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I love Hollyoaks! It's so addictive and crazy!!

Has Sean’s body been found? Warren wants to propose to Louise. Darren wins big on horses. Myra’s mum shows up.

Songs in this episode: Tainted Love – Soft Cell

Warren and Louise, Katy and Justin

Warren invites Justin over to the flat for a few beers to celebrate Katy getting released from hospital and says he’s not going to stand in their way of being together any more.

Warren tells Justin and Katy that he’s going to propose to Louise – and he’s got a ring!

However, Louise comes home and tells Warren that they’ve found a body at the bottom of the river, they think it’s Sean!

Zoe, Darren and Jess

Myra reiterates that she’s going to sue Jess, in front of Darren and Zoe – who hear the truth for the first time about Jess ripping them off, and almost killing them all and are furious.

Zoe videos Darren giving out gambling tips. He makes a bet for one thousand pounds, which shocks Zoe. The horse wins, and they win forteen thousand pounds!

Jess gives Warren an apology card for Katy and bursts into tears.

Jess gets a letter from college, who are admitting liability for the gas leak, and is totally relieved.

Myra’s mum, Carmel, Russ and Mercedes

Carmel asks Russ if they’re doing the right thing, just being friends and wishes she wasn’t Mercedes sister. Russ says they can only be friends.

Myra’s mum turns up and yells at Russ, saying he’s a home-wrecker and tells him to get out of Carmel’s hospital room.

Later, Mercedes threatens Carmel not to get involved with Russ. The two girls fight about who got special treatment growing up. Myra tells them off and things settle down for a moment – until Myra’s mum mentions Russ kissed Carmel on the cheek at the hospital!

OB and Tom

OB takes Tom swimming but gets distracted by a hot girl in a bikini. He tries to impress her by saying he’s training for iron man. She gets the wrong idea and thinks Tom’s his son.

UK air date: Monday 15 October 2007

Carmel doesn’t accept Michaela’s apology. Katy and Justin get back together.

Songs in this episode: Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

Carmel, Katy and Russ

Katy and Russ are ok, and eventually Carmel wakes from her coma. Michaela is furious about Russ and Carmel and asks her what she was doing with him. Carmel tries explaining nothing happened, they just talked. Michaela won’t believe her and calls her a stupid bitch and a cheap slapper.

Russ explains that Carmel was trying to get him back together with Michaela and nothing was going on.

So, Michaela tries apologises to Carmel but Carmel doesn’t believe she’s sincere. Carmel asks her to leave.

Katy is glad to see Justin – who saved her life – and kisses him. Warren’s mad that Justin is with her but Katy says she loves Justin and they’re back together.

Jess and Danny

Jess wants Danny to keep his mouth shut and not telling anyone about what they did. Jess explains the students gave her money and she kept some of it for herself and gave him the rest, rather than getting a proper repair man. Danny feels terrible for what happened.

Danny tells Michaela he accidentally caused the gas leak. When Jacqui and Myra find out about Jess, they tell her they’ll sue her.

UK air date: Friday 12 October 2007

Justin and Michaela and Danny rescue everyone. Russ, Carmel and Katy are taken to hospital. Beth and Reece sleep together.

The Boiler Room Party

Justin heads up to the party and discovers everyone passed out on the floor from the gas leak. He wonders what they’ve been taking and calls for an ambulance. He frantically tries waking everyone with no success.

Michaela and Danny make out after the Boiler Room Party but Michaela turns down his offer of heading back to his place. Justin calls Danny and Michaela back to help.

Eventually, Justin realises it’s a gas leak and drags everyone out into the hallway. Michaela is hurt to see Russ and Carmel in the bedroom together as they’re rescued.

Russ, Carmel and Katy are taken to hospital in a coma.

The police want to talk to Jess about the gas leak.

Beth and Reece

Beth and Reece continue their date at The Dog. He wants to treat women better than his dad, and take things slowly with her. However, Beth wants to spend the night with him and takes the lead…

Afterwards, Reece says he’s really into her and says it’s the first time he could get hurt.

