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Feeling that nothing’s adding up about Loretta’s leukaemia, Jake decides to do a bit of digging as he phones up the strip club where Loretta used to work. Discovering that Loretta didn’t take a day off the whole time she was there even though that’s when she’s told him she had leukaemia, Jake realises for certain that Loretta has lied and confronts her about it. No longer wanting anything to do with Loretta, Jake orders her to leave, with Loretta left absolutely distraught to have had her lies found out and lost her boyfriend. 

Whilst Loretta clearly wants to keep the relationship going, Jake definitely seems to have made his mind up already and it doesn’t seem as though there’ll be any way back for Loretta in her relationship with Jake.

Not wanting a fuss to be made, Steph tells her family that she’s going on holiday as she goes into hospital for a hysterectomy, Gilly doesn’t feel right about the situation however and takes things into his own hands as he calls up Frankie from the hospital and tells her what’s happening. Gilly doesn’t look sure about what he’s just done as he’s gone against Steph’s word, he feels it’s for the best that Steph has her family around her however and it seems that the decision will prove to be the correct one. Steph and Gilly love each other and Steph will no doubt know that Gilly had her best intentions at heart when he made the decision to tell her family what was really going on.

With one relationship ending here, one could be about to get even stronger as Gilly and Steph look to tackle Steph’s cancer together as a team. Steph and Gilly spent a long time loving each other before finally getting together as a couple, and it would seem that their bond will never be easily broken.


With Gilly now aware of the true reason behind Steph’s recent behaviour, the two of them are able to have a chat as Gilly attempts to get their relationship back on track. Steph is adamant that she wants to fight this alone, Gilly doesn’t give up on her that easily though and it’s clear that he very much intends to stand by Steph as she battles against her cancer.

As Loretta keeps a close eye on Jake she is absolutely appalled to spot him flirting with Jem in MOBs, and with Steph also currently receiving a lot of attention from Jake because of the news of her cancer, Loretta resorts to lies in order to try and win back some of Jake’s focus. Jake is shocked as Loretta tells him that she had leukaemia a couple of years ago, with the facts not adding up about it though it’s only a matter of time before Jake realises that she never truly had leukaemia. Jake isn’t stupid and it’s going to be incredibly hard to Loretta to keep up the pretence.

Michaela is in a spot of bother as Carmel discovers her attempting to record a conversation with her about Calvin, with Michaela still in need of a story though and Carmel wanting to help her sister out, Carmel agrees to the interview so long as Michaela agrees to certain conditions about how the article must be carried out. Michaela is pleased to have her article in the pipeline, and Carmel also is grateful at the opportunity to get her side of the story across about Calvin.

Gilly and Steph’s relationship looks as though it’s going to remain extremely strong, Loretta is clearly struggling to cope with the pressure of the enormity of her lie however and it’s only a matter of time before Jake begins to start figuring things out.




Feeling down about the way that Steph has been behaving towards him lately, Gilly assumes that Steph wants to break up with him when Cheryl tells him that he really ought to talk to Steph. Heading straight round to see Steph, Gilly decides to dump her before she can dump him and then takes off, still not realising the real reason behind Steph’s change in behaviour.

As Gilly learns the truth from Cheryl at MOBs, he feels absolutely disgusted with himself for what he’s just done, immediately attempting to phone Steph on her mobile though, Steph refuses to accept Gilly’s phone calls. There are a few things for Gilly and Steph to sort out together, they do both love each other a lot though, and no doubt once things are resolved then Gilly can be there for Steph as she battles against her cancer.

Having been asked by Carmel not to go through with the abortion, Theresa breaks down in tears as she embraces Carmel and it’s clear that she really doesn’t want to get rid of her child. As Carmel, Jacqui, and Theresa start talking about the child, Carmel suggests that Jacqui should look after the child as she’s wanted a baby of her own for a long time now; because of who the father is however, Jacqui knows that her bringing up the child really isn’t an option. There’s still some serious thinking to be done for Theresa as she decides what to do about the baby, right now though it really does look as if she’s going to keep it, although that inevitably means that the truth will ultimately come out about the father of the child.

