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Soapstar Superstar returns with another group of actors and actresses attempting to launch into the music world with their talents. Last year’s actor Richard Fleeshman (Coronation Street) won due to having a popular on-screen personna as well as a good singing voice.

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Ken Russell is the second celebrity to leave the Big Brother house. The 79 year old film director quit after having an argument with another housemate, Jade Goody. He made up with her, had a final cup of tea, and then made his exit through the diary room.

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Under the latest advertising rules adopted for children’s television, all cheese ads are banned during kid’s tv shows. The Food Standards Agency has listed cheese among other products as junk food and such ads are not to be played. Both the National Farmers’ Union and the British Cheese Board are outraged at the development. Would you have called cheese junk food??!!

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Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine is one of the eleven celebrities to contest in the fifth series of the show in the UK. Another contestant is the former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd who lost her crown after it was discovered she was in a relationship with one of the judges!

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Celebrity Big Brother is back, with a great line up of new contestants under the roof of the Big Brother house.

The contestants are: Jermaine Jackson, Danielle Lloyd, Ken Russell, Jo O’Meara, Shilpha Shetty, Leo Sayer, Carole Malone, H from Steps, Donny Tourette, Cleo Rocos and Dirk Benedict.

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Donny Tourette has quit Celebrity Big Brother after just 48 hours in the house. He scaled the wall of the London compound to escape and subsequently will not be returning!

Friday 5 January
This new American sitcom, that looks at acceptance, superficiality and fashion, has reached the UK!

Richard Hammond, co-presenter of Top Gear, now has a full bill of health, after being injured while filming in September 2006. Footage of the crash is likely to be shown in the new series.

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