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I love Hollyoaks! It's so addictive and crazy!!

Is Niall Myra’s long lost son? JP moves back home. Zoe thinks Michaela has a crush on her.

Steph and Niall

Steph wakes up in bed with Niall but later regrets it.

Mandy tells Niall to stay away from Steph, which angers him.

Meanwhile, Steph avoids talking to Frankie.

Kieron and JP

JP moves back home and mopes. Myra and Michaela want him to make up with Kieron, while Tina thinks it’s possible to get married too young.

Myra goes to talk to Kieron to see how he’s doing and invites him over to dinner, saying Craig is just passing through and means nothing.

JP tries to get in touch with Kieron but has no luck.

Jacqui and Mandy

Jacqui tries some decorating ideas for the bar because she’s bored and depressed.

Mandy tries to plan things for Carmel’s wedding with Jacqui but they don’t see eye-to-eye.

Michaela and Mike

Michaela buys the same dress that Zoe has to impress Mike and wants to tell him how she feels but doesn’t. So she writes a note saying she loves him and can be with him in secret. The note accidentally drops on the floor of the laundrette though.

Zoe sees it on the floor and shows it to Mike, who thinks it’s funny. They both jump to the conclusion that Michaela fancies Zoe!

Mike tells Michaela that nothing will happen as Zoe is straight! Michaela almost tells him the note was for him but doesn’t. Michaela worries if she looks gay.

Myra’s son

Kieron meets with Jane Snow who may be Myra’s son’s adoptive mother. She takes Myra’s letter for Mathew and will be in touch with what happens next. She gives a photo to Kieron for Myra – and it’s Niall!

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Steph goes back to Niall. Is it over for JP and Kieron? Steph learns about Jack being alive.

The Osbornes

Frankie tries to help Jack – realising they can’t call an ambulance to help him since he’s meant to be dead. They give him his spray and he seems to be ok again for now.

Darren stops Craig and Newt from going upstairs as well, lying that Frankie is unwell.

Steph cries, mad at her family for doing this and not telling her. They explain that Jack and Darren got into debt and that’s why they did it.

Craig wonders if he should fly back to Dublin that night if his mum doesn’t want to see him.

JP, Craig and Kieron

Kieron wonders if JP is not really over Craig, but JP assures Kieron that he loves him. Things remain tense between the pair. Kieron asks him to prove it that he still loves him and wants to marry him and JP hesitates. Kieron realises that it’s over.

Steph and Niall

Steph goes back to Niall’s arms and they kiss passionately.

Michaela and Mike

Michaela continues to daydream about Mike and flirt around him.

Songs in this episode

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Craig returns. Steph tells Niall she can’t date him. Does Jack have a heart attack?

The Osbornes

Frankie and Darren keep Jack secretly hidden in the attic. Darren wants Frankie and Jack to go to Spain and start again while he takes over the pub. Jack proposes that Frankie adopts Newt first, so he can go with her – he’s happy to wait if it means they can be together.

So Frankie asks Newt if she can adopt him! He’s really happy.

Later, Steph races in to talk to Frankie and is shocked to see Jack! Jack collapses – is he having a heart attack?

Craig, JP and Kieron

Craig returns to Hollyoaks – and regrets not getting there earlier to be with Frankie. He’s introduced to Newt.

JP worries he’s too young to have proposed to Kieron, while Kieron races ahead with wedding planning.

JP is surprised to see Craig back in the village and they talk awkwardly. JP accidentally leaves his phone on a table. Finally, Craig asks about Kieron – and JP tells him he’s engaged and living with him. Craig’s surprised Kieron was a priest but is happy for him being happy. Craig says he’s currently single.

They hug and Kieron is jealous, returning his phone in a huff.


Michaela goes over to Mike’s house to get some help writing an article and is jealous of Zoe’s relationship with him.


Steph has a lunch date with Niall but has to race out as Cindy didn’t pick up Tom from school. Before she leaves she says she’s not ready to date him.

Cindy and Steph continue to fight over her “relationship” with Niall.

Songs in this episode

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Will Frankie and Jack leave and start again? Moira becomes wedding planner.

Mercedes and Malachy

Mercedes has a chat with Malachy and says she wants their relationship to be more than just sex. He reassures her that he wants to know everything about her.

Later, Mercedes fakes being sick to get out of work to be with Malachy.


Newt tells Kris that Jack was the nearest thing he’s had to a dad and is dreading going back to school. Kris says the bullies at school are just jealous of him and he should never apologise for who he is. Newt admits he’s always been bullied and wishes things could go back to how they were before.

Darren and Frankie

Frankie has second thoughts about committing fraud with Darren but she realises she has no choice but to do it as Darren would just gamble the insurance money all away.

Newt bumps into a very nervous Frankie waiting with the money, who hides it from him.