Anita is pleased as Eva turns up to spend time with her at the flat, she quickly becomes distracted by Cheryl’s clothes though and it’s clear that Eva is finding it difficult trying to be a mother to Anita after all these years without seeing her. Rather than facing the problem head on, Eva is continuing to try and avoid the serious issues and conversations that need to be tackled, much to the disappointment of Anita who just wants to get to know Eva a bit better so that she can understand a little more about where she came from and where Eva’s mind was at when she had her.

It’s set up to be quite an interesting week as Gilly and Steph have a serious conversation to be had and Theresa still needs to make a decision about her child. Gilly and Steph have a fantastic bond and their love for each other should be able to pull them through the situation with Steph’s illness, it’s going to be a tough time ahead for the pair of them though and both of them are going to need to remain extremely strong.


When Carmel learns that she’s not pregnant with Calvin’s child after all, Theresa begins to feel the pressure even more as she knows how upset Carmel is not to be pregnant whilst she’s pregnant with his child and contemplating getting rid of it. Although Theresa does go to her appointment at the clinic, she’s still clearly not sure that this is the right thing to do, and as Carmel turns up and tells her not to go through with it; Theresa is stuck in a state of absolute confusion as she wonders what to do for the best.

Theresa now has a lot of thinking to do and fast; does she keep the child and risk being sent to prison for murdering Calvin, or does she stick to Jacqui’s plan and go through with the abortion?

Thinking that Ricky has a new girlfriend on the go in India, Duncan is feeling a bit put out and wants a girlfriend of his own. Turning to Darren for advice, Darren suggests that perhaps Duncan should go after India’s sister Tex, and Duncan is impressed when Darren shows him a picture of her on his phone. As India comes along and spots the photos she is quick to realise that Darren has taken the pictures without her sister’s knowledge, and finds it a bit creepy that Darren has taken pictures in this manner. As Darren later tries to show Duncan how to impress women, he decides to do so with a bit of roleplay, and as India comes along and gets a photo of the two of them together, Darren is forced to remove the pictures of Tex from his phone as that’s the only option India leaves him with if he doesn’t want the picture spreading through the village. Darren and Duncan’s fun has been ruined, India’s is just starting though as she keeps the photo on her phone and threatens to go through with sending it to everyone if Darren ever puts a foot out of line again.

As Anita struggles to come to terms with the fact that her mother Eva is actually the person that Ravi has been dating, Kate, she quickly realises that she’s going to have to tell Ravi about it. As Anita finally plucks up the courage to inform Ravi what she’s learned, Ravi is shocked to hear that she’s actually Anita’s mother, and decides to have a talk to Eva about the way that she has behaved. Although it seems from his interaction with Eva that she’s not going to to try and get to know Anita a bit better, as Anita and Ravi are later having a bit of a laugh together at Relish, the two of them are surprised to see Eva enter the building, clearly wanting to have a chat with Anita.

There’s a lot for people to consider in the village right now; Theresa needs to decide whether or not she’s going to have an abortion, Anita needs to think about getting to know her birth mother, and in addition to this, Steph needs to work out how she’s going to break the news to Gilly about her cervical cancer. There are many pressing issues in the village, and after an action packed week there are now many things that need to be resolved as the next week unfolds.

Having taken a trip to the hospital, Steph has received the worst news possible as she learns that she has cervical cancer. Although she doesn’t want to tell Gilly or her family about it yet, unfortunately the decision not to start telling people is out of her hands as Tom has overheard her having a conversation with Nancy about it. As Tom announces Steph’s news to Jack, Frankie, and Darren at the pub, Steph is absolutely mortified as she shows up shortly after and is unable to deny it when they start questioning about what Tom has just told them. With her news now out there, Steph doesn’t know what to do and breaks down in tears in the middle of the village as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that she has cancer and her family now all know about it.

