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Have you ever wondered how to mix up your everyday recipes with a Mediterranean twist like I have?

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for new ways to excite things up in the Kitchen. I love my olive oils and everything else in the way of fine food from the Mediterranean so it is with much anticipation that Olive Oils from Spain are giving us the opportunity with their new gastronomic TV programme to showcase the essence of Mediterranean life with two great chefs: Australian Frank Camorra and Spaniard Diego Guerrero.

For a month starting from 15 November, viewers can learn how to make delicious, healthy recipes using Olive Oils from Spain and discover how to introduce this magical ingredient into their everyday cooking on the new program “The good life recipe”.

Check out this video:

Frank Camorra is opening the kitchen doors of his restaurant Movida to Diego Guerrero, the Spanish chef with two Michelin stars and international brand ambassador, to present four programmes which aim to provide a fusion of cuisines combining all the freshness of Olive Oils from Spain with the gastronomic diversity of Australia. The recipes they will be both presenting encouraging viewers and cooks around the continent to cook with this healthy and versatile product that can be used in many dishes and with any culinary technique.

With 2.5 million hectares of olive groves and almost 300 million olive trees, Spain produces over 260 different olive varieties, the spectrum of flavours, aromas and textures of Olive Oils from Spain is unique in the world. The Good Life Recipeís programs will be available via Green Button between 15 November and 15 December on Lifestyle Channel, Lifestyle Food, Lifestyle Home, Lifestyle You, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, Arena, E! Channel, Fox 8 and Premiere Movies.

All the information can be found on the show’s blog.

Come join both chefs and why not test some of the recipes for yourself and be sure to tell us how you do! You can as well follow the chefs on @OliveOils_es_AU with the hashtag #TasteOurLifestyle for the latest news and recipes!

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Cooking shows have become a real staple for TV networks the world over and while there seems to be a million different shows featuring Gordon Ramsay, much of the food, as beautiful as it looks, seems really complicated and too difficult for many of us kitchen novices.

Thankfully there are folk like DJ BBQ who can help you be a master chef in your own kitchen.  Check out this entertaining pulled pork recipe that I’m going to try this week:

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peter-capaldi-doctor-whoThere is a new doctor in control of the Tardis tonight as Peter Capaldi was revealed as the 12th Doctor Who.

The 55 year old Glasgow born actor won an Oscar in 1994 for Best Short Film but went on to notoriety as the political spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker.   Continue reading »

Someone named Perry stole X Factor New Zealand judge and chart topping recording artist Daniel Bedingfield’s towel at his first New Zealand gig (even though he touts himself as a kiwi, he’s never toured there before) this week and he is none too pleased about it.

Earlier in the week, Bedingfield cancelled his Wellington concert, claiming it was due to recent earthquakes.  Everyone else knows better and understands that actually means ticket sales were pretty low.

Celebrating a decade of groundbreaking talent, the Ultimate X Factor Mash Up is an infectious medley composed using a selection of hits by artists discovered on TV’s biggest entertainment show.

Over nine series, The X Factor has produced 57 UK chart hits, with 33 of those reaching the coveted number one position, and its alumni have become some of the most influential artists in UK popular culture. Continue reading »

Media telecommunications and streaming video conceptDespite the fact that Game of Thrones has begun to dominate just about every bit of attention paid to TV, the fall lineup actually has some very exciting premieres, continuations, and new shows set to debut. Granted, to many enthusiastic television watchers, live season debuts are not what they once were. These days, streaming services like Netflix, Picture Box, and others attract much of the TV audience. But the very best (and most promising) shows still generate quite a bit of attention on live television, so here are a few to look forward to this coming season. Continue reading »

The biggest TV event of year has finally arrived!  Well that’s what you might think with the number of cameras outside one British hospital.

What do you make of all the coverage?

Will they go for a TV themed name?



ITV have been busy throwing paint all over the place and tonight they showed off their new look news show.  Not to be out done, BBC have also been sprucing up their news room and also launched that this evening.  Take a look and tell us what you think and which one you prefer.

When it comes to card games, 500 is what I usually play.  I have a number of friends who love playing poker but I’ve never really managed to wrap my head around which groupings of cards beat others.  I’ve seen a few poker competitions on TV in the later hours of the night but I’ve never really sat down to watch a competition properly.

I’ve always known poker was a high risk game with loads of bluffing and being able to read your opponent.  It kind of reminds me of Chess, except for the chips and transfer of cash around a table until one person walks away with it all.  I’m sure it might be fun with a few friends, cigars and pennies but the stakes that drive the professionals are the zeroes that roll off the end of the initial number.

This is certainly the case for the players at Party Poker TV. Rather than staying up late to watch a poker competition on television, they have episodes on demand of their Premier League which is fascinating watching.  Rather than standing around a table at a casino and being unable to see what cards each player holds, there are cameras under the glass table so viewers can see exactly what cards each player has as well as the odds of winning as the cards are placed on the felt.

Watching these guys gamble is definitely entertaining but personally I’d be a little terrified of parting with my hard earned cash. For anyone wanting to dabble in a little online poker though, you can pick up a bonus code to get your chip balance looking a little healthier before you take to the table.

Who knows, perhaps one day you might be starring in an online TV series as you make your way to the top of the rankings and walk away with a title and a bunch of chips to cash in.

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