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The most highly anticipated series of the Emmy® and Peabody Award-winning series returns for the second part of the forth and final season. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Tuesdays from 20th January at 9pm exclusively on Sky1 and Sky1 HD.
An enthralling mid-season finale saw the race to find Earth reach a shattering climax when the humans and Cylons simultaneously jumped into the planet’s atmosphere in search of a brave new world, only to discover a post-apocalyptic wilderness. Writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle were hailed heroes by fans who were left reeling by this leftfield turn of events. Now, after an excruciating six-month hiatus, BATTLESTAR fans are preparing for the final slice of superior sci-fi drama, and with chaos reigning among the Colonial Fleet and the Cylons.

Devotees of the critically acclaimed drama have been eagerly awaiting answers to some of the series’ longest-running and biggest questions: the identity of the fifth Cylon, how will the prophecy about Starbuck unfold and what are Six (Tricia Helfer) and Dr Baltar (James Callis) really up to? The US rumour mill has speculated that Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) will play a central role in the future of the colony, while Admiral Adama (Edward James Almos) and President Roslin’s (Mary McDonnell) relationship develops. BATTLESTAR’s producers have hinted at a feature-length finale and possible spin-off TV movie but for now, it’s a case of waiting and watching.

Jamie Bamber said: ‘I hope that Battlestar lives on as a really good old-fashioned story that TV had the balls to tell over 70 episodes and it’ll be enjoyed by future generations because it is complete, done and finished.’

The final series of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, exclusively on Sky1 and Sky1 HDTuesdays from 20th January at 9pm.

Sky1 sings in the New Year with the return of the popular entertainment series DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS. Back for a second series, the high octane show puts lyrical knowledge to the test to separate those who can, from the great pretenders. Host Shane Richie plays the perfect devils advocate and welcomes each contestant on to the stage to face a fantastic play list that each lyric-smith will need to get their vocal chords around.
Each ‘singer’ must choose one song from a different genre, from Soul Sister to Country, decades and artists before taking the mic’ to sing alongside the multi-talented …Lyrics house-band. The choice is made, the lyrics appear on screen and then the singing starts. Suddenly, the music will stop and the words will disappear, then it’s left to them to fill in the blanks.

The contestants climb a cash prize ladder after each correct answer. Along the way, three back-ups – including back up singers – can help them out. They must sing nine popular tracks correctly before facing one final song with up to 15 missing words – that’s all that stands in the way of the life changing £250,000 jackpot.

Does Celine Dion ‘Believe that the hotdogs go on,’ is the lyric in the classic ballad How Deep is Your Love, ‘You come to me on a submarine…’ and does Jacko claim that ‘The chair is not my son’ in his worldwide hit Billie Jean?

When there’s £250,000 at stake, will the contestants sing the right words when the music stops? Or will they be at a loss for words? All will be revealed as they ‘Lock in those lyrics.’

It’s that simple: 10 songs, 10 missing lyrics and £250,000 providing you DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS. No-one was lucky enough to walk away with the big-money-jack-pot in the first series but this time around, it could all be different.

DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS, Sky1 & Sky1 HD Saturday 17th January at 6.30pm.

This February, Sky1 and Sky1 HD return to the smartest town in America for a brand new season of A TOWN CALLED EUREKA, where innovation and chaos live hand in hand. The quaint, unmapped village hides a big secret: it houses the best minds in the USA, who are tucked away building futuristic inventions for the government’s benefit. With so many high IQs in one place, life is far from simple in Eureka and there to try and save the world from disaster is Sherrif Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), an average man in a town full of geniuses.
Due to the 2007 writer’s strike, it’s been over a year since the last visit to Eureka, and fans have been eager to discover the aftermath of Henry’s (Joe Morton) serious breach of security that saved Kevin (Meshach Peters) from certain death. Also this season, life for the town’s scientists is made even trickier by the arrival of Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher, Titanic), a ruthless corporate fixer sent by the Department of Defence to conduct a performance review of Global Dynamics. As she makes her presence felt in Eureka, it doesn’t take long for Eva to build a list of enemies.

The third season will also see Nathan (Ed Quinn) propose to Allison (Salli Richardson), but their wedding day will run far from smoothly, plus Jack’s sister, Lexi (Ever Carradine, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), unexpectedly arrives in town along with her two cats, adding to the sheriff’s already complicated life.

A TOWN CALLED EUREKA Season 3, begins on Tuesday 3 February at 8pm, exclusive to Sky1 and Sky1 HD.

Sky Movies announces today that it will be the exclusive UK broadcaster of THE 66TH ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE® AWARDS. Following last year’s cancellation due to the writer’s strike, and with the nominations set to be announced today, the ceremony is more anticipated than ever and will make unmissable television.
Sunday 11th January 2009 will see the GOLDEN GLOBE® AWARDS broadcast live on Sky Movies Premiere and will be available in HD for the first time ever. Prior to the ceremony, over on Sky1 and Sky1 HD hosts Fearne Cotton and Andi Peters will present live red carpet coverage.

Fearne commented: “I’m so excited to be doing the red carpet for the Golden Globes®. It’s such a glamorous event – the clothes, the jewellery and the biggest entertainment event of the year. I’ll be bringing you all the gossip first hand and will be flying the flag for all of our hopefuls.”

Andi added: “Alongside The Oscars®, The Globes® really is THE showbiz event. With the buzz for Slumdog Millionaire, I’m hopeful that this is the year of the Brit invasion. This is such a huge and prestigious event, I’m just really honoured to be a part of it.”

For those viewers unable to watch the live ceremony, Sky1 and Sky1 HD will broadcast a one-hour package, the GOLDEN GLOBE® HIGHLIGHTS SHOW, which will include pre-awards chat with the stars as they arrive on the red carpet plus a few words with the winners, losers and party goers as they continue celebrating and commiserating into the early hours.

Claudia Winkleman will be hosting coverage of the Golden Globes® from Sky Movies’ London studios. She’ll be joined throughout the programme by experts to pass judgement on the winners, the losers and the big surprises.

Claudia Winkleman commented: “This year I am so excited to be hosting the Golden Globes® and HD will add so much to the viewing experience. I can’t wait for the night to find out who wears what, who arrives with whom and, most importantly, who wins what!”

THE 66TH ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE® AWARDS, Live on Sunday 11th January from 12.30am on Sky Movies Premiere/HD

GOLDEN GLOBE® RED CARPET: LIVE, Sunday 11th January from 11:10pm on Sky1/HD

GOLDEN GLOBE® HIGHLIGHTS SHOW, Monday 12th January, 8pm, Sky1/HD

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