Whilst Steph struggles to come to terms with the enormity of her situation, Rae also has worries on her mind as even though she claims to have stopped believing in the need for her locket, she still remains convinced that she’s cursed. As Rae cooks a meal for her and Newt, she sets up a load of candles throughout the house, but one has obviously been placed too close to the curtains as they go up in flames. Newt is quick to act as he gets out a fire extinguisher and puts the fire out, he’s alarmed however as he realises just how shaken up the fire has got Rae. Newt now knows just how real the curse is to Rae and how difficult it’s going to be to convince his girlfriend that she’s not going to die before she reaches the age of 18.

With the work address of her mother now in hand, Anita now has to try and build up the courage to go and see her, and as Jem spots her in Relish she quickly realises that there’s something on Anita’s mind. As Anita begins talking about her situation, Jem suggests to Anita that if she wants her to then she’ll join her in taking a trip to Manchester to see her. Glad of the support, Anita heads along with Jem to Manchester and it’s not long before they’re at the market stall where her birth mother works. Nervous to be meeting her mother, Anita is hit with even further shock as she discovers that her birth mother is actually Kate, the woman that Ravi has been dating. Angry with her for not telling the truth about who she was straight away, Anita doesn’t quite know what to make of the situation as she wonders why her own birth mother has been holding back her true identity from her.

Kate’s previous sheepishness at the house has now been explained, will Anita though now be able to have any kind of a mother daughter relationship with her or have the lies just done too much damage?

Rae is horrified as she realises that she’s not wearing her locket, Newt is quick to point out to her however that even though she hasn’t had it on nothing bad has happened to her, and that whilst he’s around he’ll never let anything bad happen to her. Rae is buoyed by Newt’s positive words, and it’s clear that what he has said to her has had an effect on her as she begins to start thinking more positively and realises that she doesn’t need to keep wearing the locket.

Although Carmel is excited at the prospect of having Calvin’s child, Theresa is clearly feeling the guilt as Carmel tells her how pleased she is about it. Needing someone to talk to about the situation, Theresa tells Jacqui the news that Carmel is also pregnant, and Jacqui is instantly worried at the way that this news will affect Theresa and her thoughts on having an abortion. Although Theresa’s mind is clearly not fully made up yet about whether or not to have the baby, Jacqui remains adamant that getting rid of it is for the best and reinforces this point to Theresa. Jacqui might want Theresa to get rid of the child, it’s clear that Theresa is yet to make her mind up though and it remains to be seen whether or not Theresa will go through with the abortion.

Having not stopped thinking about Kate since she disappeared, Ravi is absolutely delighted when she shows up in the village and the two of them arrange to have a meal together this evening. The night seems to be going well as Ravi and Kate settle down to dinner, as Anita tells Kate about being adopted however and having just been given her mother’s work address, Kate becomes freaked out and quickly finds an excuse to get out and go to the shop. From Kate’s sheepish behaviour it is clear that she’s currently hiding something, quite what that is however we’re yet to find out.

Steph is continuing to keep her cervical cancer a secret, when Nancy finds her doctor’s letter on the bench in the village however she is shocked to read it and discover from this the news that Steph could be sick. Heading straight round to Steph’s place, Nancy asks Steph if there’s anything that she wants to tell her, as Steph lies and tells her that there’s nothing to tell though, Nancy lets Steph know that she’s discovered the doctor’s letter and therefore knows it’s possible that Steph could have cervical cancer.

Although Steph has been ignoring the doctor’s orders and is yet to go back to the surgery to be conclusively tested, Nancy forces Steph to face her fears and make an appointment to get properly checked out. It’s great that Steph now has someone there to offer her support, how will she handle it though if she gets tested and discovers the worst? Steph is clearly currently very fragile, and although she could really do with the support of her friends and family, she still can’t find it in her to let anyone other than Nancy know her situation.