Darren’s glad once it’s done but Frankie just angrily chucks a plate at him – saying she’s lost everything because of him: her husband, her self-respect. She says she will never forgive him for what he did to the family.

Later, Jack returns! Darren and Frankie quickly hide him from Newt. Frankie snaps at Jack for the stress they have put them through. Darren wonders if Frankie and Jack should leave and go somewhere else to start their lives again. Will they?

John Paul and Kieron

JP tells Hannah that he’s engaged! She’s happy for him.

Moira tells Kieron that she should have accepted his engagement as soon as he told her and doesn’t know if he can ever forgive her if she can’t herself.

Kieron gets Moira to be their wedding planner.


Hannah has applied for a job as entertainment officer.

Michaela and Amy

Michaela talks to Amy about her having another baby, driving her crazy.

Later, Michaela decides to write a newspaper article.

Songs in this episode

Newt confesses to Lauren that both he and Eli were responsible for the bombs and now Eli’s stolen money from The Dog

Songs in this episode: Sara Love - Let's Get Physical - Let's Get Physical Let’s Get Physical – Sara Love

Eli & Newt & Lauren

Eli steals the dogs takings but Newt spots him. Lauren comes over to talk to Newt about the bomb. Lauren wants Newt to confide in her but he’s scared.

Newt confronts Eli about the money and demands it back. Eli tells him he can’t get rid of him.

Newt confides in Lauren about Eli’s bullying. Lauren think they should call the police but Newt is scared he’d go to prison for ever.

Ravi & Nancy

Ravi is working out and Nancy is spying on him. They flirt.

Nancy and Hannah request boxing lessons but he makes excuses. Carmel comes in and apologises for Danny. Hannah looks confused about the mention of Mercedes.

Ravi holds a boxing lesson for Hannah, Nancy and Carmel. Carmel tells Hannah about seeing Mercedes leave Danny’s bedroom this morning.

Danny, Hannah & Mercedes

Mercedes leaves but the entire Valentine clan see her. XX tells her that he has a steady girlfriend.

Danny talks to Nancy about whether she has seen Hannah. He’s wanting to talk to her.

Nancy drags Hannah to see Darren to set things straight.

They confront Darren in front of Jack and Frankie. They find it appalling. He blames Mercedes and then discloses that it was over a bet. Jack demands he goes and talks to Danny.

Danny and Darren talk about the photo and Darren assures him that he never slept with Hannah and that it was Mercedes idea. Mercedes arrives and Danny tells her she’s a slag. Hannah arrives and punches Danny in the face and knocks him to the ground. Mercedes is happy that the smile has finally been knocked off goldilock’s face. Hannah tells Danny it’s over.

Valerie, Calvin & Sasha

Valerie wants the family to spend some time together. She wants everyone to play twister. Valerie is experiencing sore feet. Valerie talks to Sasha about shirts and drugs and how proud she is of her for staying away from them.

Darren, Jack & Frankie

XX hasn’t had a call from her agent all week and is complaining to Darren about it.

Jack is furious when he discovers 2000 pounds are missing. Jack grills Frankie but she doesn’t have the money.

Frankie is screaming. Newt comes out to see “Eli’s going to get you” painted on the wall inside their house.

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1 November

See the October 2007 songs »

Jacqui warns off Tessie. OB has a crush on Summer, who starts waitressing at MOBS. Tina enjoys her new job.

Songs in this episode: Dream on – Forever like red, I wanna have your babies – Natasha Bedingfield

Rhys and Beth

Rhys takes a girl home for the night.

Beth brings around some things that Noel wanted Rhys to have.

Rhys has another go at Beth, and Suzanne overhears his hatred towards Beth and isn’t impressed. Suzanne says she’s part of the family, whether he likes it or not and asks him to apologise to her.

Rhys goes and apologises. Beth says it’s all a mess. Rhys says they’ll sort something out.

Jacqui and Tony

Jacqui is distant from Tony, despite him wanting to reassure her things won’t change between the two of them now that he has a son.

Later, Jacqui asks Tony if they can go on a holiday together. Tony just wants Jacqui to be happy.

Tessie meets up with Jacqui who asks if she wants a father for Harry or a boyfriend. Tessie says she just wants a dad for Harry and isn’t looking for trouble. Jacqui warns her that if she ever came between her and Tony, she will wring her neck!

Summer, OB and Max

OB has a crush on Summer and tells Max she’s his future wife! He quickly stops her from telling Max about Tom’s swimming incident at the pools.

Sarah tells Summer that OB is a real sweetie – is she interested in him? She learns that OB is interested in Summer.

Summer gets a job as a new waitress at MOBS.

Tina and Dominique

It’s Tina’s first day on the job. She meets Pete, her boss who takes her to lunch.

