hurting her – but she got pregnant later.

Songs in this episode:

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