As Theresa worries about her own pregnancy she is hit with another huge problem as she discovers that Carmel also believes that she’s pregnant; there are now potentially two babies due to be born around the same time, both of whom shall have Calvin as a father. Theresa was already feeling the pressure about being pregnant with Calvin’s child, but is the guilt now going to prove to be just that little bit too much knowing what she now does about Carmel?

Whilst Theresa has her worries, Ricky is another that is under a lot of strain at the moment as he begins to worry that he’s going to be taken into care. It looks as though there shouldn’t be any problems for him, this doesn’t stop Ricky from worrying though and Duncan is extremely upset for his best friend. Although Duncan blames Kris just as much as Ricky does, when he overhears Kris and Martin talking at the hospital he discovers that Martin was thinking about bringing his life to an end and therefore now feels that Kris did the right thing; Ricky has enough on his mind already and losing his Father would just be too much for him to handle.

Lauren is in quite a tangle after all the lies that she’s told about being pregnant, and when she discovers that Theresa has told Newt and Rae about what she did to Spencer, Lauren decides that it’s for the best that she comes clean to Spencer and reveals all to him about the lies that she has told. Spencer finds it hard to take in as he learns that Lauren was never actually pregnant, Lauren however seems relieved to have got such a huge lie off her chest.

A definite episode of resolution as Lauren is able to get her lies out in the open and Ricky is assured that he has a place to stay at the Ashworth’s for as long as he likes; Theresa’s problems are far from resolved however and for her things just seem to keep going from bad to worse. The truth may ultimately come out about the father of her child, for now though it seems as though she’s going to keep listening to Jacqui and make sure it doesn’t become common knowledge that she’s pregnant with Calvin’s child.

  • Kris calls in professional help for Martin
  • Lauren tells Theresa that she was never pregnant
  • Newt and Rae decide to move in with Darren

Kris, Martin, Ricky, and Duncan

Having been asked by Martin to assist in his suicide, Kris finds himself backed into a corner as he wonders what to do for the best.

Whilst Ricky and Duncan remain blissfully unaware of Martin’s plans to end his life, Kris is clearly troubled and turns to Malachy as he begins to wonder about illness and the way that it affects people.

In order to try and take Ricky’s mind off his father, Duncan arranges for him to go on a date with India, and Ricky is highly impressed as he shows up for his date and discovers who he’s going to be seeing.

Although Ricky is pleased to have a date with India, he’s not so impressed when Duncan decides to stick about, and ultimately ends up sending Duncan away as Duncan doesn’t allow Ricky to answer any of the questions that India’s asking him; once Duncan disappears, India and Ricky are able to begin chatting properly.

India and Ricky get along well as friends, and as India discovers that Duncan told Ricky to tell him all the gory details of the date when he gets back, the two of them decide to make up a story about what happened between the two of them.

Duncan is impressed as Ricky gets back and starts enthusing about how brilliant his date has been with India; the buoyant mood is soon disturbed however as Kris shows up at the door.

Although Kris seriously considers helping Martin out in his request, he ultimately decides that he can’t go through with it, and realising that Martin is in serious need of help; Kris decides to bring in the medical professionals, much to the disbelief and anger of both Ricky and Duncan as they feel that Kris has betrayed them.


Theresa and Lauren

With Jacqui having booked a termination for her, Theresa is unsure who to turn to and so decides to pay Lauren a visit so that she can have a chat with her about the prospect of having a baby.

When Lauren tells Theresa that there is no baby, Theresa begins giving her sympathy as she believes that Lauren has lost a child, Theresa is sickened however when she discovers the truth that there never actually was a baby and Lauren made it all up in a quest to scam Spencer.

Disgusted with Lauren’s behaviour, Theresa leaves immediately and heads back home in disbelief of just how evil and manipulative Lauren has been.


Newt and Rae

With Rae struggling to revise, Newt attempts to come up with a solution to her problems as he asks Frankie if Rae can move in for a while; Frankie is quick to tell Newt no, this doesn’t stop him from asking again a little later though, ultimately receiving the same response.

