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I love Hollyoaks! It's so addictive and crazy!!

Steph gets an acting job and Summer misses out. Ste’s dad Terry beats up Ste! Darren shockingly owes twenty grand!

Songs in this episode: What do you want? – Adam Faith

Ste and Amy

Sarah tries to get Amy to come home again without success. Ste’s unimpressed she met up with them again. Amy’s just worried about money. Ste promises to look after them both. Ste mentions his dad slaps his mum.

Terry – Ste’s dad – comes to the Barnes’ house. He’s worried sick looking for Ste. Mike convinces Sarah to tell him where Amy is staying.

Terry turns up and beats up Ste in front of Amy, Sarah, Leah and Mike. Eventually Mike pulls him off Ste.

Mike feels awful he didn’t know what Terry was really like and asks her to come home and press charges. Amy just yells at them to leave and tries to comfort Ste.

Steph, Max and Tom

Steph feels miserable that Tom hates him and feels useless. Max tries cheering her up and reminds her of her audition.

At the audition, Steph meets Summer. Steph gets the job and Summer misses out.

Max and Steph give Tom a gerbil, which he calls, er, Steph!

Darren and Newt

Darren’s betting account has been de-activated as he owes ten grand! Zoe’s mad and wonders how he’ll pay it back.

Darren and Newt meet up in the park and Darren tells him about how he owes twenty grand (not ten!).

Meanwhile, Frankie frantically searches for Newt, wondering where he is.

He finally turns up with Darren.

UK air date: Friday 26 October 2007

Frankie throws a party for Newt’s 15th birthday. Russ and Nancy get distracted from studying. Steph fails to impress Tom.

Songs in this episode: The Kill (Bury Me) – 30 Seconds to Mars, Too Late, Too Late – Mr. Hudson & The Library


It’s Newt’s 15th birthday and we see him filming a video diary. He says Hollyoaks is like the Stepford Wives – middleclass beautiful people on the outside but inside they’re a “mound of festering maggots”, like a movie which starts off with singing and dancing and ends up with a body count.

His loud music annoys Darren but Frankie doesn’t want any more arguments. Frankie and Jack discuss what an emo means, then Newt’s birthday – Frankie decides to throw a surprise party down at MOBS.

Frankie spots Newt’s camera and tells him she used to be in the film business.

Frankie and Jack give Newt some roller blades. Newt keeps filming everyone.

When Frankie gives Newt a cake shaped like a football pitch, he snaps and says they just alienate him. He says the place is a nightmare in a time warp, calls Darren a moron, Steph naive and rants at Frankie about Craig not being there any more.

Ste and Amy

Amy’s unhappy with the emergency accommodation when she spots a mouse. Ste just says she’s spoilt.

Michaela tries to get Amy to come home again but she won’t and thinks Ste is up to something. Ste just thinks she’s jealous and tells her to find a new friend.

Russ and Nancy

Russ and Nancy sit down to work on their assignments together but they get distracted talking about their love lives, then start drinking wine.

Max, Steph and Tom

Steph tries to get in Tom’s good books by inviting his friends over to the party at MOBS and dresses as a clown but she invites a kid he can’t stand. When she pops his balloon, Tom says he hates Steph.

UK air date: Thursday 25 October 2007

Beth decides to stay in Hollyoaks, much to Rhys’ disgust. Michaela bosses Fletch and Josh around. Amy gets emergency accommodation.

Songs in this episode: Breathe for me – Happylife, Wires – Athlete

Ste and Amy

Ste tells Amy he really wishes he was Leah’s dad and assures her that he won’t let her down.

Ste and Amy have a close call with someone almost finding them squatting in the boiler room.

Mike and Sarah are worried about Amy and ask her friends if they’ve seen or heard from her. Later, Sarah spots Amy and persuades her to spend half an hour with them.

Ste gets emergency accommodation for Amy and Leah.

Rhys and Beth

Josh talks about Beth to Suzanne which just makes Rhys mad. Rhys asks them to forget all about her, as Noel has hurt them enough already. Later, he has a cry to his mum.

At the drycleaners, Beth meets Zoe and Kris who invite her to have a drink. She tells them about her dad dying, she hardly knew him, and about her brother Rhys. Kris and Zoe tell her that Rhys is a bit of a ladies man.

Rhys sees her and tells Beth to leave town and never tell anyone about what they did. Beth stands her ground and says she’s staying in Hollyoaks and he needs to get used to it!

Michaela, Fletch and Josh

Michaela bosses Fletch and Josh into busking to get some cash for a PA system.

Steph, Max and Tom

Tom tells Max he’s scared of Steph who reminds him of Voldemort!! Max assures Steph it’s just jealously and he’ll get over it.

Max asks Tom why he doesn’t want to be Steph’s friend. He says her perfume smells like guinea pig wee (!!), she’s loud and untidy and he hates her. Steph overhears on her way in the door and gives him a balloon.

UK air date: Wednesday 24 October 2007

Amy, Ste and Leah leave home. Rhys cuts off Beth. The Osbornes fight in front of Newt.

