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I love Hollyoaks! It's so addictive and crazy!!

What happened to Louise? Leo makes it up to his family. Craig gives John Paul a train ticket to Dublin. Will he use it?

Warren, Louise and Mandy

Warren and Mandy kiss goodbye after sleeping together but say it was a one-off.

When Warren gets home, he can’t find Louise and panics that Louise has found out and him and Mandy.

Meanwhile, a hungover Louise wakes up in a large garbage skip and drags her feet home. She lies saying she stayed with a friend in town but then admits she woke up, couldn’t find Warren, leaving the flat, walking up to The Loft but it was locked but can’t remember what happened next but woke up in a skip.

Louise apologises to Warren and Mandy for thinking something was going on.

The Valentines

Lauren isn’t impressed with Leo for kissing Myra at the wedding.

Later, Leo gives Lauren some tights and apologises to the girls about Myra. He promises to cook them chicken and rice for dinner.

John Paul

John Paul calls Kieron’s mobile and leaves a moving message for him, saying he feels bad for missing his funeral and that he never meant to hurt him and then says goodbye and the McQueens hold a teary memorial together for him.

Craig and John Paul talk again and Craig says he knows what he wants now but JP thinks everything has changed now. They hug and promise to stay in touch and Craig slips him a train ticket to Dublin. Will he use it?

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Calvin and Carmel finally get married! Mandy and Warren hook up!

Warren and Louise

Louise asks Warren again if he’s interested in Mandy. He assures Louise that it’s her that he loves. Warren thinks she should drink less but she doesn’t seem to pay much attention and gets drunk again. Louise says she’s still not over Warren murdering her husband.

Warren goes back to The Loft, his drugs are safely gone so the police don’t find anything.

Calvin and Carmel

Carmel is stressing because Calvin still hasn’t turned up.

Calvin talks himself out of trouble at The Loft, saying he went to see what was going on since his reception is being held there.

Finally Calvin turns up, apologising for turning up half an hour late and the ceremony goes ahead. Calvin and Carmel are now husband and wife!

Calvin flushes the drugs (which he took earlier) down the toilet.

At the reception, Leo and Myra dance and kiss and Lauren gets drunk.

Michaela catches the flowers bouquet.

Carmel is so happy: Warren got their honeymoon plane tickets upgraded to first class!

John Paul

Myra wants John Paul to stop blaming himself for Kieron’s death. John Paul feels bad for missing the funeral.

Craig comes by and they talk. Niall sees them together.

Warren and Mandy

Mandy tells Warren she’s tired of Louise’s behaviour and wonders why he puts up with it. Suddenly, Mandy and Warren start making out!

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Will Calvin turn up at the church for his wedding to Carmel? Danny leaves to find his mother. Louise lashes out at Mandy.

Leo, Danny and Lauren

Danny leaves a note saying he’s gone to try and bring his mum back. Lauren’s upset that her mum’s gone.

Louise and Warren

Louise still wonders if something is going on between Warren and Mandy, which isn’t helped by Cindy dropping hints.

The police raid The Loft and Warren threatens Calvin to sort it out as he has stuff hidden in there which could ruin everything. Warren tells Mandy that he thinks someone has it in for him.

Calvin sneaks into The Loft…but is caught by another cop.

Louise sees Warren and Mandy together and rants at her saying she’s a bitch and accuses her of sleeping with her boyfriend. Mandy’s unimpressed and says there’s nothing going on.

Calvin and Carmel’s wedding day

Calvin tells Warren (again) that he can’t get married and has to tell Carmel. Warren convinces him not to.

Meanwhile, Carmel is freaked out as she’s overdone her tan and looks awful.

Calvin talks to Carmel through the door (as it’s bad luck to see the bride) and tells her he’s done something bad and that maybe he’s not the guy she thinks he is and doesn’t want to let her down. Carmel doesn’t care and says he’s the most perfect man she knows and she loves him.

John-Paul didn’t realise it’s Kieron’s funeral day as well so wants to go to that instead of the wedding, but will attend the reception. However, Jacqui slaps John-Paul, telling him to be at the wedding to give Carmel away.

