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Hi there! If you’re a fan of Hollyoaks you’ll have fun playing our (unofficial) Hollyoaks game!

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Here’s how the game works:

You pick any four current Hollyoaks characters which you keep for a whole month. (You can pick the same four as other people playing the game.)

Your characters earn you points each episode based on what they do. Compete against your friends to see who will get the most points at the end of the month!

Want to play? Add your team here – and once it’s October we’ll put up the points with who’s winning!

Points: are earned each time your character does one of the following.

100 points if your character: dies/leaves the show/proposes/marries/divorces/has a baby (mother or father)
90 points if your character: breaks off a relationship/starts a new job
80 points if your character: gets fired/moves house
70 points if your character: moves house/says the name of a character who has left the show
60 points if your character: is seen with top off or in a bra/bikini
50 points if your character: sleeps with someone
25 points if your character: mentions a real place name
10 points if your character: kisses someone (even on the cheek)
8 points if your character: is seen outside (maximum of one per episode)
5 points if your character: uses a phone/computer
1 point if your character: has a drink or something to eat
-20 points if your character: is seen taking illegal drugs

Bonus points:

Your first character earns you double points on Monday episodes.


You can earn multiple points per episode for the same thing (e.g. your character kisses two people = 20 points.) You earn double points if a couple in your team kiss on the lips etc.

If your character leaves the show you’re not out of the game. You have three more characters who can earn you points.

If your character does something else which isn’t on the points list, they can’t get points for it (even if it’s something unusual).

You don’t have to record your points, it’s all done for you!


There will be a small prize for the winner(s). But remember, the fun is in the playing!

Want to play? Add your team here – and once it’s October we’ll put up the points with who’s winning!

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