Songs in this episode: Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)? – The Buzzcocks, Low Happening – Howling Bells

Rhys and Beth

Neville comforts Beth, while Rhys avoids her. Josh desperately tries getting a beer but has no luck.

Finally, Rhys asks Beth if she knew they were related before they slept together, but takes off when Josh and Neville turn up and urge her to come back to their house. They look through photo albums and share stories but Beth’s really awkward.

When Beth and Rhys have a moment alone together, Rhys says what they did was sick and feels like throwing up every time he sees her and asks her to get out and never wants to see or hear from her ever again. Beth cries it was a mistake, saying she just lost her dad.

The Barnes’

Sarah wants to head out with friends for her birthday but Kathy wants to make a big fuss with a cake and presents at home. Mike pleads with her to stay at home and make Kathy happy.

Mike discovers sixty quid has been taken from the dry cleaning money box and assumes Ste took it.

Ste tells Mike he’s got a job to help support Amy and Leah. Mike accuses Ste of stealing and asks him to get out of his house. Amy admits she took the money to buy nappies and baby food for Leah. Mike won’t apologise to Ste so Amy, Ste and Leah take off with their stuff!

The Osbornes

Steph drags Max to a family dinner who tries to talk to Newt but, like everyone else, gets nowhere. The conversation gets awkward over dinner when Frankie says Jack was what she needed when she met him, she’s already lived her life and got it out of her system. Jack’s offended that she thinks he’s a boring old fart.

Everyone starts arguing and Newt ends up taking off to his room.

Steph has an audition soon for a health and safety video.

UK air date: Tuesday 23 October 2007

Here’s some juicy spoilers for upcoming episodes of Hollyoaks:

  • At Tony’s 30th birthday party, Izzy Cornwall, Julie Buckfield and Tessie turn up!! Will Tony and Jacqui break up??
  • Calvin Valentine may be getting a “24” type episode about his role as a policeman!
  • Myra’s long lost song Niall Rafferty will come to Hollyoaks! He’s a hair stylist and might be gay. Myra abandoned Niall in a church when she was 14 (how many more kids can that woman have had??) and what is his interest in Louise??
  • Jessica Harris will leave Hollyoaks after getting into a money scam with Darren Osborne.
  • Sam “OB” O’Brien will leave Hollyoaks.

Emo foster boy Newt comes to live with the Osbornes. Rhys learns he’s Beth’s half sister! Sarah’s back from London.

Songs in this episode: Badly Drawn Boy – Silent Sigh, 30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill

The Barnes’

Sarah’s back from London with a new hairstyle, and it’s her birthday.

Amy asks Mike to be nicer to Ste and Mike warns Amy that Ste can’t stay in her room.

Mike’s unimpressed that Sarah left Amy by herself.

Sarah asks Amy why she’s saying Ste is Leah’s dad when it’s really Billy. Amy says she’s happy with him and wishes everyone would leave him alone.

Sarah tells Ste she’ll never forgive him for leaving Amy in the car crash. Ste understands her point of view but says he’s changed and is trying his best.

Noel’s funeral and wake

Rhys still hasn’t heard from Beth and is worried it’s all over.

Neville asks Rhys to go to Noel’s funeral with him but he’s not too keen. Josh and Rhys turn up for the wake, which Neville is grateful for. Rhys says he never knew Noel and it’s Neville would did all the hard work bringing him up and is his dad.

Neville tells Rhys that Noel had another relationship and has a half-sister, dun-dun-dun: it’s BETH!

Tom and OB

Tom’s gets some lessons from a swimming instructor to boost his confident. The swimming instructor invites OB to a swimming fundraiser where there’ll be lots of women.


A new emo foster boy comes to stay with the Osbornes named Barry aka “Newt”. They find it difficult to strike up a conversation with him though as he’s so quiet.

Newt heads up to his room (Craig’s old one) and redecorates it with blue lights and emo band posters.

UK air date: Monday 22 October 2007

Mike comes back early, with Kathy! Ste says he’s Leah’s dad. Darren finally has a change of heart about Daisy.

Songs in this episode: I don’t feel like dancing – Scissor Sisters, Shut up and Drive – Rihanna, You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You – Sonia

Amy and Ste

Amy tells Ste what a great time she’s had with him while Sarah has been away. Later, Amy tells a shocked Josh and Michaela that she’s with Ste again properly now.

Mike comes back early from his trip – with Kathy! Amy’s not impressed and thinks Kathy should be in a nuthouse.

Amy delays Mike and Kathy from going home as long as possible, hoping Steve will have tidied everything and left as she sends him a text. Oops though, because Ste left his phone at Amy’s place and never got the message, so when he turns up at the door later, Mike is shocked!

Mike threatens Ste and Amy tries to convince him that Ste’s been looking after them both while Sarah’s been in London. Mike kicks him out but Ste blurts out that he’s Leah’s dad! Amy says it’s true and if he goes, then they all go!

Darren, Jack and Frankie and Daisy

Darren rants at Jack for signing up to be a foster parent without telling him and tells Frankie he’s not sorry for what he said to her.