Carmel stresses as her dress is too tight for her to move or breathe in so Michaela gets her to wear rollerskates!

Carmel is told that Calvin hasn’t turned up at the church!

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Elliot realises he has feelings for Hannah. Calvin stresses about marrying Carmel.

Carmel and Calvin

Carmel’s all excited before her wedding day but Calvin just has nightmares.

She practices her walk down the aisle.

Calvin doesn’t seem to enjoy his stag do, complete with strippers at The Loft. He goes into the bathroom and finds drugs. Warren tells him not to arrest him and to forget he saw it. Calvin leaves his party, troubled.

Myra gets the girls go to sneak down to Evissa to get some tanning lotion for her as part of a surprise hen’s party for Carmel. The girls dress up at policemen and have a lot of fun together. Carmel is touched.

Later, Valerie kisses Calvin to see if he feels the same way about him but he doesn’t. Shocked, Calvin tells Valerie that Leo is going to propose to her! So she quickly packs her bags and leaves! Lauren and Danny are distraught.

Elliot and Hannah

Zoe films Elliot, Hannah, Sarah and Zac about the election results, asking them about the rumors of the election being rigged.

Sarah breaks down, upset that she was dumped. Elliot tells Sarah that they’re too different to work and says one day she will be the perfect girlfriend for someone.

Later, Hannah learns there were more votes than people. Elliot admits it was him who threw it. Hannah is shocked. Elliot realises he has feelings for Hannah!

Malachy and Kris

Malachy lies and tells Kris he’s told Mercedes about being HIV+.

Songs in this episode:

Hannah wins entertainment officer, thanks to Elliot. Elliot dumps Sarah. Calvin wants to call the wedding off. Warren and Louise have problems. Malachy sleeps with Mercedes and doesn’t tell her he’s HIV+.

Hannah wins entertainment officer election

Hannah worries about Elliot, saying Sarah made a fool of him. She says she will make it up to him and apologises to him, saying she’s proud to be his girlfriend.

Zac gets Elliot to dress up, but Hannah prefers the old Elliot.

Hannah thinks Elliot will win the election easily, because he’s decent and has integrity. Hannah thinks that if she does win, it will be a great end to her year of getting things back on track.

When no-one is looking, Elliot puts in a 3 fake votes for Hannah!

The votes are in… and Hannah wins by 3 votes! Elliot thinks the best person won.

Elliot breaks up with Sarah

Sarah tries to get Elliot to sleep with her, but says he’ll decide the time and place to lose his virginity and she needs to respect that. Elliot then says they’re not meant to be together – and dumps her!

Carmel and Calvin

Calvin’s not feeling so good before his wedding – feeling terrible for murdering someone and for not being the man Carmel thinks she’s marrying. He concludes that he has to call the wedding off! Warren says he’ll be making the biggest mistake of his life if he does.

Warren and Louise

Louise is jealous that Warren was with Mandy instead of her. Warren’s unimpressed that she let Cindy “poison” her mind.

When Warren turns up late to meet Louise, she is suspicious of him being with Mandy again (even though he was with Calvin).

Malachy and Kris

Kris gets Malachy to write down all the people he’s slept with, before going and telling Mercedes.

Kris suffers the side-effects of taking pep medication.

Mercedes is depressed that things are over with her and Malachy since she felt he could have been “The One”.

Later, Malachy talks to Mercedes but doesn’t have the heart to tell her what’s really going on, just telling her he still wants to be with her as she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

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UK air date: September 11 2008

Kris and Malachy tell each other their secrets. Leo decides to propose. The candidate party is held.

Kris and Malachy

Kris tells Malachy he slept with Mercedes even though he doesn’t have feelings for her and it meant nothing, it just was a drunken angry revenge moment.

Kris mentions that the condom split and she got the morning after pill. In tears, Malachy tells him he’s HIV+. Kris freaks out and goes to hospital to get checked out but before he does, Malachy and Kris have a fist fight.

