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Cooking shows have become a real staple for TV networks the world over and while there seems to be a million different shows featuring Gordon Ramsay, much of the food, as beautiful as it looks, seems really complicated and too difficult for many of us kitchen novices.

Thankfully there are folk like DJ BBQ who can help you be a master chef in your own kitchen.  Check out this entertaining pulled pork recipe that I’m going to try this week:

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When it comes to card games, 500 is what I usually play.  I have a number of friends who love playing poker but I’ve never really managed to wrap my head around which groupings of cards beat others.  I’ve seen a few poker competitions on TV in the later hours of the night but I’ve never really sat down to watch a competition properly.

I’ve always known poker was a high risk game with loads of bluffing and being able to read your opponent.  It kind of reminds me of Chess, except for the chips and transfer of cash around a table until one person walks away with it all.  I’m sure it might be fun with a few friends, cigars and pennies but the stakes that drive the professionals are the zeroes that roll off the end of the initial number.

This is certainly the case for the players at Party Poker TV. Rather than staying up late to watch a poker competition on television, they have episodes on demand of their Premier League which is fascinating watching.  Rather than standing around a table at a casino and being unable to see what cards each player holds, there are cameras under the glass table so viewers can see exactly what cards each player has as well as the odds of winning as the cards are placed on the felt.

Watching these guys gamble is definitely entertaining but personally I’d be a little terrified of parting with my hard earned cash. For anyone wanting to dabble in a little online poker though, you can pick up a bonus code to get your chip balance looking a little healthier before you take to the table.

Who knows, perhaps one day you might be starring in an online TV series as you make your way to the top of the rankings and walk away with a title and a bunch of chips to cash in.

I’ve recently returned home from the US where a friend of mine who has been using his TV for DVD and BlueRay playback mainly decided that it was time to get cable. His initial plan was to set up an antenna to receive the DVB broadcast of the local channels but it turned out that it was going to be a bit more expensive than he’d anticipated. With the Olympics just around the corner he was eager to get set up sooner rather than later.

When the installer arrived and got everything set up, my friend was happy to find that he had ESPN, albeit that the channel was grainy. The place we were staying had a similar problem. While most channels were pretty clear, there were many that didn’t look HD when they should have been and a lot that were grainy. My understanding of digital is that there is either signal or there isn’t. It’s either going to be clear or not. I’ve only ever seen this at places where they’ve used cable.

What I really need to do next time I’m in the US, and certainly ask my friend to consider, is using a Satellite TV service like

We have satellite at home and the only issues we tend to have is when there’s a ferocious storm going on outside and we get a little rain fade but I’ve never seen a grainy channel.  If you’re considering getting a TV package, check out their special deals.


Making a TV advert doesn’t take much thinking about if you have a huge advertising budget, but for the campaign to be a success you usually have to think about some of the following: Is the idea for the advert unique? Is it memorable? Does it make you laugh or make you think? Does it portray the message that you are trying to deliver? It is only when you start to answer some of these questions that you soon realise if an idea is worth going ahead with.

For the following scenario let us assume that the advertising budget for Love to Play Bingo is limitless. The reason for this is, just because you have an excess amount of money to put into a campaign does not mean that the campaign will be a success. It is the creative ideas that make a campaign into an innovative marketing campaign.

The Usual Approach from Bingo Sites

If you are based in the UK then you will know that the amount of bingo adverts on TV is overwhelming. From TV adverts to bingo sites sponsoring your favourite telly programme, bingo is everywhere!

When you start to compare these adverts with each other you will come to notice a pattern that emerges. Most of the best bingo sites seem to go for the cheesy and funny attitude when making adverts. Most bingo brands follow in the same foot steps to existing adverts so this approach must work… but you can only eat the same pie an x amount of times.

It is said that the average bingo player is 26 and most bingo players are female. This would make sense for the girly colours that bingo sites opt for such as pink and the comedy side to these adverts can make some adverts memorable.

Key points for the Advert

Love to play bingo is a UK bingo comparison site; it is like the bingo version of Compare the Market and without the Markets. Just like most adverts, the idea is to portray a message. In the terms of Love to Play Bingo, that would be to discuss what the site offers in a way that is simple, easy to remember, preferably memorable and without too much text or talking. As long as the basic message is put a cross and people are in need what is being advertised then the advert will be a success.

Being Different

The huge disadvantage about current bingo campaigns is the exclusion of men. The majority of bingo players maybe female but men still play bingo and by targeting adverts at woman only you cut the conversion rates extremely low when it comes to guys. Maybe Love to Play Bingo can get an edge over the competition by incorporating men when thinking about idea. 

Like Sheep We Follow

The famous quote, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind now. If people expect one thing and they get another they will probably either be annoyed or unhappy. But isn’t change good? Yes, change is good but the idea of thinking so far out of the box that you have lost the box can either go 2 ways: amazingly well, or catastrophic. It is then left up to the question, is it worth the risk? Sites like Compare the Market and GoCompare are marketing campaigns that were risky but paid off. It is then up to Love to Play Bingo to either go for the tried and tested safe route or to go off the beaten path and try something completely new.