Tina comes home and raves on and on to Dom about Pete.

UK air date: Thursday 1 November 2007

Tina gets a new job. Tony meets Harry and Jacqui finds out. Gilly likes Beth. Newt and Lauren hang out.

Songs in this episode: None

Tony and Jacqui

Tony tells Dominique that he has an eight year old son to Tessie but doesn’t know if Tessie is telling the truth. Tony doesn’t want to tell Jacqui until he knows for sure.

Tony meets up with Tessie and the son Harry in the park. Tessie is happy to have a paternity test if he wants one. Tessie says she heard about Grace and felt awful for him and felt that it was unfair for him not knowing about Harry.

Meanwhile, Jacqui is worried about Tony as he’s not answering his phone. Dominique tries stalling Jacqui from going looking for him and even cooks her a fancy meal. She figures out that he’s covering for Tony.

Tony wants to be part of Harry’s life but doesn’t want to lose Jacqui. He’ll talk to Jacqui about it. Jacqui turns up and starts attacking Tessie in front of Harry!

Tony explains about Harry and says he didn’t know until last night. Jacqui walks off.


Tina has a job interview as a careers assistant and is incredibly nervous. She’s told she’s not qualified enough but she makes up for that in passion and is given the job!

Rhys and Gilly

Gilly has the hots for Beth, much to Rhys’s disgust.

Newt and Lauren

Newt and Lauren hang out and research up on the fire at the pub and wonder if the place is haunted by ghosts.

Newt and Lauren try playing a trick on Darren pretending to be channelling the spirit of Sam Owen who died in the fire but Darren and of course Russ doesn’t think it’s funny.

UK air date: Wednesday 31 October 2007

At Tony’s 30th birthday party, he learns he has an eight year old son! Max and Steph make up again.

Songs in this episode: Happy birthday – Altered images, Lately – Airbiscuit, Get the party started – Pink

Tony’s 30th

Jacqui has installed a pole in the middle of the lounge as part of her seductive birthday present. Jacqui gives a demonstration which upsets Tina but impresses the boys.

Mercedes wonders if Jacqui is trying to make up for not being able to have kids with the pole.

Tony’s ex-fiance Julie turns up for the party to try and make amends with Tony and says she’s changed now she’s had counselling. Tony doesn’t want her at the party. Izzy turns up too! Tony tells her about Jacqui and says she’s an absolute angel.

Everyone hides (even though Tony is in on the surprise) but Jacqui is not impressed to see Tony walk in with Izzy (wearing the same dress as Jacqui). Tony tells Jacqui they were once engaged but they’re just friends now.

One of Tony’s ex-girlfriends Tessie turns up at the party too – and then Julie, which makes Jacqui more unimpressed!

Mercedes finds Jacqui crying outside who encourages her back inside and reminds her that Tony loves her.

Tony gives a speech and says Jacqui is his everything. Meanwhile, Jacqui confronts Izzy about her intentions towards Tony then opens up that she can’t have kids. Izzy says she can’t conceive either and says it broke up her marriage. Jacqui apologises for jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Tessie tells Tony that eight years ago, she gave birth to his child and he’s dying to meet his dad!

Max and Steph

Max and Steph make up.

Summer and Sarah

James tells Summer that he’s going to Afghanistan for five months and is here to say goodbye. She’s sad to see him go (again).

UK air date: Tuesday 30 October 2007

Lauren defends Newt. Steph has a really bad day. Tina and Dominique plan a surprise party for Tony’s 30th birthday.

Songs in this episode: Let Me Think About It – Ida Corr


It’s Newt’s first day at school and he gets bullied by some guys. Lauren comes along and says they should leave him alone of his brother will be onto them. They look like they’ll become friends.

After school, the guys find Newt again and start to hassle him. Steph finds him and apologises for not picking him up from school.

Steph, Max and Tom

There’s a health and safety check at MOBS, so Max lumps Steph with looking after Tom for the day. She also has to look after Charlie and is asked to pick up Newt from school.

Steph the gerbil goes missing and Tom gets in a panic looking for her.

Steph breaks down and sobs to Max saying everything was a disaster today and doesn’t feel cut out to be a parent.

Summer, Sarah and Nancy

Summer meets Sarah and Nancy and joins them for a drink. She explains she’s dating a guy in the army called James but is tempted by Kris but thinks he’s gay. Suddenly James turns up as a surprise, he’s on leave from the army for a few days.

Summer and Kris keep bumping into each other and Summer keeps putting her foot in her mouth.

Jacqui, Tina and Dominique

Tomorrow is Tony’s 30th and Jacqui keeps talking about sex in front of Tina and Dominique. Tina and Dominique decide to throw Tony a party and go through his phone inviting people.


Darren goes to Chester to try and sort out a bank loan.

UK air date: Monday 29 October 2007

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