Leo, Danny and Lauren

Leo’s disappointed he’s not going to be Calvin’s best man. Lauren reads out Danny’s speech and Leo realises he’s reused his speech! An apologetic Danny asks Leo for help writing a new speech but he doesn’t want to.

Leo tells Lauren and Danny he’s going to ask their mum to marry him!

Warren and Louise

Mandy continues planning things for Warren and Louise’s wedding with Warren over drinks.

Meanwhile, Louise gets tired of waiting for Warren so decides to put the past behind her with Cindy over lots of drinks then they go gate crash Zac’s party.

Zac’s candidate party

It’s the candidate party which starts off slow, until Sarah brings in a hired band. However, Hannah and Elliot don’t really fit in at the party.

Songs in this episode:

Calvin chooses Danny to be best man. Kris and Mercedes have a one night stand. Mike decides to go to University.

Malachy, Mercedes and Kris

Malachy tells Nancy he lied about being HIV+, he just wanted attention from her (she doesn’t believe him).

Mercedes sleeps with Kris to get back with Malachy. Afterwards, she notices the condom split so says she will get a morning after pill.

Mercedes yells at Malachy for disappearing for three days without an explanation. Nancy forces Malachy to talk to Kris.


Calvin has a fitting for his wedding suit. Leo cooks him lunch in the hope that he can be his best man but accidentally spills eggs on the suit! He also practices his speech.

Danny also hopes to be the best man, and also has a speech.

Calvin decides to choose Danny.

Hannah and Elliot

Hannah and Elliot campaign for entertainment officer on Kris’s radio show. Elliot has a launch party.


Michaela tells Zoe again she’s not a lesbian, then goes and hangs out with Mike. She encourages him about his job situation and shows him her writing. Mikes tells her she has been an inspiration to her then they watch his favourite movie, Annie. Mike tells Zoe and Michaela that he’s decided to go to University!

Songs in this episode:

The aftermath of Kieron’s death. Mike resigns. Elliot and Hannah compete for a job. Malachy learns he’s HIV+.


Niall fakes being upset at Kieron’s death, which looks like a suicide.

John Paul is a mess and can’t believe Kieron would kill himself with an overdose as it’s a mortal sin.

Craig wishes he’d come back earlier.

Myra talks to Niall – who brought back JP – and she asks if Kieron left a note or if he mentioned anything about a job he was doing for her (he didn’t). Niall cries in her arms.

Myra can’t believe that JP slept with Craig after everything Kieron did for him. Myra’s angry at JP so he leaves.

JP tells Craig he doesn’t want to be with him any more after what happened with Kieron and feels to blame.


Kris’s brother has gone missing, instead of being at his mother’s birthday in Ireland.


Jacqui is the new senior supervising manager and tells Mike her new rules however he refuses to work her new roster and resigns!

Elliot and Hannah

Elliot decides to run for entertainment officer, in competition to Hannah.


Malachy tells Nancy he’s HIV+!

Songs in this episode

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Niall poisons Kieron and kills him! JP gets back with Craig.

JP and Craig

Craig tells JP that he dated a girl for six months but it didn’t work out and he told her he was still in love with his ex!

Craig tries to kiss JP but he pushes him away. Craig asks him again if he wishes he had gone with him to Dublin. JP says no but when pressed, he suddenly kisses Craig… and next minute, they are in bed together.


Kieron tells Niall the news that he is Myra’s long lost son and that his real name is Mathew. Emotional, Niall says she did a terrible thing leaving her on the steps of the church as a baby.

However, Kieron realises that Niall knew all along! Niall says he is frightened of telling the news to Myra. Kieron says if he doesn’t tell her, he will.

Niall talks about how useless his sisters are – then poisons Kieron by putting pills in his beer! He confesses he drugged Michaela and almost killed her, was the one who pushed Tina down the stairs and was the one who made Myra learn about JP being with Kieron.

As he is dying, Kieron pleads with him not to hurt JP as he’s done nothing wrong.

JP goes in to tell Kieron he’s back with Craig and finds him on the ground surrounded by the beer and calls for an ambulance… but it’s too late: he’s dead!

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