UK air date: Thursday 11 October 2007

Russ and Carmel agree to be just friends. The Boiler party turns bad when there is a major gas leak.

Songs in this episode: Shy boy – Katie Melua

Justin, Katy and John Paul

Katy and John Paul keep hanging out together, which continues to make Justin jealous. He’s missing living at home.

The Boiler

The flat decides to throw a party to celebrate JP moving in and Kris coming back.

There’s a problem with the gas at the flat and Jess stresses about the cost of getting it fixed. Danny agrees to take a look, in return for an invite to the party.

Danny puts some paper behind the gas box to stop a breeze putting out the pilot light.

Everyone turns up for the party. The smoke alarm goes off but they just turn it off and don’t think much more of it. Things get more and more smokey at the party.

Russ turns up with Summer (as friends), which makes Michaela jealous.

Everyone starts feeling lousy at the party, start throwing up then collapse, which everyone thinks is due to the alcohol, rather than the gas.

Michaela and Danny head off together, along with a few others.

Russ and Carmel head into a bedroom together to talk, he just wants to be good friends with her and says she’s one of the sweetest funniest girls he’s ever met. They hug.


Reece goes to the hospital to visit Hannah and leaves Beth waiting at the bar for him for ages. When he turns up, he explains about Hannah to her.

UK air date: Wednesday 10 October 2007

After their disastrous date, things end well for Steph and Max. Reece wants to go slowly with Beth. Justin annoys Katy.

Songs in this episode: Skye Edwards – Love Show

Max and Steph

Max and Steph are really cute and shy around each other. Tom gets Max to look through his telescope, which he’s covered in black paint – so he gets big black circles around his eyes before his date, without even knowing! Meanwhile, Steph overdresses for the date in a pink ballgown. When the paint doesn’t come off, Steph comes to the rescue with her makeup kit.

During their meal, Max chokes on his food then knocks everything off the table.

Max is worried Steph is embarrassed by him because he’s a disaster area. Steph tells him to shut up and kisses him and says he’s fantastic and is proud to be his girlfriend.

Justin, Katy and John Paul

John Paul complains to Katy that there’s no hot water, but Jess just demands the rent money.

In english class, Justin talks about love and aims his comments at Katy. Katy tells Justin to get on with his life.

Reece and Gilly

Oops, Gilly puts Reece’s phone in the wash – along with Beth’s number in it! Suzanne teases Reece for having a major crush on her.

Luckily for him, Beth gives him a call and pops over to his place. Reece gets Suzanne and Gilly to head out to give him some privacy.

Reece tells her he’s really attracted to her, and he wants to take things slowly. Beth agrees.

UK air date: Tuesday 9 October 2007

Jacqui is told she isn’t eligible to adopt due to her conviction. Max and Steph kiss. Reece and Beth kiss.

Songs in this episode: Love at first sight – Kylie Minogue, She’s the one – Robbie Williams

Jacqui and Tony

It’s Jacqui’s birthday and she’s going for an adoption interview. The interviewer learns that Jacqui and Tony are both getting divorces and aren’t married together yet. They get concerned when they have to fill in police check up forms and Jacqui explains she went to jail for shoplifting. They’re told it’s very unlikely they will be allowed to adopt. Jacqui is furious that she won’t be able to have a child.

Dominic and Carmel

Dominic and Carmel bake Jacqui a cake but Carmel runs off when she thinks that Dominic tries a move on her.

Max and Steph

Steph and Max eventually talk about their faults and he asks if she will be his girlfriend. Steph says she’s fancied him for ages and they kiss.

Reece and Beth

Reece and Beth go out on a date before the gig, get on well and end up kissing.

UK air date: Monday 8 October 2007

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Has Max completely ruined his chances with Steph? Rhys meets a new girl, Beth. Jacqui wants to adopt a baby.

Songs in this episode: Girls like Mystery – The Cribs


Danny’s chasing after Steph to go on another “date”, even though she just wants to be friends.

Darren tells Max that Steph is going out with Danny again this afternoon – then realises Max has feelings for her. Darren tells Steph that Max fancies her.