Hoping to find somewhere else for the two of them to stay together, Newt decides to have a talk with Darren, and before Darren knows it Newt is making plans for he and Rae to move in without really giving Darren the option to say no.

  • Josh is hungover as his court appearance looms large
  • Martin asks Kris to help him kill himself
  • Ste rescues Amy from Olly

Josh, Dave, and Darren

Josh is due to appear in court, when Dave and Josh arrive at Darren’s door however, Darren is unimpressed to discover that Josh is incredibly hungover and currently in no fit state to appear in court.

Hoping to make Josh a little more presentable, Darren and Dave rally around to make sure that Josh gets some food down his neck and gets dressed up in a suit for his appearance.

Although he’s cutting it fine and Rhys, Neville, and Suzanne are beginning to worry, Josh does finally make it to the court just in time and informs his family that he doesn’t want them to be there in court when he gets sent down; Josh wants to do this alone and his family respect his wishes.


Ricky, Kris, and Martin

As Ricky struggles to keep taking care of his father, he has a chat with Kris about the way that he’s feeling, and Kris is incredibly understanding of just how difficult things must be for Ricky right now.

Speaking with Martin, Kris tells him that he can’t go on lying to Ricky about the way that he is and sooner or later he needs to admit to Ricky that his condition is worsening.

Taking Kris’s words onboard and feeling guilty for the strain that he’s putting on Ricky, Martin feels that perhaps it would be for the best if he was no longer burdening Ricky and asks Kris to help assist in his suicide.


Amy, Ste, and Olly

As Olly refuses to back off and listen to Amy as she tells him that she doesn’t want to have sex; Olly begins to get angered.

With Amy incredibly scared, she’s relieved as Ste returns and is able to get Olly off her and make sure he leaves.

Amy feels stupid to have let someone like that into the house, Ste meanwhile is just pleased that he got back just in time to save Amy.

  • Olly locks Ste in Il Gnosh
  • Josh celebrates his last day of freedom
  • Gilly remains in the dark about Steph’s cancer

Amy, Ste, and Olly

As Olly checks the calendar and spots that Ste is at work for the evening, he arranges to cook dinner for Amy so that the two of them can make a night of it.

Although Ste is at work, Tony’s not about, and Ste is therefore able to get out of finishing his shift as he phones Tony up and tells him that there’s a problem with the cooker and they’re therefore going to have to close early.

As Ste plans to close up, a group of people come running into the restaurant and cause a bit of a riot; Ste is able to get rid of them but is clearly left shaken by their behaviour.

As he heads into the cupboard he thinks that they’ve returned as he’s locked in from the outside; when he hears Olly’s voice however he quickly realises that it’s not the group returning after all.

Having taken care of Ste, Olly heads back to the flat to see Amy, and is clearly keen to take things to the bedroom as he begins to try and get something started with her; Amy wants to take things slowly, Olly however seems unwilling to listen.


Josh, Dave, and Loretta

It’s Josh’s last day of freedom and Dave therefore decides that the two of them are going to try and make the most of as they hit the village together.

Although things don’t start out particularly well, things take a turn for the better as Josh spots a group hassling Loretta and decides to step in to get them to move away from her; Josh is able to get rid of the group and Loretta is clearly grateful of Josh’s help.

Heading into the SU Bar, Dave and Josh begin to get drinking together, and it’s now that their day begins to get more fun.

A little later on in the shop, Josh and Dave run into Loretta and Dave tells Loretta that although Josh has had a good day there’s still one thing he hasn’t had and that’s a kiss; leaning in, Loretta plants Josh with a kiss and Josh is clearly impressed that Dave’s cheek and his earlier braveness has just earned him a kiss from Loretta.


Steph and Gilly

After the way that Steph behaved yesterday and Tom’s questions about Max, Gilly begins to think that Steph is missing Max and having second thoughts about her relationship with him.

Feeling pushed out, Gilly takes some time to himself away from Steph, Steph meanwhile is keeping quiet about the true reason behind her behaviour and is yet to tell anyone about her cervical cancer.

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