Jack thinks maybe they shouldn’t foster kids for the time being because it’s not fair on Daisy since Darren doesn’t want her around.

Zoe tells Darren that she’s really struggling with the idea of having Darren as her boyfriend. Later, he apologies to Zoe with flowers but it doesn’t cut it with her and thinks he’s a spoiled brat.

So Darren tells Jack he can foster if he wants to and gives her a “Bears” baseball cap before she leaves. Zoe’s impressed.

Michaela, Fletch and Josh

Michaela annoys Fletch and Josh who are trying to think of song ideas for the band.

The Ashworths

Rhys is in a bad mood because Beth hasn’t called him back and mad that Noel came back and messed things up even though he knew he was dying. Rhys and Suzanne have a chat, and he says he can’t forgive her for lying to him for the last twenty years but just wants to get on with things.

UK air date: Friday 19 October 2007

Amy and Steve steal cash. Hannah’s still not ready to come home. Noel dies. Will Zoe break up with Darren?

Songs in this episode: Twang – Either Way

The Ashworths

It’s Neville’s birthday (which he sort of forgot) and he opens his presents, including a classic album from Rhys.

Josh is still really upset and doesn’t want to go to the hospital to see Hannah but ends up going. When they turn up, Hannah has made a card for her dad.

Hannah freaks out when Rhys tries taking a photo of everyone and rants at him for putting her into hospital.

She sobs and is desperate to go home with them but she’s not ready to yet and still doesn’t want to eat her meals.

At dinner, they get a phone call: Noel has died.

Louise and Warren

Their washing machine has broken, so they take their washing down to the laundromat.

Warren tells Louise he had a bad time growing up in foster homes. When Katy got locked up under some stairs by a foster dad, he hit him over and over. After that, no-one wanted to foster him, and looking after Katy was the only important thing to him.

He says he doesn’t deserve her, after everything he’s done.

Warren lights tonnes of candles and puts on some music for a romantic night with Louise.

Amy and Steve

Amy and Steve are at the laundromat and take the money from the safe at the laundromat, and one of Louise’s designer dresses!

Amy wants Steve to tell his family he’s safe but he says they don’t care about him.

Daisy, Zoe and Darren

Daisy has a little bear called Mr Bristles which she talks to.

Darren’s still in a bad mood about Frankie fostering Daisy and rants at Frankie that her miscarriage was a sign that she’s too old to be a mum, says foster kids are like leeches and she needs to get over it. Frankie bursts into tears.

Zoe is horrified by the way Darren talked to Frankie and says he’s selfish and isn’t sure if she has a future with him!

UK air date: Thursday 18 October 2007

Warren and Louise get engaged. Frankie fosters a cute little girl called Daisy. Myra kicks out her mum for stealing.

Songs in this episode: None


Carmel gossips about the body found to a client until Louise snaps and throws things at her, telling her to get out! She breaks down and sobs to Warren when he turns up and says she needs it to end.

Katy convinces to tell Warren to decide to tell Louise the truth about Sean.

Justin warns Katy that she’s an accessory to murder and could go to prison because she knows Warren killed Sean and Justin moved his body. He convinces her that it’s better that Louise never knows. Katy and Justin rush in, just as Warren’s about to tell Louise and stops him. She begs him not to tell her.

Warren proposes to Louise and she says yes!


Frankie admits to Zoe how much she’s missing Craig, missing being a mum and is about to tell her a secret when Darren comes in, he’s won more money on the races.

Later, Frankie tells Jack she’s accepted fostering a little girl called Daisy for three days and is turning up today! Jack’s mad she went behind his back but can’t throw the girl out. Darren’s unimpressed.

She’s a cute little girl with a teddy bear and Zoe is immediately taken with her.

The McQueens

The fight continues between the girls. Myra tells her mum to get out after she steals 500 quid.

Rhys and Beth

Beth teases Rhys about some of his old albums he’s going to sell at the record fair. Rhys buys a rare album for Beth which impresses her.

UK air date: Wednesday 17 October 2007

The body isn’t Sean. Carmel and Mercedes continue to fight.

Songs in this episode: Biffy Clyro – Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies, Faithless – Insomnia

Carmel and Mercedes

Carmel and Mercedes continue to fight like little kids constantly and even get Jacqui in on the fight out in the street. Myra’s mum sprays them all with water to break it up!

Warren, Louise, Justin and Katy

A stressed out Louise is called to the morgue to identify a body but it’s not Sean. Justin and Warren are secretly relieved.

Louise pours out her feelings to Katy about being married to a missing person and says her whole life is on hold until she finds him.

Warren and Katy can’t sleep and she suggests telling Louise, instead of watching her suffer.

Zoe, Darren and Jess

Zoe invites Jess along to hang out with her and Darren for the day. Zoe gives Jess some money but Myra snatches it, says it’s compensation for what happened.

Tom, OB and Summer

OB drags Tom out to the pools again so he can meet girls. However, when OB’s chatting up a girl and not watching, Tom briefly goes under the water and has to be rescued by the lifeguard.

Later, OB has his eye on new girl Summer.

UK air date: Tuesday 16 October 2007

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