I have to say, next to Episodes, Mrs Brown’s Boys has to be one of my favourite comedies of the year.  I absolutely love it.

Agnus Brown, aka Brendan O’Carroll, has had me in stitches of laughter every week since the show debuted on February 21st.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check it out.

Monday nights at 10:35pm on BBC One!

I watched my first episode of Take Me Out today.  It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to watch a dating show.  Desperate women looking for a single man and all that. Fun times.

It’s an interesting format. 30 woman with their fingers on a light switch.  If they’re turned off, they turn the light off. Brilliant. Each round allows the bachelor to present part of himself to the ladies, giving them another opportunity to turn their lights off.  If there are lights on after three rounds, Mr Lucky gets to choose who he’d like a date with.

When he’s got two girls left, it’s up to them to make their pitch. I’m sure there are moments where he’s thinking he’s had better pizza offers.

In between each round, we get a glimpse at how last weeks date winners dates played out. The usual tragedy seems to ensue. I’m sure there are some real winners but it might be a bit too whirlwind for true love.

It’s a fun show all the same and host Paddy McGuiness is entertaining.

What do you think? 

Boys and girls are to be divided on ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here’ in the hope of increasing sexual tension in the camp. 

Bosses of the ITV1 show are hoping keeping the male and female contestants – including Playboy model Kayla Collins and rapper Aggro Santos – separate for several days and encouraging them to compete against one another in tasks and trials will mean the sparks fly when they are finally reunited. 

Chris Brogden, executive producer of the jungle show, explained: “We have decided to split the stars up in two separate boy and girl camps right from day one. They will compete against one another. 

“And I guess this will increase the sexual tension between them because they will be kept away from each other.” 

Meanwhile, ‘I’m A Celeb’ bosses are having to shell out £2,000 each week to keep Happy Mondays lead singer Shaun Ryder’s swearing in check. 

The show’s producers are believed to be concerned the 48-year-old star will cause offence to viewers by blurting out a profanity after he was famously banned from Channel 4 in the 90s for swearing live on TV. 

Chris said: “We have someone specially watching Shaun – we know he likes to swear.”

BANG Showbiz

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ couple Matt Di Angelo and Flavia Cacace have secretly parted ways. 

Professional dancer Flavia, 31, has confessed the duo – who found love after being partnered together on the BBC One show in 2007 – have called time on their three-year relationship after being driven apart by clashing work schedules. 

The Italian-born beauty told The Sun newspaper: “We have broken up. It was due to our work – travelling so much and being away from home so much. We are still in touch and very good friends.” 

Flavia and Matt – who formerly played Deano Wicks in BBC One soap ‘EastEnders’ – fell for each other during filming of the hit show, in which they came second place. 

However, their romance sparked controversy after ‘Strictly’ dancer Vincent Simone – who was in an 11-year relationship with Flavia at the time – accused the actor of stealing her from him. 

Matt refuted the claims, saying he only fell for Flavia once she was single.

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Joe Thomas has confirmed he is dating his ‘The Inbetweeners’ co-star Hannah Tointon. 

The 27-year-old actor – who plays unlucky-in-love Simon Cooper in the E4 teen comedy – admitted while he thinks the brunette beauty is “amazing”, he doesn’t understand how love blossomed on the set. 

He told BANG Showbiz: “I am seeing Hannah. She’s lovely and amazing. I honestly think she’s incredible but I can’t really see how our scenes together kindled romance because they were all sort of her being sick into my mouth and stuff. I’m obviously really into that! 

“It’s quite an intense thing being on set, so I think that probably contributed to it. But we’re not basing our relationship on our characters’ relationship in the show. That would be disastrous.” 

Joe also revealed seeing Hannah’s sister – former ‘EastEnders’ actress Kara Tointon – compete in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has made him keen to take part in the BBC One show himself. 

Speaking at the Galaxy National Book Awards at BBC Television Centre, he said: “We went down the other week to watch her and it’s actually made me quite keen to do it. 

“I don’t think I ever could though because I’m such a terrible dancer, but apparently that’s the entire point now!” 

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EastEnders’ Ronnie Mitchell will steal Kat Moon’s baby in a harrowing New Year’s Eve storyline. 

The nightclub owner -played by Samantha Womack – storms into the Queen Vic pub crying for help just minutes after realising she has lost her tot to cot death. 

However, as she stands at the bar clutching her dead baby’s body among the punters celebrating the countdown to 2011 she hears new mum Kat (Jessie Wallace)’s newborn cry upstairs. 

In one of the soap’s most heart-wrenching scenes, Ronnie rushes to the bedroom and swaps the babies before fleeing into the night. 

Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood explained: “Viewers will know that Ronnie has had a difficult past, losing both her daughter and father in the last couple of years When Ronnie loses the one thing she’s always wanted she acts on impulse in a moment of sheer desperation. 

“We’re lucky to have two wonderful actresses who understand the need to portray this subject sensitively.” 

BBC bosses are hoping the devastating storyline will raise awareness of the 300 babies whose lives are claimed by cot death every year. 

Joyce Epstein, of cot death charity FSID, said: “We are very grateful for their accurate depiction of the devastating effect the sudden death of an infant can have on a family.”

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