Max races to find Steph to finally tell her how he feels.

Danny invites Steph over to his place, but Steph’s not interested.

Max finally finds Steph and finally tells her he’s fallen for her and wants to be with her. But it all comes out wrong and he lists reasons why he shouldn’t be with her. Steph feels like she’s his booby prize and says he looks down on her and walks off.

Rhys and Beth

Rhys tries teaching Gilly to drive but just gets mad at him for going too slow. Later, Rhys accidentally knocks a girl named Beth over on her bike while he was on the phone telling Gilly he got two tickets to the Vigours. She’s ok, apart from a grazed hand. She’s from the band Hyper Heroes but is training to be a nurse. Rhys fancies her so gives her his number and one of the tickets.

Jacqui and Tony

Jacqui and Tony plan a holiday away together in Africa.

Later, Jacqui enjoys looking after Charlie. Jake stresses out because he didn’t know where Charlie was but everything is fine. Jacqui gets mad at Tony and Jake for thinking she couldn’t be trusted with a baby.

Jacqui tells Tony the one thing she really wants is to adopt a baby.

UK air date: Friday 5 October 2007

Max gets the wrong idea about Steph and Danny. Tina and Dom end up moving in with Jacqui and Tony.

Songs in this episode: Suburban Knights – Hard-FI, SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

John Paul and Jess

Jess offers a short-term room at their place to John Paul. Myra is sad to see him go. Jess takes his bond and rent money and shows him to his room.


Gilly moves back into the Ashworths. Suzanne tells him Hannah will be home from hospital in no time. Gilly accidentally upsets Suzanne with comments about Hannah and thinks he should just go back to Manchester.

Reece apologises for accusing him of messing with Hannah and wants him to stay.

Max and Steph

Max tells OB he thinks he made it quite clear to Steph he fancied her, except he didn’t. OB thinks he should ask her out on a date.

Steph tells Jess she really likes a guy but it turns out he just wants to be friends with him.

One of the pumps explodes at the pub, so Steph runs and asks Max for help. He stands there stunned so Danny rushes to help her and then asks her out on a date, which she agrees to – even though he’s not her type.

Max dresses up and is all nervous before asking Steph on a date but when he turns up, she’s on a “date” with Danny. Max leaves, discouraged and says he can’t handle any more messing around by women.


Jacqui offers a room to Tina and Dom. Tina asks if she can have a book club at their place.

Michaela plans a big night out on the town to try and get over Russ but just sees couples snogging.

UK air date: Thursday 4 October 2007

John Paul, Tina and Dom decide to move out. Michaela tries to make up with Russ but he’s over her.

Songs in this episode: The Automatic – Lost at Home

Tina, Dom and John Paul

Dom’s frustrated that they haven’t had “snuggle time” that much. Tina draws up a “snuggle time” chart but they get the urge and race to a spare room.

John Paul is frustrated to be living at home with his mum, is sick of his sisters and his family running his life.

John Paul sees a new guy, Jay, and ends up going back to his place with him but finds Tina and Dom in his bed! Myra tells Jay to get out. John Paul says it’s his life and he can do what he wants.

John Paul says none of them can breathe around Myra and says he’s moving out! Tina and Dom say they’ll move out too!

Michaela and Carmel

Michaela has got a map to figure out where to go to get out of there as she doesn’t want to walk out the front in front of the army guys.

The girls walk for miles with their bag, exhausted and lost. Michaela wonders if they’re all cursed. Carmel says she’s glad Russ dumped her, she doesn’t deserve him.

Suddenly, Carmel is hit by paintballs, thinking she was hit by a bullet. The two girls make up and find the road.

Michaela txts Russ, wanting to meet up. Michaela apologises to Russ and says she’s useless without him and asks if they can start again. Russ says he doesn’t love her anymore and is over her.

Steph and Max

Max teaches Steph about making smoothies. Is Max falling for Steph? He gives her some flowers and then says she makes him happy. Steph says he makes her happy too. He can’t quite say it though and says they’re “great friends”.

UK air date: Wednesday 3 October 2007

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